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Just like that, Lu Beichen, Song Yu, and Gu Xiao went to play basketball, while Lu Xiaocha and Wang Lin went for a walk to digest their food.

Then, unfortunately, the two of them met Pei Xue.

“…Tsk! I didnt look at the calendar when I went out today!”

Ever since PE class, Wang Lin had become Lu Xiaochas fan.

She despised what Pei Xue and the others had done.

Lu Xiaocha nodded.

“How unlucky!”

The two of them raised their heads and walked past her proudly.

Wang Lin even snorted heavily.

Pei Xue no longer looked as high-spirited as before.

Her face was very ugly and she had dark circles under her eyes.

When she saw Lu Xiaocha, her eyes turned red.

“Youre happy now, arent you, cousin”

Lu Xiaocha: Whos your cousin Im not.

“Lu Xiaocha!” Pei Xue shouted at her back.

Lu Xiaocha turned around, her beautiful eyes filled with a terrifying hostility.

“Get lost!”

Pei Xue turned pale under her gaze.

At this moment, the girl was looking at her coldly.

She still had that young and beautiful face, but Pei Xue, who was facing all her killing intent, felt like she was looking at a god of death who had killed her way out of a mountain of corpses.

“Pei Xue, just be happy that Im ignoring you.

If I get angry, Ill even be afraid of myself.”

Her attitude and tone were like a high and mighty god looking down on a lowly ant.

She could easily crush it, but she just didnt care about ants.

“Lets go.”

As soon as she turned around, she instantly became the obedient little girl.

Wang Lin replied in a daze, as if the Lu Xiaocha she saw just now was just an illusion.

However, Wang Lins eyes were wide open as she looked at Lu Xiaocha with admiration.

“You were so cool, Xiaocha!”

Lu Xiaocha snorted and said proudly, “Of course, Im awesome.”

If they had not seen that scene just now, anyone would probably think that she was just joking about what happened.

Pei Xue waited until they were far away before she fell to the ground with weak legs.

Her entire body was covered in cold sweat as she shivered.

She felt like she had just escaped death.

Lu Xiaocha was a monster.

She was not human at all!

She was terrified.

This time, she really did not dare to approach Lu Xiaocha.

On the other hand, Lu Xiaocha felt that they had walked enough.

She took Wang Lin to the schools small supermarket to buy some snacks.

As long as it was snacks that she had not tried yet, she would take them away.

She used Lu Beichens card in the end.

Her brother had given it to her so that she could spend it freely at school.

He would top it up after she finished the money.

Wang Lin looked at the things she bought and clicked her tongue.

“Why did you buy so much Didnt you just finish eating”

Lu Xiaocha patted her stomach.

“Im done digesting it!”

The two of them took a pile of food to the few people playing basketball on the field.

At this moment, many people had gathered on the basketball court because of Lu Beichen, Gu Xiao, and Song Yu.

Song Yu was also wearing a white jersey.

Her hair was similar to a boys.

She was a girl, but she looked more handsome than many boys.

She had many fangirls in school and had even received many love letters from the girls.

When they went over, Song Yu jumped up and threw the basketball into the basket, but it didnt hit the basket and bounced up.

Immediately after, a thin young mans figure jumped up quickly and did a slam dunk with one hand.


Wang Lin also grabbed Lu Xiaochas arm excitedly, her eyes shining like a wolf.

“So handsome, so handsome.

Both boys and girls in our class are so handsome! The class monitor is so handsome!”

Because of this handsome slam dunk, all the girls and boys around them cheered in excitement.

The guys cheered because of this beautiful slam dunk.

The girl cheered for the person who did it.

Lu Xiaocha looked at the high-spirited young man on the basketball court.

He was different from his usual cold and silent self.

He was like a blazing sun on the sports field, always attracting the attention of the surrounding people.

Lu Beichen panted slightly after landing.

His slender fingers fiddled with his short hair which was drenched in sweat.

When he looked up, he saw his sister walking over.

He gestured with a pause sign.

“Take a break.”

Gu Xiao and Song Yu followed his gaze and also saw the girl who looked like she was glowing under the sun.

She looked out of place in the circle of people around her.

She was too attractive.

Lu Beichen realized that several obscure or bold gazes had landed on his sister.

This made him secretly unhappy.

He felt that his precious little sister had been targeted by pigs.


Lu Xiaocha greeted the young man and then took out a bottle of mineral water under the disappointed and regretful gazes of the girls.

“Here you go.”

