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Chapter 409: Lin Qiye, Whose Resentment Was Sky-high! Purify or Be Purified!

He purified the water ghost that had been corroded by resentment.

Perhaps it was somehow related, but after the water ghost was purified, the resentment bounding him dissipated by more than half.

Because of this, he could leave the riverbank and move freely.

Lin Qiye planned to stroll around the village first to understand more about this world.

However, he did not expect to bump into a skinny youth at the village entrance just as he was about to enter.

The moment the two came into contact, Lin Qiye immediately felt as if he had found a carrier and possessed him.

He did not expect the skinny youth would be so weak that he could not hold on for even half a day after being possessed.

He even forced Lin Qiye to retreat.

“This cant go on.

The resentment and evil energy in my body are too strong.

Ordinary people cant bear it.

If I stay in the crowd for too long, Im afraid many people will get ill!”

After a series of events, Lin Qiye realized that ghosts and humans couldnt get along peacefully.

At least in his current state, he could not move around in the crowd often.

“Looks like I must think of a way to reconstruct my body first.”

Lin Qiye held his chubby chin and pondered.

He did not have a method to reconstruct his body, but he had a secret technique of possession.

“Do I have to take someones body”

After thinking about it, Lin Qiye could not help but shake his head.

Based on his current situation, a human body probably would not be able to withstand the resentment in his body.

Although taking someones body was different from temporary possession and would not cause terrifying damage to the body, Lin Qiye intended to continue cultivating.

If his physical body is not strong enough and was eroded by resentment, everything would become meaningless.

“Amitabha, little Almsgiver, can we talk in private”

Just as he was thinking about his next step, a Buddhist voice suddenly sounded in Lin Qiyes mind.

“Who is it!”

Lin Qiye was shocked and frantically looked around.

However, the surroundings were completely silent.

Not even a ghost could be seen.

“This penniless monk was entrusted by someone to come here.

Young Almsgiver, please come to the pagoda tree outside the village for a chat.”

The voice rang out in his mind again.

There was no trace of it.

It was as if it came from his mind.

“Is it that fat monk”

Lin Qiyes pupils constricted.

He suddenly thought of the fat monk he saw at the entrance of the Wang family courtyard.

“He found me”

Lin Qiye had used his mental power to investigate the monk, but his current mental power wasnt that strong.

He could only find that the monk had a rich spiritual energy fluctuation, but he couldnt confirm his exact strength.

Lin Qiye hesitated for a moment, but in the end, he decided to go to the locust tree outside the village to look first.

After all, he had already been targeted by the monk, and the monks strength should also be terrifying.

If the monk wanted to make a move on him, he would have already crossed over by now, so why waste time

Outside the village, under a pagoda tree more than ten meters tall, Lin Qiye had just floated there when he saw a fat monk meditating under the tree.

Beside the pagoda tree was the horse carriage that had just gone out of the village.


Young Almsgiver, this penniless monk has been waiting for you.”

As if sensing Lin Qiyes arrival, the fat monk slowly opened his eyes and clasped his hands together.

He stood up and bowed to Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye couldnt help but feel puzzled.

This fat monks strength wasnt ordinary, so why was he polite to him

“Ahem… Master, why are you looking for me”

Although in the eyes of the villagers, this fat monk looked like a swindler, Lin Qiye wouldnt judge a person by his appearance.


Young Almsgiver, this penniless monk was entrusted by someone to come and purify your soul…”

“What” Lin Qiye was startled.

He tricked him into coming here with a merciful look just to purify him

Lin Qiye turned around and was about to escape, but before he could even take a step, the fat monks figure flashed and blocked him.


Young Almsgiver, listen to this penniless monk first.” The monks tone was still as calm as ever.

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