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An incomparably violent energy instantly erupted.

The demons pupils suddenly enlarged.

When it came into contact with the destructive energy within, panic and fear rose uncontrollably.


The “little sun” exploded.

With the demon as the center, an area of 10,000 meters was covered by a dazzling silver light.

Star City, which was dark, was now illuminated by the ball of light.

The silver light spread throughout the city, and the wisps of lightning power split to the other lines of defense of Star City.

All the demons that touched the lightning power instantly turned into dust and were annihilated.

Looking back at the center of the explosion, not only was the demon that faced Lin Qiye injured but even the nearby demons were also affected.

However, the center demon was the most miserable.

The impact wasnt as simple as an energy attack.

It also contained the destruction of mental power.

At the instant of the explosion, the demon fell into an illusion on the spot.

It couldnt even defend itself.

It could only let the violent lightning destroy its body wantonly.

When the white light retreated, only a huge crater was left in the place of the explosion.

The demon clamoring earlier had been annihilated under the explosions impact, not even leaving behind dust.

For a time, a vacuum appeared in the area near Lin Qiye.

All the demons stared in the direction of the explosion with their mouths agape.

Was it instantly killed

An Immortal Level demon was instantly killed

What kind of monster was this

After reaching the Immortal Level, ones life force would transform.

Even if their head was chopped off, it could be reattached to extend their life.

Battles between Immortal Levels usually lasted longer.

It was rare for an absolutely overwhelming situation to occur.

Not to mention a situation where one could instantly kill someone of the same level.

The demons were not the only ones shocked.

The residents and soldiers of Star City had also witnessed what had just happened.

The dazzling white light almost blinded everyones eyes.

However, at this moment, no one cared about that problem.

The people stared at the majestic and inviolable statue with their mouths hanging open.

“Is… Is this really something a human can do”

“Hes not a human.

Hes a God!”

Countless citizens hopes were ignited once again.

Someone stood on the street and shouted at the top of his lungs.

“Lin Qiye! Lin Qiye! Lin Qiye!”

More and more people joined in the flood of shouts.

The shouts shook the heaven and earth.

The oppression of the Immortal Level demons weakened at this moment.

At the center of the battlefield, Lin Qiye was not as happy as the others.

Instead, he frowned deeply and looked at the explosion place.

There was a particle imperceptible to the naked eye rapidly expanding.

Very soon, Lin Qiye noticed that the particle had grown to the size of a palm.

Its appearance was a miniature version of the demon he had attacked just now.

“It didnt die”

Lin Qiyes pupils suddenly constricted.

That attack just now was already his maximum offensive ability.

It had drained one-tenth of his energy in an instant.

But even so, it was still unable to kill that demon.

Lin Qiye looked at the few demons behind the group that could heal.

His expression was incomparably profound, and it was impossible to tell what he was thinking.

At the same time, the demons also discovered that the targeted demon did not die.

They could not help but reveal a trace of joy.

However, before the group of demons could be happy for long, a voice transmission made their faces fall.

“Our energy consumption is huge.

We can only protect its life first.

We cannot waste energy to let it recover! This persons strength is really terrifying! Hold on! Just hold on!”

The few demons that had healing abilities were all panting heavily.

Just now, when Lin Qiye had launched his attack, they had used all their energy to heal the demon that had been attacked.

However, the lightnings destructive power was extremely high.

As they continued to heal, the demons body was also being destroyed.

Both sides were consuming each others energy.

Although they managed to save the demons life, their energy consumption had also reached a terrifying level.

One strike had already depleted 30% of their energy!

If Lin Qiye were to attack twice more, not to mention protect the group of demons, they would be drained of their energy and die!

When they looked at Lin Qiye again, the group of demons was wary.

Lin Qiye stood where he was and was unwilling to make a move rashly.

The few demons behind the group who had healing abilities also made him a little fearful.

Before he took care of those demons, he did not dare to consume his energy recklessly.

Otherwise, it would be his doomsday once he entered a deficit state.

For a moment, both sides did not dare to act rashly.

They stood still, and no one took the initiative to move.

At this moment, a Diamond Level demon suddenly appeared behind the group.

It hurriedly rushed to the side of an Immortal Level demon and whispered a few words.

The Immortal Level demon frowned slightly at first, but it seemed to heave a sigh of relief.

“Theres a change at the rear.


There was an accident at the rear of the demon group, but that was only a trivial matter.

However, they had a reason to retreat with this opportunity.

It was not to the extent that Lin Qiye could see through their fear.

Lin Qiye also heaved a sigh of relief.

He was unwilling to continue the stalemate with the demon group for the time being.

He had to find a way to break the situation and kill them with one strike.

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