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Lin Qiye shook his head slightly.

It seemed that he had to be Detective Conan for once.

He could only stand out and say with a cold expression, “It must be at the bottom of the lake.”

Lin Qiyes sudden voice interrupted everyones discussion.

They looked surprised and turned their heads to Lin Qiye, who had a stern expression.

“Little Shaoshang, what are you talking about”

“Are you talking to us”

“Yes, my point of view is that the passage must be at the lake bottom.

You can search for the hydrological changes of Emerald Lake in the past three years and the past ten years.

When you see the hydrological changes, you will understand.”

Hearing that, Uncle Li immediately used the laptop to pull up the information on the hydrological changes.

However, after looking at it for a while, everyones expression was still blank.

“Whats up with it”

“I dont see anything wrong at all…”

Aunt Zhou raised her eyebrows and racked her brains, but she still couldnt figure out what secrets were hidden in the data.

Only Father and Mother Gu seemed to have caught on to some clues, but they didnt fully understand.

Lin Qiye: “…”

“Do you really not see anything special Ten years or even five years ago, the torrential rain in Jiang City caused the water level of Emerald Lake to rise by three to four meters.

“But in the past three years, every torrential rain only increased the water level by 10 centimeters.

“Whats the reason for such a stable water level”

Uncle Zhao: “Doesnt it mean Emerald Lakes flood storage capacity is improving”

Lin Qiyu shook his head.

“Thats not the case.

Even the water level of a bigger lake will soar when it encounters a flood.

“The Emerald Lakes water level is rising too precisely.

There must be a problem.”

While they were talking, Lin Qiye opened the encyclopedia and flipped to the page that introduced the Coral Demon Beast.

“The pipeline corals like familiar environments.

They will surround the islands and reefs into individuallakes to block the tides.

When the water level in the lake is too high, they will take the initiative to adjust the water depth through the pipeline.”

“Do you see the characteristics of pipeline corals Is it possible for a batch of pipeline corals to gather at the bottom of Emerald Lake After all, only they feel the need to adjust the water level.”

Lin Qiyes analysis was reasonable.

The seven Awakened were stunned.

They looked at each other and thought about Lin Qiyes words.

“Little Shaoshangs analysis seemed plausible!”

“Emerald Lake has always been able to control floods, but there is no such thing as saying that during periods of heavy rain, the water level would rise by 10 cm.

In the past, it would rise by a few meters!”

“But in the past three years, it has only risen by 10 cm.

Isnt this too much of a coincidence It has only risen by 10 cm for more than ten times of rainstorm.

There is no way to describe it as a coincidence.”

“There must be something fishy going on.”

“But… how did the Coral Demon Beast adapt to freshwater”

“Is it really theCoral Demon Beast that built a tunnel under the Emerald Lake”

The seven people were puzzled.

Although they were enlightened by Lin Qiye, they still had many doubts.

Upon facing the skeptical crowd,Lin Qiye said decisively, “Search the limestone mine disaster in the north three years ago and see if you can connect it to anything.”

Lin Qiyu commanded like a strategist that had already seen through everything.

Uncle Li did not treat Lin Qiye as a one-year-old child now.

Instead, he listened to Lin Qiyes orders from the bottom of his heart.

He immediately used his laptop to search for this news.

Everyone looked at the news and fell into silence.

“It took away so much limestone.

It must have wanted the pipeline coral to grow rapidly! Theres no way we are wrong!”

“Little Shaoshangs analysis is practically the truth!”


When the seven realized that Lin Qiyes analysis was reasonable and possible, they sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Ah Xuan, Ah Yan, your son has perfectly inherited the IQ of the two of you.”

“Hes even better than you.

Hes only one and a half years old, yet hes already heaven-defying.

In the future, hell definitely awaken an SS-Grade talent!”

“Hes too amazing!”

Everyone was flabbergasted.

“But… Emerald Lake is huge.

Where would the pipeline coral hide Even the Alp level Demon Hunters probably wouldnt be able to find it!”

Father Gu raised a question.

Regarding this, Lin Qiye smiled lightly.

“Thats too simple.

“In nature, some animals can predict earthquakes in advance, but humans cant.

“We humans cant find where the Coral Demon Beast is hiding.

