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Lu Beilin slept in today as well.

He stretched and walked to the window to open it.

Just as he was about to enjoy the morning sunlight, his gaze landed outside the window.

The little sister that had just returned to them was running outside.

He wondered how long she had been running.

It didnt matter.

What mattered was the man with her!

Lu Beilin was furious when he saw the man.

What was wrong with Fu Ye! Why did he keep coming to the house recently!


He knew that this fellow was secretly trying to lure his sister to his own house every time.

Why was he coveting someone elses sister just because he didnt have one!


Lu Beilin was so angry that his peach blossom eyes narrowed.

He ran downstairs in his slippers.

Coincidentally, Lu Xiaocha had just returned from her morning run.

From afar, he saw Fu Ye walking casually with the little girl.

He said something to the little girl with a smile and rubbed her head with one hand.

Lu Xiaocha slapped his hand away, but he smiled even more happily and continued to stroke her hair shamelessly.

Lu Beilins eyes were burning with anger.

“Fu Ye!”

Both people on the opposite side looked up.

Lu Beilin slapped his hand away.

“What are you doing This is my sister!”

Fu Ye shrugged innocently.

“I know, I know.

I didnt say that shes not your sister.”

“Then why do you come to my house every day, hmmm”

Fu Ye looked down at the young lady beside him and said confidently, “Im here to see my sister.”

Lu Beilin “(▼皿▼#)”


“Who the hell is your sister Explain yourself!”

Fu Ye said, “Brother Beilin, dont look at me like that.

Youre my good brother, so your sister is also my sister.”

Lu Beilins eyes were fierce.

“Who the heck is your brother Get lost!”


Lu Xiaocha watched them for a while.

Seeing that they probably wouldnt stop for a while, she decided to ignore the two of them and leave.

She wanted to take a shower.

After Xiao Xiaocha left, Lu Beilin smiled sinisterly at Fu Ye.

“Ye, we havent sparred with each other for a while, right”

The atmosphere between the two of them suddenly changed.

The smile on Fu Yes face disappeared, and he raised his chin confidently.

“Brother Beilin wants to spar No problem, Ill accompany you.”

“Good! Wait for me to change!”

After changing, Lu Beilin hooked his arm around Fu Yes neck and the two of them walked towards the underground training room.

Not long after, the sound of physical combat could be heard.

Of course, Lu Xiaocha did not know any of this.

After showering and putting on her pajamas, she stood in front of the closet and hesitated for a moment.

In the end, she put on the dress her mother had chosen for her.

It was a pure white knee-length dress with a small elegant bag.

She liked this small bag.

She could put some snacks in it to eat at any time.


Finally, she put on a pair of sandals and was done.

She went out with her hair still wet and immediately saw the two people sitting at opposite ends of the sofa in the hall.

Both of their faces were more or less bruised, and their bodies hurt even more.

Lu Xiaocha tilted her head.

Did Third Brother and Brother Fu Ye fight

The two of them on the sofa were also looking at Lu Xiaocha.

Although she had been back for half a month, Lu Xiaocha had always been wearing sportswear or casual clothes at home.

She had never worn a dress before!

She looked even more beautiful now.

She looked like a doll carved from top-grade suet jade.

She was lustrous and exquisite, and she looked extremely obedient and cute.

My sister is so beautiful! Lu Beilin thought.

Oh no, I want to kidnap her and raise her myself. Fu Ye thought.



Lu Beilin and Fu Ye spoke at the same time.

Lu Beilin turned around and glared at Fu Ye, as if he was saying “Who the hell is your sister!”

Fu Ye pretended not to see and smiled at the girl who came downstairs.

“What happened to you guys”

Lu Xiaocha studied their faces for a few seconds.

Lu Beilin smiled awkwardly.


I accidentally bumped into something.”

Lu Xiaocha was speechless.

Did she look that gullible

Fu Ye hissed and held his shoulder with a pained expression.

“Kid, come over and help me take a look.

I was beaten up.

It hurts.”

When he said that, he kind of sounded like a big aggrieved dog.

Lu Xiaocha walked over with small steps.

F*ck! Scheming dog! Lu Beilin cursed in his heart.

“Did you have a fight with my brother”

Lu Xiaocha looked at his injuries and understood, but she didnt think it was a big deal.

It was normal for boys to fight.

Fu Ye casually rubbed her hair with his fingers.

“Yes, Brother Beilin thinks Im going to take you home with me.”

“Why didnt you blow-dry your hair”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Beilin took out a hairdryer from somewhere and waved at his sister.

“Come here, Xiaocha.

Ill dry your hair.”

Lu Xiaocha nodded and obediently sat down in front of him.

“How troublesome.

I want to cut it.”

Before he began drying, she scooped up her long hair and muttered with a delicate frown.

“Not at all!”

The two of them spoke at the same time.

Lu Beilin touched his sisters soft black hair and quickly said.

“If you dont like to dry it yourself, you can always come and find me.

Ill dry it for you.

I dont find it troublesome at all.”

His sisters hair was so beautiful and soft.

How could it be troublesome

Fu Ye rubbed his nose.

“I can also-”

Lu Beilin interrupted expressionlessly, “You cant!”


Fu Ye was speechless.

Tsk… Why didnt he know that Lu Beilin was so petty! They grew up together, so what was wrong with sharing a sister!

The sound of the hairdryer came.

Lu Xiaocha sat on a small stool with her chin resting on her hand.

Her clear eyes stared at the floor in front of her in boredom.

Her head felt comfortable being rubbed by a gentle hand.

Lu Xiaocha narrowed her eyes slightly.

A grape suddenly appeared in front of her, and it had been carefully peeled.

Without thinking, she opened her mouth and ate it.

Her sharp little chin rested on the palm of her hand.

Her soft cheeks puffed up and bulged when she ate.

Her delicate little nose twitched slightly as she stared eagerly at the person, or rather, the grape in front of her.


Fu Ye had run in front of her and found a small stool to sit on.

He held a grape in his hand and peeled it before feeding it to the little girl.

Lu Xiaocha was especially satisfied.

Her mouth was filled with the fragrance of grapes.

“Call me Brother.”

When he fed her again, he made a request.

Lu Beilin, who was drying his sisters hair, almost threw the hairdryer at the guys face.


“Brother Fu Ye.”

Lu Xiaocha was very straightforward.

“Aye, good girl!”

Fu Ye responded with a smile and fed her the grape in his hand.

It was obvious that he had fed the kid many times.

Lu Beilin cursed at Fu Ye in his heart.

He gritted his teeth and really wanted to tear him apart.

But who was Fu Ye He had been the overlord of the military compound ever since he was young.

Who was he afraid of

Therefore, not only was he calm and composed when facing Lu Beilins glare, he even provoked him annoyingly.


Youre done for! Lu Beilin thought.


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