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“Bad luck!”

The two children following the woman giggled and repeated.

They even made faces at Lu Xiaocha.

Lu Xiaocha rolled her eyes.

She was too lazy to argue with the two brats.

At this moment, the woman did not stop mocking him.

“I wanted to come to the garden to see the scenery, but something smells really bad in this garden.

Its making me lose my mood.

Whats wrong with Nightviews security How can they let someone like that into the garden”

Lu Xiaocha glanced at her with her beautiful cat-like eyes and magnified her voice.

“There is a smell…”

“Auntie, did you fart”


Ah Yue quickly stopped himself from laughing, but he couldnt hide the smile in his eyes.

“You… Why are you so rude!”

Lu Xiaocha hummed.

Who was the one with no manners She threw the handful of fish food in her hand into the pond, her voice soft and harmless.

“Of course.

Your mouth is so smelly, but you can still open it without any hesitation.

I didnt even call you out for that.

Why are you saying that Im rude”


When the little girl spoke, her tone and eyes were sincere and innocent, but this also made it the most infuriating.

The womans hands were beginning to shake with anger.


As long as Lu Xiaocha was not at a disadvantage, Ah Yue had no intention of stopping the fight.

After all, that woman was the one who spoke rudely first.


Anyway, Little Xiaocha was the big bosss sister now.

They didnt have to back down!

Seeing that the woman could not out-talk a child, the man beside her felt that embarrassed.

He glowered.

“Whats the fuss Why bother with someone like that Lets go over there and look at the flowers.”

The woman could only glare at Lu Xiaocha and Ah Yue before holding onto the mans arm and leaving.

However, she was still cursing.

Lu Xiaocha shook her head and ignored them, focusing on feeding the fish.

She had fish food in her hand, and the fat koi fish in the pond swam over eagerly.

They raised their head and looked up to the food in her hand.

Lu Xiaocha stroked their big heads with greedy eyes.

Unfortunately, they were not edible.

“Mom and Dad, we want to feed the fish too.”

The atmosphere was originally quite good, but the two childrens loud voices scared the koi away.

“Feed the fish Just look at them.”

The man snapped.

It was not that he did not want to buy fish food for his sons, but the koi here could not be fed but just anyone, and the fish food was not given out easily too.


The man looked at Lu Xiaocha suspiciously.

How did they get fish food

The woman didnt know this.

“Its just feeding some fish.

Hubby, why are you so fierce Just buy them some fish food.”


Do you think anyone can just feed these koi fish”

“Then they…”

The womans gaze fell on Lu Xiaocha.

The mans tone was disdainful.

“They probably got it from an internal employee.


If something happens to one of the fish here, they wont be able to afford it.”


The two children were arguing about feeding the fish.

Lu Xiaocha frowned, pursed her pink lips, and puffed her cheeks unhappily.

These people were so annoying.

She just wanted to watch the fish quietly.

“Hey, give me your fish food.”

In the end, the woman could not argue with the two children.

She walked over to Lu Xiaochas side in her high heels and spoke arrogantly.

To be honest, because of his work, Ah Yue had seen many guests with big personalities.

Women who thought that they were superior to others and spoke a little foolishly were not uncommon.

He didnt understand how anyones IQ and EQ could be so low.

He had a professional smile on his face.

“Sorry, maam.

You have no right to make us hand over anything.”

“Did I talk to you”

Ah Yue said, “I—”

Just then, the two children ran over and punched him.

“We want to feed the fish! We want to feed the fish!”

One of them even went straight to Lu Xiaocha to snatch it.

Whether it was at home or at school, the two of them had always had everything their ways.

Anyway, their parents would help them settle everything.

They didnt care if others were willing or not.

The child was about to push Lu Xiaocha away, but a fair hand grabbed him and stopped him.

“Let me go! Let me go, you filthy woman!”

With his hand held in place, he began to kick.


Lu Xiaocha was not someone who would go along with spoiled brats.

She grabbed the brats arm and threw him into the water.

Without hesitation, she turned around unhappily and grabbed the other child.

With a light swing, he also fell into the water.

Ah Yue was stunned.

The two children in the pool splashed around in the water and called for their parents.

Their cries shook the sky, followed by the sharp cries of the woman.

The man who was on the phone on the other side of the pond also noticed the situation and quickly jumped into the water to scoop up his sons.

The pool was not deep, and the water level only reached the waists of the children when they stood up.

However, because they suddenly fell into the water, they choked on a few mouthfuls of water.

“You little b*tch!”

Seeing that her sons were safe, the woman raised her palm and was about to slap Lu Xiaocha.

Ah Yue grabbed her wrist.

“You and your sons started it.”

“Get lost.

Ill teach her a lesson today!”

The man also walked over aggressively, raising his palm to hit Lu Xiaocha.

Lu Xiaocha easily dodged him.

The man almost fell to the ground due to inertia.

This only made him even angrier, and he raised his palm again.

Ah Yue tried to stop them, but the woman clung on to him.

He was extremely panicked.

At this moment, Lu Xiaochas black eyes stared at the man.

Her tone was soft and innocent.

“You guys started it.”

Then, before either of them could react, they were sent flying.

The two adults weighed more than 150 kilograms altogether, but the weak little girl grabbed their arms and flung them out easily!

Ah Yues eyes widened.


The high arc, the distance…

Security guards and waiters rushed over to the commotion.

“What the f*ck!”

The couple landed at the security guards feet with a thud.


Apart from the couples screams, there was no other sound.

The security guards eyes and mouths were wide open.

They couldnt understand how this had happened.

These were two adults.

How could they just… fly

Ah Yue retracted his wide open jaw and turned his head like a rusty robot to look at a young girl who was puffing out her cheeks and looking a little angry.


Im going to complain to my third brother and forbid them from coming here again.”


Both her expression and tone were like that of an innocent child.

It was completely unimaginable that she was the one who had thrown the two adults out.

Lu Xiaochas black eyes rolled around and landed on the two drenched children.

Previously, they were still arrogant as if the entire world belonged to their parents.

At this moment, they were terrified when they met Lu Xiaochas gaze.

They huddled together and shivered, as if they had seen ghosts and monsters.

“No… dont eat us.


They were scared to tears.

Lu Xiaocha pursed her lips.

“How useless.”

They were frightened to tears just like that.

The security guards came back to their senses and helped the wailing couple to their feet.

“We… were going to sue her!”

The man pointed at Lu Xiaocha angrily.

He was so angry and his body hurt everywhere.

“Who are you going to sue”

The lazy and magnetic voice was ruthless.

Lu Beilin was surrounded by people as he walked over.

The young man was slender and handsome.

He walked with a calm composure and an indescribably noble aura.

The man did not know him, but he could still sense that this person was definitely a young master from a top-notch wealthy family.


Hearing the general manager of the Nightview Club call him boss, the mans eyes widened and his entire body trembled in excitement.

He was… He was the boss of Nightview Someone from the Lu family!



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