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After class, Lu Beichen brought his sister and the others from Class One to Class Two aggressively.

The students from Class Two who were about to leave felt their hearts tremble when they saw this scene.

They quickly turned around and returned to their classroom.

“Those people from Class One are coming this way!”

Pei Xues heart skipped a beat.

Lin Cans eyes lit up.

“Who is it Is it Lu Beichen Xuexue, your cousin must be here to see you.”

Pei Xue forced a smile on her face.

For some reason, she felt very flustered this time.

As he spoke, Lu Beichen and the others had already arrived at the entrance of Class Two.

The noble and handsome young man attracted the attention of many people just by standing there.

His cold eyes swept across the classroom of Class Two.

“Wheres Pei Xue”

“Over here!”

Lin Can raised her hand excitedly, revealing their location.

Pei Xue could not hide in time.

This fool!

Pei Xue had never hated Lin Can so much as now!


Now, she could only walk over with a smile and ask in surprise as if she did not know what had happened.


“Why are you here Are you here to see me”

Song Yu crossed her arms and leaned against the door frame.

She said sarcastically, “We did come for you, but not to see you.

Im here to confront you.”

Gu Xiao asked directly, “Were you the one who spread those rumors about our Sister Xiaocha”

Pei Xue panicked for a moment, but she looked innocent and pitiful.

“What are you talking about What rumors”

That look of surprise and bewilderment, as if she really didnt know.

At this moment, Pei Xues friends finally realized that something was wrong.

Why did it look like they were here to cause trouble

Their hearts were pounding.

They felt even more guilty when they heard Gu Xiao mention the rumors.

But… but didnt Pei Xue say that Lu Beichen didnt like Lu Xiaocha at all

Lu Beichen looked at Pei Xue coldly.

“Youre the only one in school who knows so much about the situation with Xiaocha other than our family, and the bracelet…”

He sneered.

“Wasnt it your mothers greeting gift to Xiaocha When did she become the one who took your bracelet My sister doesnt need to take anything from you, its not like she cant afford whatever she wants.”

Lu Xiaocha took out a black card at the right time and waved it between her fingers.

Her tone was innocent and smiling.

“So you want that bracelet.

You shouldve said so earlier.

I didnt insist on a gift from your mother.

Anyway, Dad gave me a black card.

I couldve bought a few of them myself.

Im not short of money.”


This was the epitome of showing off.

The bracelet that Pei Xue had used to blackmail Lu Xiaocha was like nothing to her.

Everyone gasped when they saw the black card in her hand.

With this thing, she wouldnt care about a bracelet worth millions.

This… Lu Xiaochas family doted on her too much.

They even gave her a black card!

This time, the surrounding students looked at Pei Xue strangely.

Pei Xues face turned pale.

She stared at the card in Lu Xiaochas hand with red eyes, feeling jealous and uneasy.

“Beichen, I didnt.

I really dont know about any rumors.

Trust me.”

She cried pitifully and tried to pull Lu Beichens sleeve, but the young man avoided her in disgust.

“Then explain yourself.

Were all listening.”

At this moment, there were many people around, including people from Class One, Class Two, and even students from other classes.

Pei Xue felt her face burning from being stared at by so many pairs of eyes.

She hated Lu Beichen and Lu Xiaocha to the core.

Did they have to humiliate her to be happy


Her mind was frantically trying to figure out how to resolve this.

“Im sorry.

Because many people were asking me about my cousin, I told my friends about her.

But I definitely didnt say those words.

Im your cousin.

Why would I say such vicious words

I only complained about the bracelet in front of Lin Can because it was originally auctioned by Mom for me and I really liked it, but Mom gave it to Xiaocha as a gift and I was just disappointed.

I didnt say that she stole my bracelet.”

After saying that, she stared at Lin Can in disbelief.

“Cancan… How can you misunderstand me like that”

Lin Can was dumbfounded.

How could she blame her!

“Im not.

Its all your—”

Halfway through, Lin Can suddenly paused.

It seemed… it seemed that she had indeed never said those words directly, but… but that was clearly what she meant.

Pei Xue looked at Lin Can with disappointment and anger.

“Cancan, Im so disappointed in you.

I already told you not to target my cousin.

Why didnt you listen”

Someone suddenly realized.

“Yes, those rumors were told to us by Lin Can and those students.”

The few people who were pointed at immediately panicked.

They avoided looking at Lu Beichen.

“Lin Can!”

Pei Xue was so angry that her body was trembling slightly, and her eyes were red and pitiful.

“How could you I trusted you enough to tell you about my cousin, and you took them to spread rumors.

I told you not to do that!”


As if reminded, the girls instantly pushed everything to Lin Can.

“Thats right.

Lin Can encouraged us to spread the rumors.”

“She was the one who told us all this.”

“Its all Lin Cans fault.

Why is she so bad”

Being pointed at by everyone, Lin Can wanted to explain, but she realized that she couldnt speak at all.

She could only break down and shake her head.

But… she was indeed the one who had told the others those rumors.

She was the one who had taken the lead in spreading the rumors.

It… it shouldnt have ended like this.

Ah Xue had said that Lu Beichen didnt like Xiaocha!

“Xuexue, didnt you say that Lu Beichen doesnt like her”

Lin Can asked, trembling.

Pei Xue stared at her.

“When did I say that”

Lin Can said, “You clearly…”

Pei Xues face was filled with innocence as she said the cruelest words to Lin Can in a gentle voice.

“Lin Can, are you still obsessed My cousins are very close.

How could I say something like that”

Lin Can stared blankly at the girl in front of her, as if she didnt recognize her.

Her eyes widened in disbelief, and something inside her collapsed.

Song Yu sneered.

“How strange.

Lin Can and Lu Xiaocha dont even know each other.

Why would she target Xiaocha for no reason”

Pei Xue secretly clenched her fists and lowered her head, looking sad and innocent.

“I dont know either.

Perhaps she misunderstood my words and thought that Xiaocha was bullying me at home, so she defended me.

Beichen, Im sorry.

Although I didnt spread the rumors, this matter did start because of me.”

Lu Beichen looked at Pei Xue coldly.

“Do you think Im stupid”

Pei Xue clenched her fists and her face turned even paler.

She was panicking.

Lu Xiaocha looked at Lin Can.

“Are you stupid She used you.

Now that youre useless, she threw you away.

If it were me, I would slap her face.”

Song Yu crossed her arms and added on.

“What kind of friend is this Are you saving her for the new year Youre the one who will be despised and punished in school in the future.

She will continue to be a gentle and kind goddess.”

Lin Can was an irritable person who could be easily agitated.

Lu Xiaocha and Song Yus words reminded her that Pei Xue was the culprit!

Her eyes were red.

Under Pei Xues terrified gaze, she pounced over and pulled her hair.

This was quite a beautiful technique.

“Pei Xue, you blamed me.

You were the one who said all of this.

You want to push everything on me Dream on!”

“Ah!! Lin Can, youre crazy.

Let go of me.

My hair, my face.

Lin Can, you b*tch, let go!”

After being attacked, Pei Xue screamed sharply and cursed.

She no longer looked like her usual weak and noble self.

The surrounding students took a few steps back.

They could not believe that those words came from thekind and gentle Pei Xue.


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