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451 The Blue Star Clock

At this moment, the evil spirit no longer had its previous fierceness, only a deep fear and a faint sense of relief.

“Oh It hasnt been completely corroded yet”

Noticing the clarity in the evil spirits eyes, Lin Qiye flew down in surprise.

The evil spirit looked at Lin Qiye, its pale face filled with sorrow.

“Kill me…” It pleaded in a hoarse voice.

It didnt seem to bear resentment towards the torture he had just suffered, or rather, he didnt dare to.

Lin Qiye was interested.

He was curious about how this evil spirit was born.

According to the villagers, the evil spirit was only born about a month ago.

However, could he reach the Embodier Realm in just a month

What heaven-defying growth rate was this

“Tell me your story.

If Im satisfied with it, maybe Ill release you from purgatory.”

Lin Qiye squatted beside the evil spirits head.

His mental power was constantly watching it, preventing it from playing tricks.

The evil spirits eyes flickered as it looked at Lin Qiye.

Finally, it sighed helplessly.


Alright, what do you want to hear”

Lin Qiye smiled.

“Introduce yourself first, and tell me how you became an evil spirit.

The evil spirits pupils shrank as it stared straight into Lin Qiyes eyes.

“Youre the Holy Spirit that guards this place”

Lin Qiye looked at him without any expression.

“Im the one asking questions now.”

The evil spirit was silent for a long time before it retracted its gaze and slowly said, “Ive lost a part of my memory.

Ive already forgotten my name.

I only remember that everyone calls me… The Butcher.”

The evil spirits eyes glowed with a fiery light when it said the wordButcher.

“Im an elite member of a demon-hunting organization.

Im out all year round to track and kill mutated fiends…”

“Hunt and kill mutated fiends”

Lin Qiye couldnt help but interrupt when he heard this.

The evil spirit seemed to have guessed that Lin Qiye would ask this question.

It explained after a glance, “Mutated fiends are monsters infected by an unknown evil force, as well as all kinds of resentful ghosts and evil spirits.

“Those infected will gradually deteriorate, and their strength will also skyrocket, becoming infectious.

“Once the infection started to spread, it will only take a day for an entire city to become a haven for mutated fiends!

“The demon-hunting organization I exist in was specially established to kill those guys.”


Lin Qiyes expression changed slightly.

The things that the evil spirit had mentioned were consistent with the characteristics of demons, and they were even stronger than the ordinary ones!

“Is it extremely infectious”

Lin Qiye frowned slightly.

A demons power could indeed erode other species, but the speed depended on the strength level of the target.

Only when there was a huge difference in strength would the situation of rapid expansion occur.

Moreover, the strength of the corrupted would not change because of this.

Their realm would forever stay in the moment they were corroded.

However, according to the evil spirit, the infected would gradually deteriorate, and their strength would skyrocket.

It wasnt an ability that an ordinary demon could possess.

At the very least, there was no such demon in Lin Qiyes database.

Otherwise, the human territory would have long been conquered, and there would be no room for struggle.

“Continue.” Lin Qiye glanced at the evil spirit.

The evil spirit continued, “This time, we came to the Wuxiang Village because we received information about traces of those evil beings.

“We used Wuxiang Village as our base and sent people to investigate all suspicious locations regularly.

“But one time, when we were out, one of the team members brought back a strange thing.

From that day on, the entire team seemed to have been possessed!”

The evil spirits voice started to tremble as if it was recalling something painful.

“I cant remember what happened after that.

I only remember everyone madly attacking each other, and then…”

The evil spirit paused and looked at a particularly conspicuous beam in the courtyard.

Then, he continued, “I found myself hanging dead on the beam of the house over there.

After that, some villagers came to check on me.

I could still maintain consciousness at that time, but I couldnt hold on for long.

“I dont know what happened next.”

The evil spirit told Lin Qiye everything he could remember.

Lin Qiye fell into deep thought.

Judging from the evil spirits words, his strength should have been inherited from when he was alive, and it shouldnt have much to do with turning into an evil spirit.

And there was something more worth paying attention to.

This world was suspected to have an unknown and extremely powerful demon.

“You just said that someone in your team brought back a strange item, and then this place became like this”

Lin Qiye suddenly thought of something the evil spirit had mentioned and was shocked.

“Yes, that thing is strange.

I cant describe it.

I cant even remember what it is.”

The evil spirits face grimaced.

It didnt seem to be because of the loss of memory.

The item must have some magic.

It couldnt remember its appearance, let alone describe it.

“You cant remember what it looks like” Lin Qiye furrowed his brows in thought.

After a moment, his expression suddenly changed.

“Could it be that”

Lin Qiye did not have the time to think about it anymore.

He immediately unleashed his mental power and enveloped the courtyard.

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