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The Heart-seizing Spore Demons voice was extremely sharp, like a dolphins scream.

Its roar was filled with the anger of someone tearing down its home while it was sleeping

Without a doubt, it was fuming when it woke up.

As a result, the lake started to boil.

A huge black shadow appeared on the originally clear surface of the lake, enveloping the Emerald Lake.

At the lakeside, the Shanhai demon-hunting squad, the Jiang Citys commander, five Alp-level demon-hunting squads, 15 Mountain-level demon-hunting squads, and some other squads quietly watched the boiling surface of the lake.

When a piercing scream resounded, and an endless black shadow appeared at the lake bottom, their expressions gradually became grave.

“Its a huge object”

“What level could such a big thing reach It cant be beyond the Alp level, could it If its a God level, only a dozen or so Awakened with SS-grade talent and above can suppress it!”

The five Alp-level Demon Hunters were unprecedentedly serious.

As for the Jiang City army commander, he immediately floated in the air, overlooking the Emerald Lake.

A golden crystal appeared in his hand, emitting white light.

“Everyone, its a Mountain-level demon.

Its not our match.

We can surround and attack it together!”

As soon as he finished speaking, five Alp-level demon-hunting squads (equivalent to the Embodier Realm), a total of 35 experts, and fifteen Mountain-level squads (equivalent to the peak of the Nascent Soul Realm), a total of 105 experts,stared at the lake covetously.

Not long after, the lake turned pitch-black.

Spores the size of almonds rolled in the lake.

On the surface of each spore, there was an eyeball.

They spread out on the lake, densely packed, venomous gazes staring at the Awakened ones by the lakeside.

The Awakened below the Alp level felt their scalps numb, and a chill ran down their spines.

Hundreds of Awakened ones felt dizzy and weak, kneeling on the ground, and vomited.

There were even some Awakened who lost control of their minds.

They rushed into the lake andwere sucked in by the dense eyeballs.

In an instant, their bodies bloated as if they were corpses that had soaked in water for more than a dozen days.

They looked terrifying.

The Jiang City commander suddenly shouted, “Retreat! The Awakened ones below Alp and Mountain level, retreat immediately.

Leave the battlefield to us!”

“Attack the lake! Destroy these eyeballs!”

As his voice fell, the Demon Hunters attacked like a carpet bomb, directing their attacks into the lake, causing it to churn and white waves to surge.

The eyeballs exploded and burned.

Shrill screams soared into the sky.

“Where did so many annoying human bugs come from!” The voice was exasperated.

In a few seconds, hundreds of vortexes appeared in the lake.

The spores were sucked away by the vortexes.

In the blink of an eye, the Emerald Lake was clean and calm.

There was no doubt that after the Heart-seizing Spore Demon realized it had been exposed, its advantage was gone, and it chose to shrink.

“I want to know.

Which bastard saw through my arrangement and threw the Devil Starfishes into the lake! Who is it!” The Heart-seizing Spore Demons voice was filled with exasperation.

However, it disappeared after cursing.

Because at this moment, the water from the Emerald Lake poured into the narrow passage.

The corals inside were all eaten clean.

The water seeped into the wall of the passage, causing it to collapse.

The passage was fifty meters underground.

Once the water seeped in and collapsed, not only would the pressure rise sharply but there would also be little oxygen left.

It was no different from a natural disaster.

However, it was still possible for them to escape from an average natural disaster, but in the small tunnel, there was water flooding in from all directions.

There was also soil that suddenly pressed on their bodies.

It was tough for them to even turn around!

Therefore, the demon beasts and demons hiding underground were struggling as if they had fallen into a swamp.

They dont have oxygen.

They cant move.

Theyre going to suffocate in the tunnel.

Some of the beasts burst under the pressure and were flattened.

It was a disaster.

Even Hill-level or Mountain-level monsters were not spared.

The death toll is in the tens of thousands!

And the four demon beasts with strength equivalent to the Embodier Realm were abandoned by the Heart-seizing Spore Demon as its stepping stone.

Its ability to flee is not high.

If it doesnt have any underlings to stall for time, it might be buried underground too!

However, even though it escaped, the Heart-seizing Spore Demon suffered heavy losses.

Right now, it looked at the tunnels collapse, gnashing its teeth, exasperated!

“To hell with it! It was a foolproof plan.

Why was it destroyed

“Ive already built a hotbed for the spore demons underground.

I only need a month to devour the Awakened ones by the Emerald Lake and raise my strength to the God level!

“By then, the entire Jiang City will be my paradise.

Even if the Demon Hunters come to destroy me, I can still retreat to the bottom of the lake.

It is supposed to be a wonderful beginning!

“I was only a little bit away from success!”

The Heart-seizing Spore Demon was in so much pain that its eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

“Which bastard came up with the scheme to make the Devil Starfishes eat the pipeline coral I didnt expect that they could be targeted like this!” The Heart-seizing Spore Demon was furious.

“Damn it! I lost hundreds of thousands of spore demons! My strength has been halved!”

The Heart-seizing Spore Demon was heartbroken.

The hundreds of thousands of spore demons were the foundation of its evolution.

They could live in humans or demon beasts to absorb nutrients and nourish their main body.


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