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It was ridiculous.

They looked at Lu Xiaocha and then at the person who was sent flying by the ball.

They could not believe that the little girl was so strong.

Liao Changyi did not believe it either.

He preferred to believe that this was just an accident.

It was just like the last time when his hand shook from catching that basketball.

However, Gu Xiao and Lu Beichen recalled the huge snake that Lu Xiaocha had caught with her bare hands that day on the mountain.

Gu Xiao couldnt help but gulp.

He was a little excited!

Liao Changyis face darkened.

“Someone substitute, continue!”

He didnt believe that he couldnt beat them!

The game started again.

After a fierce competition, Song Yu threw the basketball to Lu Xiaocha without hesitation.

“Xiaocha, catch!”

Lu Xiaocha caught the basketball and glanced at the goal.

When a boy tried to snatch it, she bent down and sneaked past with the basketball.

Then, she sprang up on her toes and threw the basketball across the basketball court, drawing a long arc in the air.

Time seemed to have slowed down.

Everyones mouths were agape, and their eyes followed the basketball as they moved their heads along the arc.


The basketball hit the hoop and fell in.


The lively basketball court fell strangely silent again.

Three seconds later…


A deafening scream went up from both the boys and girls watching the match.

They looked at the young lady even more incredulously.

It was an entire basketball courts distance.

Even the strongest boy present could barely make such a long throw, and it was so accurate.

Although they did not play themselves, this game made their blood boil!

“Oh, oh, what the f*ck, she actually made it in from such a distance!”

“How did she do it!”

“Damn! So shes really that strong! So the ball that she threw just now was real too!”

“Is this the legendary King Kong Barbie”


Shes clearly a little loli with divine power.

A King Kong Barbie has to have a King Kong figure!”

Wang Lin grabbed the arm of a girl beside her and screamed.

“Did you see that Her name is Lu Xiaocha.

Im her best friend.

Ahhh, Xiaochas shot was too cool!”

The audience outside the court was discussing intensely.

In the court, everyone in Class One looked at Lu Xiaocha in surprise and disbelief.

Under many gazes, a smile appeared on the little girls snow-white and exquisite face.

She was shy and soft, and the two dimples at the corner of her mouth looked extremely cute.

“Class monitor, did you know your sister is so strong”

Someone twitched his lips and asked Lu Beichen.

Lu Beichen was speechless.

He roughly knew it.

No matter what, Class One had won another goal.

Liao Changyi couldnt help but be angry!

Of course they were angry.

Liao Changyi and his sidekicks were so angry that their faces and eyes turned red.

“Surround Lu Beichens sister!”

He was now certain that this girl had deliberately thrown the ball at his underling!

Imagination was beautiful, but during the game, the people on Liao Changyis team realized that this girl was like a loach.

They couldnt stop her at all.

No matter where she was, no matter how far away or how tricky the angle, she could always easily put the basketball in the basket.

After a long time, she still didnt let Liao Changyi and the others score a goal, and the difference in their scores widened.

Liao Changyi was so angry that he cursed.

They wanted to deal with her in the same sinister way as before, but they didnt know how many pairs of eyes she had.

Not only could she always avoid them, but sometimes, it was their own people who deliberately bumped into her and got injured.

Whenever this happened, she would say innocently, “Ah, why are you so weak!”

It could really piss people off.

She scored another goal across the entire basketball court.

Everyone inside and outside the court cheered.

The students of Class One surrounded Lu Xiaocha and almost threw her into the air.

“F*ck that!”

Liao Changyi spat fiercely.

Compared to the high spirits of the people in Class One, Liao Changyis team was very bleak.

Previously, they had laughed at Lu Beichen and the others for letting a young lady play basketball, thinking that they were bullying noobs.

Unexpectedly, the reality was completely different.

“Boss, are we still playing”

Liao Changyis lackey was panting, his clothes wet with sweat.

“Play!” Liao Changyis eyes burned with anger.

This time, he didnt surround Lu Xiaocha.

Instead, he quietly approached Lu Beichen.

Then, he met eyes with another tall and strong lackey and bumped into Lu Beichen.

Liao Changyi thought very simply.

Since he could not do anything to Lu Xiaocha, he would vent his anger on her brother.

“Ah! Class monitor, be careful!”

Lu Beichen was already on guard against the people on Liao Changyis side, so he managed to dodge the tall boys intentional collision.

However, before he could stabilize himself, a strong force pushed him from behind.

The young man stumbled and fell.

His knees hit the ground with a crack, and for a moment, there was excruciating pain in his knees.

His face went white.

Everyone stopped because of this accident.

Suddenly, everyone felt a gust of wind.

Liao Changyis lackey, who was holding the basketball, realized that the ball in his hand had disappeared in the blink of an eye.


Lu Xiaocha looked at the two people who charged at her brother with ferocious eyes.

She could hear the sound of the ball in her hand breaking through the air.

She herself also ran over.

As the tall male student was smashed by the basketball and screamed, no one realized when she ran to Liao Changyis side.

Then, she grabbed his hand and threw him over her shoulder, smashing him to the ground.

Now the screams became two peoples.

She glanced coldly at Liao Changyi, who was wailing on the ground.

Lu Xiaocha bent down and picked up her brother before running to the infirmary.

Before anyone could react, the matter had ended less than a minute after Liao Changyi and the others attacked.

Everyone: “!!!”

What just happened!

Gu Xiaos eyes were red.

At this moment, he could not hold it in anymore.

He raised his fist and punched Liao Changyis men not far away.

“You bunch of bastards who only know how to play dirty tricks!”

Then, the scene quickly became chaotic.

The two sides fought intensely until the teacher arrived.

Most of the people who participated in the fight were taken to the Academic Affairs Office.

Liao Changyi and the student who was hit by the basketball were sent to the hospital because of their serious injuries.

In the infirmary…

After Doctor An examined Lu Beichen, he said, “You just have to take some medicine to recuperate your elbow abrasions.

You have to treat your knee fracture properly.

You also have to rub the bruises on your back…”

As he spoke, he glanced at the little girl beside him.

The originally obedient and soft child carried a terrifying aura.

An Zhiran was a little surprised.

Such an aura actually appeared on a little girl.

This was really… interesting.

“Xiaocha, Im fine.”

Lu Beichen pulled his sisters hand and made her sit down.

“Its just a bone fracture.

Itll heal soon.


The young man glared at An Zhiran. You did that on purpose, didnt you! He thought.

The man took his time dealing with the wound in his knee.

“It needs to be in a cast.

Dont move.”


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