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Violent thunderbolts burst out from the void, and lightning dragons pierced through Lin Qiyes body.

In an instant, Lin Qiye turned into a sky full of shining feathers.

Jiang Lianyi looked in the direction where Lin Qiye had disappeared and couldnt help but sigh softly: “He is such a mysterious person.

The genius of Heavenly Court Island really lives up to his reputation.

Im afraid I wont even have the chance to meet him in the future.

He has such a terrifying foundation!

“In front of the genius of the Heavenly Court Island, even if I call myself a chosen daughter of heaven, I still find it hard to reach him.”

Jiang Lianyis expression was disappointed.

The world changed.

Zhu Yuheng was gone; Mr.

Chen was gone; Gu Shaoshang was gone; 90% of the higher-ups of the human race had disappeared.

The strongest person became Jiang Lian Yi.

With Lin Qiyes will, she sat on the throne of the human race and formed a new Demon Hunter Alliance.

Three days later, the news of the victory spread.

Gu Shaoshang eliminated the Empress Universes most terrifying enemy, the Supreme Demon.

However, this disaster was too grave.

The Empress used 1,000 reincarnations to get a chance to survive.

In the battle with the Supreme Demon, the Empress and Gu Shaoshang both died.

The greatest contributor to the human race, Mr.

Chen, had also fallen.

The world was filled with sorrow, and the Country Hua was mourning.

A month later, Jiang Lianyi began to purify the Empress Universe.

The remaining demons had nowhere to hide.

They were all eliminated.

Three years later, the human race began to recover, and they began to recuperate.

Ten years later, the Practitioner with the Heavenly Dao Mark began to emerge, becoming another top S-Grade talent in Country Hua.

Thirty years later, Country Hua was prospering.

Jiang Lianyi and the Heavenly Dao Mark Practitioner worked to heal the Empress Universe.

The universe was healed, and all life flourished.

There was no longer any evil aura.

100 years later, the two Practitioners left Country Hua one after another.

10,000 years later, the Painted-skin Demons team found the Empress Universe based on the remaining coordinates.

However, they were killed by a mysterious force outside the Empress Universe.

30,000 years later, the second team of Painted-skin Demons arrived.

They were also killed by the mysterious force and were annihilated.

300,000 years later, Qin You hunted down the demons and discovered the Empress Universe.

“This is… King Lins statue The king has been here before

“If thats the case, there should be a secret here that transcends immortal-level spacetime…”

As she spoke, Qin You entered the Empress Universe.

Following Qin Yous arrival, the scene in front of him gradually dissipated.

“My statue It automatically protects the Empress Universe from the invasion of the Painted-skin Demon.

“However, I dont know what kind of power it is.

I dont feel it!”

Lin Qiye felt somewhat helpless.

He didnt know anything about the power of faith.

Just as Lin Qiye was about to spend some time thinking, the sound of the Life Lantern Gems notification slowly resounded in his mind.

[During this journey, you used an extremely exaggerated way to cut through thorns in the Empress Universe, creating a legend impossible to achieve.]

[You killed a real Painted-skin Demon! One with supreme potential!]

[You created an unprecedented achievement, and your life was dazzling.

You saved the Empress soul, preventing the Painted-skin Demon from devouring the Empress and stepping into invincibility.]

[Your influence in this world has reached its peak, and your score is SSS-Grade.

Note: It is the peak of a Diamond Spacetime.]

[The quality of your Life Lantern Gem has increased, reaching the peak of the diamond tier.

At the same time, the energy consumed has been fully replenished.]

[You have received a reward of 50,000,000 movement points.

You now have 55,890,000 points.]

[You have received an SSS-Grade reward: Precise control of lightning in the Empress Universe.

You could manipulate lightning into fine silk and weave a network that covers a city.]

[You have received an SSS-Grade reward: Thunder God Aspect.

It uses lightning to form a god statue with high defense.

The main body is unharmed if the Thunder God Aspect still exists.

It can also fight.]

[You have received an SSS-Grade reward: Lightning Warp.]

[You have received an SSS-Grade reward: Thunder God Domain.]

[You have received an SSS-Grade reward: Immortal Consciousness Soul.]

[You have received an SSS-Grade reward: Possession Technique and Soul Cultivation Technique…]

[You have received an SSS-Grade reward: Resentment Immortal Eye, a treasure refined by a Supreme Youth.

Devouring the soul of the Painted-skin Demon can increase its grade.

Current grade: Immortal.

The Immortal Eye will notify you when a Painted-skin Demon appears within a thousand-meter radius.

However, due to the strange nature of the Painted-skin Demon, it could not accurately pinpoint the individual.]

[You have received an SSS-Grade reward: Three wisps of Immortal Qi.]

[You have received an SSS-Grade reward: A piece of immortal bone.]

[You have received an SSS-Grade reward: Ancient God Floating Island, a floating island guarded by an ancient god.

It covers an area of 10,000 square kilometers.

Due to the presence of the ancient gods pressure, the demons do not dare to invade it.

If they forcefully enter the island, they will be weakened.]

[You have received an SSS-Grade reward: Zhu Yuhengs soul jade pendant (The support of the Life Lanterns energy can maintain Zhu Yuhengs soul in the main world for ten days.

You need to replenish the energy constantly, but it can only be replenished three times at most.

After that, you will need better treasures to store Zhu Yuhengs soul.)]

[Please note that the rewards you have obtained, as well as the spoils of war from killing the Golden Practitioners, are all stored in the Life Lantern Gems space.

You can take them out at any time.]

Listening to the notifications, Lin Qiye let out a breath.

“The reward from the simulation this time is great…”

Lin Qiye shook his head slightly.

“However, I still have to think of a way to preserve Zhu Yuhengs soul.

“Furthermore, I still have to consume resources to raise my strength to Diamond-level.


While Lin Qiye was analyzing, his expression suddenly froze.

He subconsciously checked his cultivation.

With a thought, the Immortal Consciousness Soul circulated in his body.

Lin Qiye was puzzled.

“Why is it like this It shouldnt be.

Is there a loophole”

He found it hard to understand.

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