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The core of the Origin God Realm racked its brain.

Inside the crack, Lin Qiye was killing Diamond Level demons rapidly.

The Immortal Eye reveled in joy.

Everywhere they went, the demons in the crack were reduced to ashes.

Lin Qiye cleaned up the demons one by one, so much so that even Xiao Cibei couldnt find a target to kill.

Xiao Cibei stood in the distance andlooked at Lin Qiyes expressionless face as he massacred the demons.

He couldnt help but raise his eyelids.

“Does he kill without blinking

“And whats with that thick resentment Whats he carrying on his back

“Can a person withstand such resentment”

Xiao Cibeis heart palpitated.

He thought he was twisted, but Lin Qiyes killing methods were filled with indifference.

A group of demons was killed with a raise of his hands as if he was crushing ants.

Upon thinking about it, Lin Qiyes behavior was even more terrifying than his twisted mind, especially when the blood and flesh of the demons converged into a viscous river behind him.

Xiao Cibei stared at Lin Qiye.

He wondered if he should go and greet him.

What if Lin Qiye killed him in the heat of the moment

Of course, Lin Qiye didnt bother and let Xiao Cibei watch him.

He merely focused on killing the demons.

Finally, the Resentment Immortal Eye jumped up a grade!

Its resentful intent was even purer.

Even an Immortal Level Painted-skin Demon would be exposed in front of Lin Qiye.

The corner of Lin Qiyes mouth rose.

He let out a deep breath.

“Thats enough.

This trip was worth it.”

He nodded slightly.

Suddenly, he heard a dragons roar.

“A dragon”

Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows.

“Its bloodline is decent.

If I were to take it out and give it to Little Fan, it would be an extraordinary gift.”

Lin Qiyes interest was piqued.

On the other side, avoice sounded in Jiang Lianyis mind.

“Girl, the test has ended.

Come to the depths of the Origin God Realm! Remember to bring the young man who saved you.”

Jiang Lianyi was stunned.

“Me Bring him Why”

“The seal is broken.

We need his help.”

As the two conversed, the Origin God Realm suddenly trembled.

Xiao Cibei and the other geniuses cleaning up the demons all felt dizzy.

Then, the spacetime fluctuated, and they were sent out.

Only Lin Qiye and Jiang Lianyi were left.

Lin Qiye frowned.

“Did the appearance of the dragon cause the spacetime fluctuation But the effect is not big.

Ill get the dragons blood and leave.

This place is a bit strange.”

Lin Qiye quickly rushed in the direction of the dragons roar.

Not long after, Lin Qiye and Jiang Lianyi met in the palace that suppressed the dragon.

In the huge palace, an evil dragonwas destroying the stone pillars.

Every time it destroyed a stone pillar, the palace would tremble and crack.

The nest of the demons seemed to be suppressed beneath the palace, and evil energy surged out from it.

Above and around the palace, statues of Gods stood tall.

It formed a terrifying suppression, purifying the evil energy and sealing off the nest.

And at the center of the palace, in the sky garden that the evil dragon couldnt reach, a heart-palpitating immortal charm surged out.

“Thats the core of the Origin God Realm.

It must be in the sky garden, existing in the form of a heavenly treasure.”

Jiang Lianyi noticed something.

“The dragon is breaking through the restriction.

It also wants to seize the core!”

She leaped toward the palace but was blocked by Lin Qiyes spiritual shield.

“I know you also want to fight for the core! Although I want your help, this is something that belongs to my ancestor.

I wont give it away so easily.”

Lin Qiyes gaze was indifferent.

His Immortal Consciousness Soul condensed into numerous pale golden flying swords.

They shot toward the evil dragon like tens of thousands of arrows!

In an instant, the evil dragon was turned into a target.

The dragons blood splattered.

However, it was all absorbed by the sky garden.

Not long after, a flower that emitted a pink aura, causing ones desire to soar with a glance, bloomed in the garden.

Lin Qiye frowned slightly, and Jiang Lianyis expression changed.


She didnt say the specific name, but her expression became panicked.

Although the plant wasnt fatal, it could stimulate the most primitive desires in the depths of ones heart.

Once one stepped into its poisonous domain, they would instantly turn into a wild beast, pouring out some instinctive desire to reproduce.

Even Immortal Level experts or above couldnt resist its bone-eroding desire.

“How can there be this type of poison here Why didnt the ancestor mention it”

Jiang Lianyis heart was still in fear.

It was strange that this type of plant suddenly appeared.

She looked at Lin Qiye and then at the sky garden.

“Ancestor! Why didnt you warn me of this”

Lin Qiye also looked up at the altar and said calmly, “Senior, please show yourself.

Do you want to use the happiness of your descendant to exchange for my help with this plant If thats the case, its too pathetic.”

Then, asigh came from the high platform.


The consciousness of the Origin God Realm slowly appeared in the form of a shadow and floated to the two of them.

He glanced at Lin Qiye.

“Young man, your methods are surprising! How admirable.

You could even kill this evil dragon instantly.

You are truly outstanding.

Im sorry, but I had no choice.

Little Lianyi cant hold on by herself.

I want to find a good husband for her.

“I didnt expect you to be too outstanding…”

Upon hearing that, Jiang Lianyis eyes widened in disbelief.

That plant was a trap set by her ancestor

And from what he said, he seemed to have made up his mind from the start to set her up with the young man who saved her.

“Ancestor! You… Did I not put in enough work”

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