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443 Endless Incense Offerings

He only needed to think for a moment before he had an arrangement in his heart.

Lin Qiye looked at Lonemoon and said, “After the seeds in your herbal field mature, pick out a portion for Hou Tu to brew wine.

Ask him to make some good wine that could improve cultivation and help you cultivate.”

“Okay!” Lonemoon nodded obediently.

Lin Qiye turned to look at Chang Shi.

“Since youre skilled in controlling snakes, Ill leave the task of keeping watch to you.

Monitor everything in the vicinity.

As soon as you find a threatening object approaching, inform me immediately.”

“yes, my Lord!” Chang Shi respectfully accepted the order.

Lin Qiye looked at Hui Nian again.

“Your mission is a little special.

You will stay in the temple and wait for orders.

When the time comes, I will tell you what to do.”

As he spoke, he took out the sub-body pearl from the Reflection Pearl Gui Nian had given him.

“Take this with you at all times.”

“Yes, my Lord!” Gui Nian reached out with both hands and took the pearl.

Lin Qiye nodded at the three demons in satisfaction.


Go to the village and find an open space to build a residence.

If you need anything, you can tell Lonemoon.

She will help you.”


After the three demons moved into Tata Village, the villagers were shocked when they saw the three half-human appearances.

However, seeing that they had appeared with Lonemoon, they all felt at ease.

As time passed, seeing that the three demons frequently enter and exit the Holy Infant Temple and were extremely respectful, the villagers guessed that they were like the Fox Immortal.

They were demons who served the Holy Infant.

“Remember to treat the villagers well and do more good deeds.

I will guide you in your cultivation regularly every month and help you improve.”

Lin Qiye explained to the three demons.

The three demons were also obedient.

They would discipline anyone who dared to cause a ruckus in the village.

As time passed, the village became more and more harmonious.

Those who committed crimes fled one after another, leaving behind only honest and law-abiding people.

The residents worked hard, and under this atmosphere, their lives became better.

“I heard that Tata Village has expanded recently.

I also want to move there!”

“Keep dreaming.

The current Tata Village is a blessed land.

You cant move there just because you want to.”

“Alas, its a pity that I didnt marry over there.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have to suffer so much.”

The people of several villages near Tata Village were looking forward to this.

A year passed.

In the herbal field outside of Tata Village, the spiritual herbs matured quickly under the nourishment of rich spiritual energy and demon blood.

In just a year, it had already reached the stage where they could harvest.

“Finally, its time to reap the rewards!”

Hou Tu stood at the side of the herbal field, his voice trembling.

Although he would come over daily to keep watch for some time, he still couldnt control his excitement when he saw the spiritual herbs mature.

There were tens of thousands of spiritual herbs!

The number of spiritual herbs he had seen in his life was not even one-thousandth of the amount in this field!

Although the villagers of Tata Village and the people who came to pay their respects did not know how precious the spiritual herbs were, passing by and smelling the fragrance made them understand that those were treasures.

They were so fascinated that they did not want to leave.

“Those herbs seem precious.

If we were to sell them, they would probably be worth a lot of money.”

“If youre not afraid of death, you can try to get two stalks.”

“Hehe, I was only saying.

That was planted by Lord Fox Immortal.

Who would dare to touch it”

Some villagers conversed with the people who had come to pay their respects.

They all knew that the herbal field was under the charge of Lord Fox Immortal.

Furthermore, that Lord Fox Immortal had even warned them not to get close and had set up a restriction around the field.

Some outsiders still tried to steal the herbs, but they were sent away immobilized.

After the spiritual herbs were harvested, Lonemoon began to sow again.

The spiritual herbs harvested were divided into three parts.

A part of it was given to Hou Tu to brew wine, another part was given to Lonemoon for her arrangements, and the remaining ones were to be ground into medicinal powder to be used as a backup item for the villagers when they asked for medical treatment.

To mortals, as long as they mixed a little powder made from spiritual herbs into the regular medicinal soup, most diseases could be cured.

As long as the people were sincere enough, they would receive a bowl of medicinal soup.

After drinking the soup, although it could not cure the patient on the spot, it would immediately make the patient recover 70%.

The patient could then rest to recuperate.

“Lord Holy Infant is a living Bodhisattva!”

“My illness of the past few decades has been cured!”

“My physical fitness seems to be getting stronger.

The speed at which my cow plowed the fields is almost slower than me!”

In a short month, the villagers who had received the blessing were ecstatic.

They discovered that their physical fitness had greatly improved.

Some villagers who lived closer to the Holy Infant Temple were even more surprised to find that after taking the medicine, their physiques had undergone a qualitative leap, and they seemed to have obtained strength that surpassed ordinary people.

And so, those blessed had even more faith and respect for the supernatural Holy Infant.

Those who didnt get it would break their heads and kneel in worship.

Some even set up memorial tablets in their homes and continued to burn incense.

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