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Lin Qiyes facial features were cold and solemn as he stood on the city tower.

The thumb of his right hand was gently pressing on his index finger.

At this moment, he imagined the scene of 1.4 million Golden Core elites of the Divine Tiger Clan colliding with 1 million Golden Core Death Warriors.

“Its a disadvantage, but its not a disadvantage… The soldiers of sorrow will definitely win.

My Death Warriors will go all out, fighting with the belief that they will die! They will not lose!”

The corners of Lin Qiyes eyes slightly raised.

Suddenly, the bugle-horn sounded in the barracks.

The Death Warriors began to train.

The twenty Divine Generals led their subordinates to train in the barracks.

The Golden Core cultivators were densely packed, like ants gathering.

Their battle formations shuttled back and forth, dispersing and quickly merging.

The army moved with absolute order.

In the repeated training, the sky above the barracks was filled with a murderous aura, and the soldiers shouts shook the sky.

Lin Qiyes gaze burnt as he nodded his head in praise.

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After training for a day, the number of troops had increased to 1.02 million.

What surprised Lin Qiye was that Ji Qinghuan, whom he had not seen for a long time, had also come out of closed-door cultivation.

She led the additional 10,000 Death Warriors to the newly-built Angel Planet City on the Divine Tiger Universe.

When they left the teleportation array, Ji Qinghuan immediately caught sight of Lin Qiye standing on the city tower.

He stood tall and straight, looking so handsome.

He was a good man who stood tall and upright.

“Brother Ye!”

Ji Qinghuan landed beside Lin Qiye.

A refreshing fragrance drifted into his nose, and Lin Qiye turned his head.

He saw that Ji Qinghuan was dressed in red, and her long wine-red hair brushed past her ears.

Her beautiful face was like the work of the Creator.

A fire lotus bloomed in between her brows, making her look hot, demonic, and gorgeous.

She moved closer to Lin Qiye, her eyes bright and shiny, her red lips curling into an uncontrollable joy and smile.

She was like a pearl and a piece of beautiful jade.

“Long time no see, Brother Ye!”

Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows, somewhat surprised.

“Your strength has grown rapidly.

Its on par with mine!”

Ji Qinghuan raised her fair and delicate, exquisite jawline, looking rather proud.

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“Of course.

Ive been in seclusion in the depths of the lava for a few months! The power of the flames is comparable to that of thunder!”

After saying that, Ji Qinghuans gaze landed on Lin Qiye.

“This time, I can fight side by side with you until we win the war!

“In your legend, my name must be important…”

Ji Qinghuans bright eyes filled with longing.

‘Perhaps, it can be more important! Ji Qinghuan added in her heart.

Then, she looked at Lin Qiye with a mysterious expression.

“I came for two things.

The first is to fight for you, and the second is that researcher Qin Xingtong gave me a new batch of drugs.”

As she spoke, she handed over a storage ring.

Lin Qiye was curious.

“What drugs”

Ji Qinghuan blinked.

“Youll know after you take a look.”

Lin Qiye then checked the storage ring.

Within the storage ring, there were 500 needles of transfection reagent.

There was also a letter.

“Our respected King Lin, under my overtime research, Ive developed a new genetic technology!

“It can allow cultivators at the Foundation Establishment Realm and above to have a pair of wings that can be freely controlled! I call it Angels Wings.

“With this, soldiers can adjust their direction to the limit when fighting in the air! It is equivalent to a Divine Weapon!

“It might be a little exaggerated to call it a Divine Weapon, but I estimate it could increase combat power by 20-80%.

“More importantly, there are no side effects.

King Lin, you could give it a try.

There would be surprises after using it.

“However, please prepare 100 stalks of hundred-year-old spiritual herbs in advance.

The consumption is huge!”

Reading Qin Xingtongs letter, Lin Qiye was a little stunned.

“Angels Wings Theres another research”

Ji Qinghuan nodded.

“Yes, I have already used it.

It is indeed a Divine Weapon!”

She took a step back as she spoke, and a pair of fiery wings as red as lava shot out from her back!

The feathers of the fiery wings were crystal clear like gemstones, reflecting a heart-palpitating heat.

At this moment, Ji Qinghuan was like a flame emperor.

Superior flame energy circulated her body.

She seemed even more ferocious!

Lin Qiyes eyes lit up, and he could not help but click his tongue in wonder.

“Amazing! Ill give it a try too.”

After saying that, Lin Qiye took out Angels Wings.

He spent 10,000 movement points to deduct whether it was safe.

The result of the deduction was that there were no disadvantages, only benefits.

Lin Qiye was relieved.

He injected himself with Angels Wings.


As the needle went in, apair of wings suddenly shot out from behind Lin Qiye.

Streaks of lightning flowed on the wings.

At the same time, innate Qi flowed into the wings.

The wings swiftly transformed into god-tier.

Lin Qiye was stunned.

“Its too amazing…”

He had never expected that the additional wings would increase the circulation speed of the spiritual energy in his body.

It was as if he had gained half a body.

It was a great experience!

Lin Qiye could not help but laugh.

Then, he flapped his wings gently.

Lin Qiye disappeared from the spot.

Because of his speed, the spiritual energy behind him burned up and turned into golden turbulence.

“My speed is twice as fast as before! The improvement is terrifying! I can attack and defend, and I can also improve my speed and cultivation.

Its simply perfect!”

Lin Qiye could not help but exclaim in admiration for Qin Xingtong.

“That guy is really a genius!”

“Awakening Reagent, Death Warrior Reagent, Angels Wing… That guy is a once-in-a-hundred-year talented scientist.”


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