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Since ancient times, when the two armies fought, it was rare for the commander to be beheaded.

Once the commander was beheaded, the armys morale would definitely plummet or even collapse, losing the ability to fight.

At present, the proud Son of Heaven, the Wolf Tribes best talent in tens of thousands of years, known as the prodigy of the generation, the Wolf Lord who comprehended the Doom Arrow and lit up the eighth Gate of Heaven, died tragically at Lin Qiyes hands.

He was killed instantly!

His chest was pierced through, and he died an extremely miserable death.

His tragic death made Lin Qiye look like a God of War.

Therefore, even if the Wolf Tribe had twenty million Golden Core powerhouses, they still couldnt gather the morale to break through the National Fate Pass.

Instead, their hearts were filled with fear.

Lin Qiyes posture when he killed the Wolf Lord was too overbearing and fierce.

The scene would become a nightmare that would haunt the Wolf Tribe warriors for years or even a hundred years!

Every time they thought of the humans and Lin Qiye, they would feel a fear that would not go away!

At this moment, this fear had already taken root in their hearts and affected their thinking.

Although the Heavenly Lords of the Wolf Tribe growled and asked them to attack the National Fate Pass at all costs to take revenge for the Wolf Lord, Lin Qiyes figure in the air was even more dangerous than the natural hazard!

The 20 million Wolf Tribe experts looked up to Lin Qiye, who was like a God.

Their hearts started to beat rapidly.

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They didnt dare to take a step forward.

All they could think about was retreating.

“Quick, retreat! Even the Wolf Lord was killed.

How can we break through”

“The 17th Prince of Qin Dynasty is undefeatable!”

“Yes, he is the true genius of the generation, the Son of Heaven! Whoever dares to defy him will only die!”

Amidst the chaotic discussions, the Wolf Tribe army had a mutiny.

Some Golden Core experts didnt even turn their heads and fled.

Following that, hundreds of thousands and millions of Golden Core experts were defeated.

Their orderly formation was in complete chaos.

Finally, the defense line of the Wolf Tribes Heavenly Lords also shattered.

They gritted their teeth, carried the Wolf Lords corpse, and retreated!

Seeing the Wolf Tribe retreat, millions of human warriors laughed and even shouted in unison at the National Fate Pass.

“Trash Wolf Lord!”

“Trash Wolf Tribe!”

“Tsk – Trash!”

The shouting was full of boiling excitement.

Some warriors even deliberately stretched out their voices, making their voices exude a thick sense of disdain.

Their faces started to become smug.

They tore at their throats and used all their strength to humiliate the Wolf Tribe.

Each sentence was unbearable to the ears.

It was enough to make any self-respecting person furious beyond control.

However, the morale and fighting spirit of the Wolf Tribe had been crushed into dust by Lin Qiye.

There was no anger in their hearts.

They didnt even feel any shame or humiliation.

There was only endless sorrow, fear, numbness, and a dead heart.

They retreated with their heads down.

In ten minutes, the Wolf Tribe army disappeared.

The two million soldiers on the National Fate Pass were ecstatic.

Their burning and loving gazes landed on Lin Qiye.

“Long live the 17th Prince!”

At this moment, the shouts of the soldiers, filled with reverence and respect, converged into thunder that shook the nine heavens and earth.

One after another, they shouted.

It was as if they wanted to elevate Lin Qiye to the throne!

However, Lin Qiyes face was cold as he casually pressed his palm down.

It was a small movement.

Lin Qiye didnt even say anything.

However, two million human soldiers instantly quieted down.

One could hear a pin drop on the National Fate Pass.

The three generals of the Meng family were stunned.

The scene was too terrifying.

With a raise of his hand, two million human soldiers immediately became quiet, and not a single person disobeyed!

What a shocking prestige!

How terrifying was this military discipline

One had to know that the generals had trained soldiers all their lives, but they had never encountered such top-tier military discipline.

Training alone wasnt enough to make two million soldiers obey each order and become silent with a single action.

A hundred thousand or a million times of training wouldnt do it!

To achieve this, they needed the commander to become the soldiers spiritual belief, treating the commander as a God.

Generally speaking, no one could do it.

However, the seventeenth prince did it!

The seventeenth prince killed the Wolf Lord and held down 20 million soldiers by himself.

He had already obtained the two million soldiers heartfelt and most devout submission.

Thus, the scene that could be called a military discipline spectacle appeared.

The three generals of the Meng family sucked in a deep breath of cold air.

They were so shocked by Lin Qiye that they looked at each other speechlessly.

Their eyes shone with shock and excitement.

In their eyes, a single term appeared.

The God of War!

They raised their heads and looked at Lin Qiyein utter admiration.

At this moment, Lin Qiye was also surprised.

He raised his eyebrows and looked at the orderly human soldiers below.

“My soldiers, as you can see, the Wolf Lord has fallen.

The Wolf Tribe has suffered a great defeat!”

His calm voice resounded through the clouds.

“I once said that the Wolf Tribe is nothing to be feared! Now, I will once again use this to reinforce that fact!”

Lin Qiye looked out of the National Fate Pass as he spoke.

“Its a piece of cake to take back our land outside the pass.

In the future, I will bring all of you to the Wolf Tribes land and take back the human races old capital!”

Lin Qiyes words were calm.

However, every word contained the determination to kill God.

The millions of soldiers were affected by this spirit.


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