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“This is our house, isnt it”


“Our house was destroyed And it was destroyed by the Winged Wolf King!”


Father and Mother Gu were stunned.

They never expected that this was why they got on the news for the first time in their lives!

The couple looked at each other.

“Why is there a Red Winged Wolf King above our district With its strength, Im afraid it would require a hill-level demon-hunting squad to work together to kill it.

“With its body size and strength, it should be impossible for the Red Winged Wolf King to pass through the three defense lines of Jiang City!

“In the end, it just happened to appear above our house

“How is that possible Our house is located in Emerald Lakes villa area! It is one of the most heavily guarded areas in Jiang City.

How could it appear”

Father and Mother Gu were dumbstruck, their faces indisbelief.

“The thing is… We seem to have escaped another calamity again”

Father Gu was a little lost.

“Why do you sayagain”

“Idiot, last time, Little Shaoshang was injured and vomited blood, which allowed our team to avoid the tragic consequences of being wiped out.

This time, he begged us to bring him to the amusement park, saving our lives from the Red Winged Wolf King!”

“Didnt we escape again”


As they spoke, the way Lin Qiyes parents looked at him became even weirder.

Not to mention Little Shaoshangs exceptional talent, he had grown to the height of a six or seven years old child at the age of one, which surprised them.

The fact that they had escaped death twice a row was enough to sense something wrong.

The rise in height could only be considered news.

After all, during the Awakening Era, there were many cases of gigantism.

Many had reached the height of a seven-year-old at two or three.

Father and Mother Gu did not make a fuss.

However, they escaped two fatal disasters two consecutive times in an extremely coincidental manner.

Was there really nothing fishy going on

They looked at Lin Qiye sternly.

“Little Shaoshang, tell us frankly, can you predict the future”

“Can you predict the danger”

Lin Qiye looked innocent and at a loss.

“What are you talking about I dont understand.

I just want to come out and play.

I dont know what the danger is.

I also dont know why I vomited blood the last time…”

Lin Qiyes acting skills were top-tier.

His face was even more deceiving when he lied.

Father and Mother Gu stared at Lin Qiye for a long time, but they still couldnt find any clues.

They could only shake their heads.

“It seems that its all a coincidence.

There are many coincidences in the world.

I remember some news saying some people dont have a lightning attribute but are still alive after being struck by lightning dozens of times.”

“Yes, there are too many coincidences, but we can confirm one thing.

Little Shaoshangs body doesnt have the fluctuations of an Awakened, and he cant be an independent Awakened.”

Father and Mother Gu studied him for a while but to no avail.

They could only attribute everything to coincidence.

Not long after, Uncle Zhao, Uncle Xiong, Uncle Li, Aunt Wang, and Aunt Zhou video-called them.

“We just saw the news.

Something happened near your villa, right Are you guys okay Are the children okay Did you get hurt anywhere”

Mother Gu turned her phone around, taking in Lin Qiye, Gu He, and Father Gu.

“Were fine.

We happened to be traveling outside, so we dodged a disaster.”

Aunt Zhou and Aunt Wang laughed.

“As expected, we guessed right.

h Xuan and Ah Yans family dodged the fatal disaster.

Little Shaoshang a blessing in disguise, isnt he!”


“Even God is blessing him.

It seems that Little Shaoshang is definitely the chosen one.

In the future, he might even be the strongest person in Country Hua and lead mankind to defeat the demons!”

A few of his teammates gathered and chattered noisily.

Listening to their words, Lin Qiye shook his head and laughed softly in his heart.

Gods blessing


He had already been attacked by God twice!

If it werent for his cheat skill, he would probably be lying in his grave now!

As he thought of this, Lin Qiyes eyes sparkled, feeling a little helpless.

Suddenly, Lin Qiyes expression froze a little.

“Another catastrophe Am I experiencing a tribulation”

He frowned andcarefully examined the notification sound in his mind.

[Life Lantern Gem Notification: When you are one year and six months old, the hell-level Heart-seizing Spore Demon infected a small district within a short day.

Your home has become its nest.

[Your family has all died.

One month later, the entire Jiang City has become the Heart-seizing Spore Demons paradise.

This incident has been marked as a White Disaster!]

Upon hearing the hint, Lin Qiyes heart couldnt help but beat wildly.

Even his eyelids were trembling.

This time, he smelled an even more intense dangerous aura.

“The hell-level Heart-seizing Spore Demon

“Why would there be a hell-level Heart-seizing Spore Demon

“Hell-level… Its almost at the deity stage! Its also at the Diamond Level of the main world! Its on the same level as the Temple Demon and the Hydra Demon!

“The Heart-seizing Spore Demon… Theres not much information about it.

It should be a type of spore shot out by a mushroom.

In a short day, it can infect a small district.

Im afraid the infectivity isnt low.

“But can it really infect an unlimited number of people How can it sneak into a human city without anyone noticing Also, does it have a main body Where would it hide”

Lin Qiye frowned and fell into deep thought.

“I have three months to think.

If I dont have any clues, Ill find an excuse to go to Uncle Zhaos city to take refuge.”

Lin Qiyes gaze burned.

He wanted to go home immediately to find a way to solve the case.

However, the villa was being rebuilt, and Lin Qiye was homeless.

He could only pretend to be innocent and play with Gu He and his parents in the amusement park.

After three days, the reconstruction of the villa was completed!

Not only were all the valuable items found, but they also replaced the appliances.

They even got some compensation.

Father and Mother Gu were overjoyed.

“We survived a great disaster! There will definitely be good fortune in the future! Hahaha!

“This villas value is equivalent to five B-rank missions! We can give Little Shaoshang and Little He good Awakening Crystals!”

The corners of Mother Gus mouth curled up.

She hugged Lin Qiye and kissed him wildly as if they had met a lucky star.

As for Lin Qiye… He quickly wiped away the saliva and turned on his laptop.

He looked at the map of Jiang City attentively, inch by inch, looking for the possible hiding place of the Heart-seizing Spore Demon.

“Strange… Jiang City has three lines of defense! Even Diamond Level demons could not break through the defense line.

However, the villa area is in the city center, which could even be said to be a safety zone for Awakened.

How could monsters and demons appear

“Are they messing with me on purpose Did they fall from the sky

“No, everything is traceable.

Even if they want to kill me, they have to follow the objective rules!”

Lin Qiye stared at the map in a daze and thought for a long time, but he couldnt find a breakthrough!

He could only let out a sigh of frustration.

“I should see how the city guards and the other demon hunters analyze it…”

Lin Qiye took Father Gus phone and opened the forum.

He used his parents pillar-level authority, which was at the Foundation Establishment Realm, to understand the relevant information.

“How did the Red Winged Wolf King enter Jiang City”

An article speculated that some organization had secretly smuggled in a batch of demon beasts and then released them.

After all, an organization known as the White Head Church liked to cause trouble all over the world.

They had already planned several disasters, and eight of them were Red Disasters! Its degree was second only to the White Disaster.

According to the writers guess, the fanatics, priests, and cardinals of the White Head Church were brewing a White Disaster!

“Could it be the White Head Church It doesnt seem like it.

But who could it be”

Lin Qiye muttered to himself.

His eyes scanned through the articles andread dozens of letters and private messages in a row.

He still found nothing.

“The Red Winged Wolf King and the Heart-seizing Spore Demon in three months directly entered the center of Jiang City.

There must be a special passageway.

“Where could it be

“Where could it be Where can we hide demons and demon Beasts”

Lin Qiye racked his brain, but he still couldnt find anything.


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