Lu Beichens lips curled up.

The aloof young man, who had never taken mineral water from other girls before, took the water from his sister and drank it without hesitation.

Gu Xiao came over from behind with a smile.

“Xiaocha, wheres mine”

Wang Lin took out a bottle of mineral water.

“Yours is here, along with Song Yu and the other students.”

Lu Beichen had instructed them to buy these mineral water.

When they went back to the field to play basketball again, Lu Xiaocha and Wang Lin quietly left the crowd and sat cross-legged on the artificial lawn.

There were bags of snacks in front of them, but only one of them was eating.

Wang Lin couldnt help but gulp when she saw Lu Xiaochas snow-white cheeks bulging.

“You… really can eat!”

After eating so much food in the canteen, she went to the supermarket to buy so many snacks.

Her gaze fell on Lu Xiaochas stomach.

Sitting like this was the easiest to highlight the fat on ones stomach, but her stomach was very flat without any excess fat.

Wang Lin stared at Lu Xiaocha enviously.

“Xiaocha, how can you not gain weight after eating so much every day”

Lu Xiaocha swallowed the food in her mouth.

Her voice was uniquely soft.

“Every morning I get up at six and go out for my morning run.

I run until eight.

After school, I always walk back home.

I go hiking on Saturdays and Sundays…”

Although she ate a lot, she also had a lot of exercise every day, so she could not gain weight.

Moreover, the originally soft flesh on her body had become much tighter.

However, no matter how hard she trained his body, she did not develop any bulky muscles.

Lu Xiaocha nibbled on a spicy strip gloomily.


How delicious…

As she was eating, she saw the boy who threw the basketball at them in PE class walk towards the place where her brother played basketball.

Although they had basketball in their hands, they looked more like troublemakers.

Wang Lin saw it too.

Her eyes were burning with anger.

When she thought about how she had twisted her ankle because of them that day, she wished she could fight Liao Changyi.


But clearly, she couldnt beat him.

“Xiaocha, Liao Changyi must have gone to trouble the class monitor.

Lets go take a look!”

As she spoke, she pulled Lu Xiaocha and ran over.

“Yo, playing basketball.”

Liao Changyi held the basketball in one hand and put the other hand in his pocket, looking a little sloppy.

The surrounding students gradually quietened down because of his arrival.

They looked at Liao Changyi with fear in their eyes.

If Lu Beichen was as popular in school as Liao Changyi was unpopular in school.

The two of them were polar opposites.

One was a scholarly young master, and the other was a school bully who was like a gangster.

He usually led a group oflittle brothers to bully people in school, and the teachers could not do anything to him.

This was because his father was on the school board and his uncle was the director of the teaching department.

The school could not expel him, and some self-reflection punishment would not hurt him.

The person Liao Changyi hated the most in school was definitely Lu Beichen.

Firstly, his popularity in school made Liao Changyi very unhappy and even jealous.

Secondly, the school belle he liked liked Lu Beichen.

“Dont you know we use this place all the time You guys dont know the rules.”

The few people who were playing basketball stopped.

With Lu Beichen as the leader, the two sides formed a standoff.

Lu Beichens voice was calm.

“Its just a basketball court.

You dont have to treat this as your home and stay here permanently, right”

Liao Changyis expression was dark.

“I said this place is mine, so its mine.


Gu Xiao said sarcastically, “Just because you say its yours, its yours Is this land written in your name, Liao Changyi, or have you degenerated into a primitive animal and marked your territory here”

Someone in the crowd laughed unkindly.

Anyone who had seen the show Animal World knew how animals marked their territory.

Liao Changyi looked viciously at the people opposite him.

His underlings were also clamoring.

“Its fine if you want to stay here and continue playing basketball as long as you compete with us.

The loser will leave.

Do you have the guts for it”

Liao Changyi lifted his chin arrogantly.

The basketball spun on his fingertips.

“If youre afraid, get lost now!”

Lu Beichen held the basketball and looked over coldly.


At a time like this, they would not back down, goading or not.

Originally, it was just an extracurricular exercise to relax, but now, with the addition of Liao Changyi and the others, it has become tense.

After the players from both sides were in position, the competition began.

As soon as the game started, the people on Liao Changyis side moved ruthlessly and viciously.

Not only did they often maliciously hit their opponents bodies, but they also spat out vulgarities when playing basketball.

It was simply despicable.

However, the last shot of the first match was a three-pointer with the tacit cooperation of Lu Beichen and the others.


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