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Lin Qiye seemed to have sensed something.

He quickly began to form a false Nascent Soul.

With the help of his Innate Divine Body and Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body, forming a false Nascent Soul was easy.

Six hours later.


The golden core in Lin Qiyes body shattered into a little soul.

A little baby the size of a thumb emitted a faint golden light and sat cross-legged in his Dantian.

The little baby was like a white jade sculpture dyed with the setting sun.

It was beautiful and gave off a unique aura.

“It seems to be going smoothly.

Why dont I try to light the Gate of Shock”

Lin Qiye had a feeling that it wouldnt be difficult for him to light the Gate of Shock.

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Thus, hetried.

As expected, Lin Qiye continuously lighted up the Gates of Shock, View, and Eradication in a short month as his spine had already been transformed into an innate divine bone!

The three gates shone brightly, spurting out multicolored light that made the Nascent Soul in his Dantian shine brightly.

However, the bright multicolored light only gathered at the lower half of his Nascent Soul.

It wanted to flow to the upper half, but the Gate of Injury blocked it.

Lin Qiye tried many times, but he still couldnt light the Gate of Injury.

“I think my Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body is blocking the Gate of Injury.

I need to devour the Heavenly Tribulation Lightning Pool to further awaken the Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body before I can light the Gate of Injury!”

Lin Qiye felt that to light the Gate of Injury, he needed to devour the Heavenly Tribulation Lightning Pool first.

Thus, he gave up on trying and walked out of the underground cultivation room where he was in seclusion.

Outside, Eunuch Cao sensed a powerful aura and rushed in front of Lin Qiye at his fastest speed.

When he felt the dense half-step Nascent Soul undulations on Lin Qiyes body, Eunuch Caos heart was in turmoil.

“Seven-year-old… A seven-year-old half-step Nascent Soul Realm Seventeenth Prince, are you really not a descended God”

Lin Qiye smiled and was about to speak.

Not far away, ablack dot quickly approached.

It was the old emperor.

“You broke through to the half-step Nascent Soul Realm so quickly”

The old emperor sized up Lin Qiye, and he subconsciously sighed.

“As expected of Little Seventeen.

You lit up Three Gates of Heaven at the age of 7.”

“Eunuch Cao and I have only lit up the Gates of Shock, View, Eradication, and Injury.

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“The old Wolf Lords talent is extraordinary.

He has lit up the Five Gates of Shock, View, Eradication, Injury, and Death.

He suppressed the Qin Dynasty to the point that we cant breathe.

“The Wolf Tribes Young Lord, known as the pride of their generation, lit up the Gate of Death at the age of 200…

“I thought that Qin Dynasty would be in despair.

Little Seventeen, you are several times stronger than them!”

At this point, years of frustration and gloom were swept away from the old emperors heart.

He held his head high and puffed out his chest, face glowing with a bright red light.

He looked at Lin Qiye with great expectations.

“However, Little Seventeen, hows your actual combat prowess Your cultivation isnt enough.

Whats more important is combat experience,” The old emperor warned.

Lin Qiye wasnt the least bit afraid of the old emperors doubts.

“Father, do you want to spar with me”

The old emperors eyes closed slightly.


Thus, the old emperor, Lin Qiye, and Eunuch Cao silently rushed out of the palace.

They floated on the vast forest.

“Little Seventeen, I have lit up one more Gate of Heaven than you.

Each Heaven Gate has an irreparable gap.

You must be careful.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the old emperors aura exploded.

The shadow of a fiery tiger condensed behind the old emperor.

Seeing this, Lin Qiyes gaze turned serious.

He twirled the handle of his saber with his palm, and the blade swung.

The cold light of the knife danced on his face.

It lit up Lin Qiyes eyes.

In the next moment, Lin Qiye disappeared!

Stars revolved around the old emperor, moving in mysterious trajectories.

The old emperors eyes spun rapidly, locking each and every star.

Then, the longsword in his hand turned into countless afterimages.

The afterimages were like comets that pounced out, destroying the stars with lightning speed.

However, there were actually more than thirty-six stars on the trajectory.

There were thirty-seven of them!

One of the stars did not vanish into thin air when it was shattered.

Instead, it turned into Lin Qiyes physical body and lunged toward the old emperors back.

In an instant, the Thirty-six Strikes of the Ancient Sage struck the old emperor in an extremely domineering manner.

The old emperor felt his scalp go numb, and a sense of danger welled up in his heart.

Golden Rainbow Bell hummed loudly.

A gigantic golden bell appeared above the old emperors head.

It spun at a high speed, and the incomparably thick bell walls gave off a sense of security that made one feel as if it was impregnable and could withstand any fatal attack.


The Thirty-six Strikes of the Ancient Sage clashed with the Golden Rainbow Bell three times.

Cracks began to appear on the golden bell.

Following this, a dazzling saber ray that seemed like a dragon descending from the heavens crashed into the old emperors back.

Fortunately, the shattered golden bell bought the old emperor some time.

The old emperor took the opportunity to twist his body, and his sword shadows shot out frenziedly, clashing with Lin Qiyes Thirty-six Strikes of the Ancient Sage.

It was a competition between saber and sword.

Flood and storm clashed against each other, making it difficult for the victor to be determined.

The First-turn Dragon Elephant Body behind Lin Qiyes back turned scarlet and supported him with a heavy force.

It supported Lin Qiyes relentless slashing as if he would split everything in his path.

Countless bolts of lightning attached to the edges of the blades, making each slash even more violent and domineering.

The old emperors gaze was solemn, and his eyes shone brightly.

He stared at every slash of Lin Qiyes saber and then used the tip of his sword to skillfully exude Lin Qiyes dominance.


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