Cant we just let its natural enemies find them

“As far as I know, the Devil Starfish are the natural enemies of the pipeline corals.

A single Devil Starfish can eat one cubic meter of corals daily.

“If we buy a thousand Devil Starfish and throw them into Emerald Lake, they will find the pipeline corals and destroy the passage,” Lin Qiye said confidently.

He had guessed that the reason the Heart-seizing Spore Demon had to appear three months later was that it couldnt act immediately.

Otherwise, why didnt it just swallow the entire Jiang City

Therefore, throwing in the Devil Starfishes would destroy the passageway!

After hearing Lin Qiyes strategy, Uncle Zhao, Uncle Xiong, Uncle Li, Father Gu, Mother Gu, Aunt Wang, and Aunt Zhous eyes flashed with a strange light.

They had to admit that Little Shangshang was indeed a monster.

His plan could be carried out!

Thus, Uncle Zhao immediately ordered 3,000 Devil Starfishes.

Obviously, Lin Qiye had already conquered Captain Zhao.

The next day, 3,000 Devil Starfishes were transported to the vicinity of Emerald Lake.

Uncle Zhao and the other three reported to Jiang Citys commander.

Then, they poured all the Devil Starfishes into Emerald Lake while equipping them with pinhole cameras.

Their goal was to find the location of the pipeline corals.

The three thousand Devil Starfishes that had been starving for a day began to hunt instinctively as soon as they entered Emerald Lake.

They were keenly aware of the existence of the pipeline coral.

And so, they crouched at the bottom of the lake and crawled toward the pipeline coral.

Two hours later, they found the area where the pipeline coral was hiding and began to dig in.

Not long after, an area was cleared, revealing the corpse of the pipeline coral, which formed a circle.

It was a tunnel!

“There really is a Coral Demon Beast!”

The seven-man group was stunned.

As for the Jiang Citys commander and the other demon-hunting squads, they were all stunned.

The commander laughed out loud.

“As expected of the Shanhai demon-hunting squad.

I heard that your squad is famous for its shocking intelligence.

I did not expect you guys to be so outstanding!”

“Good! To think that you guys found something 100 demon-hunting squads could not find after two weeks so easily.

I will give you guys a special reward!”

When he saw the special passage under the Emerald Lake, the commanderwas both afraid and glad.

He was afraid that a mysterious passage had unknowingly appeared under the Emerald Lake.

Luckily, the Shanhai demon-hunting squad used their intelligence to destroy the passage.

On the camera screen, the Devil Starfishes that had found the pipeline corals were overly excited.

They lay on the corpse and started to eat.

In ten minutes, three thousand Devil Starfish disappeared at the bottom of Emerald Lake.

One Devil Starfish could eat one cubic meter of pipeline coral daily, which means three thousand Devil Starfish could eat three thousand cubic meters of coral reef in a day!

In other words, even if the diameter of the passage was three meters, the Devil Starfishes could still devour the tunnel.

A day passed in the blink of an eye.

The Heart-seizing Spore Demon seemed to be in seclusion.

It didnt notice anything unusual and allowed the 3,000 Devil Starfishes to wreak havoc.

The starfishes were like starving ghosts, madly gnawing forward.

One day.

Two days.

Three days.

Ten days.

Twenty days.

As the Devil Starfishes went deeper, the humans discovered that the tunnel had actually extended for more than ten kilometers!

Silently, the tunnel connected the city with the outside world through the bottom of the lake and fifty meters underground.

The tunnel could even accommodate demon beasts three meters tall!

The only flaw was that the tunnel constructed by the pipeline coral was somewhat fragile.

However, there were already Gold Iron Jellyfishes that could swallow iron ores currently strengthening the tunnel.

Looking at its operational efficiency, the tunnel would be strong enough to allow a large number of demon beasts to run and march in a month!

At that time, the millions of people in Jiang City would all become parasite hosts!

But at this moment, their plan was about to be foiled.

Three thousand Devil Starfishes swallowed the tunnel that the pipeline coral had painstakingly built, completely destroying it.

The water from Emerald Lake poured into the tunnel.

The lake water and the water pressure caused the demon beasts in the pipeline to suffocate one by one.

They turned into corpses and floated above the pipeline.

After eating for thirty days, the Heart-seizing Spore Demons shrill cry resounded at the bottom of the lake.


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