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The mother and daughter obviously did not expect Lu Xiaocha to dare to speak to them like this.

The girl was so angry that her face turned green.

The woman gave a mocking sneer and said to her arrogantly, “How dare you speak to us like that.

Indeed, lowly people like you have no manners.


Lu Xiaocha rolled her eyes.

Who was the one with no manners


Liu, how may I help you”

“Whats wrong with your shop Why can anyone enter Arent you afraid of lowering your standards Moreover, shes such a poor and uneducated person! How can we buy clothes if they dirty them”

The salesperson broke out in a cold sweat.

“Well … Mrs.

Liu, this is our guest, too.”

“What guest!”

Another florid saleswoman came and pushed her away, smiling obsequiously at the mother and daughter.

“Im sorry, Mrs.


This is our mistake.

Youre right.

Its obvious that such a person cant afford the clothes in our shop.

Ill chase her out now.”


As she spoke, she walked to Lu Xiaochas side.

The expression on her face was completely different from when she faced the woman and her daughter.

She looked down at Lu Xiaocha with disdain and disgust on her face.

“Hey, get out of here.”

Not far away, the mother and daughter were gloating.

Lu Xiaocha retreated slightly and looked at her.

She had wanted to attack directly.

That was her usual style, but she remembered what Ah Yue had always told her.


“This is a society ruled by law.

Its against the law to beat someone up, and even more so to kill someone.

So, Xiaocha, you have to control yourself…”


Lu Xiaocha gave up on the idea of beating her up.

It was better not to cause trouble for the Lu family for the time being.

She was afraid that this woman would be hospitalized if she punched her.

“Are you sure you want to chase me away” Lu Xiaochas clear eyes looked at the salesperson innocently and tilted her head.

The woman snickered.

“Yes, I told you to leave.”

Lu Xiaocha took a deep breath.

“Daddy, Mommy, Big Brother! Someone is bullying me!”


Her voice was quite loud.

Her mother, who was choosing a dress for her in another area, and her father, who was in the rest area, heard her.

Immediately, their expressions changed.

They quickly put down what they were holding and rushed towards the sound.

The saleswomans eyes were vicious.

She reached out her long-nailed hand to grab Lu Xiaocha.

“Today, even if you call the heavens, they wont be able to save you.

Get out of here! Youre not welcome here!”

“Who are you telling to get out!”

A cold and oppressive voice came from behind the saleswoman.

Lu Xiaocha nimbly dodged her hand and ran behind her.

Her soft hands grabbed her fathers big palm and complained righteously.

“She said she wanted to kick me out and that I didnt deserve to shop here.”

This kind of bullying felt really good, hehe… Lu Xiaocha thought.


The saleswoman turned around and faced the tall man who was emitting a dark and cold aura.

He looked at her with a murderous gaze.

The saleswoman was stunned.

She was almost suffocated by the powerful pressure.

Lu Beichen walked to his sisters side and stared at the saleswoman coldly.

“What did you want to do just now”


When she saw Lu Beichens face, her pupils constricted.

Then, she looked at the clothes of the father and son.

They were both custom-made.

Her vision went black.

There was only one thought in her mind. Im finished.


A crisp slap sounded.

The salespersons face had been slapped sideways.


“Are you the one whos bullying my daughter”

The elegant Pei Anran instantly turned into a vicious woman.

She had a strong aura around her.

Lu Xiaocha looked at the three people standing in front of her and blinked.

She thought to herself that they were indeed villains.

In the eyes of those who did not understand the situation, their family would definitely be the villains.

But … she liked it!

“I, no … no …”

The saleswoman wanted to defend herself.

At that moment, she knew she was kicking an iron plate.

The store manager ran over with a head full of cold sweat.


and Mrs.

Lu, Im sorry.

Its our shops mistake.

Quickly apologize to Miss.


The store manager glared at the saleswoman with stern and fierce eyes.

This troublesome fellow!

The saleswoman was indignant.

It wasnt her fault the little b*tch had come in dressed like that.

And if it wasnt for the mother and daughter…


She immediately pointed at the mother and daughter who wanted to leave quietly without anyone noticing.

“It was them.

They wanted me to drive her away!”

Her voice was sharper and higher than ever.

Pei Anran and Lu Zhan instantly turned their heads and looked at the mother and daughter with terrifying ferocity in their eyes.

In an instant, the mother and daughter, who had wanted to leave quietly, seemed to have been frozen.

The woman glared at the saleswoman.

Then her head broke out in a cold sweat and she forced a sheepish smile.

“It… Its Mrs.


Its a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding…”

She swallowed.

Everyone in Mrs.

Lus circle knew that she was extremely domineering and vengeful.

Anyone who dared to provoke her would definitely not have a good ending.

Even if other noble ladies were filthy, they would only mock and argue with each other.

However, she, Pei Anran, could completely disregard her elegance as a noble lady and fight with others.

Moreover, she was especially good at fighting!


The smile on the womans face was uglier than if she were crying.

Who would have thought that the girl dressed in cheap clothes was actually the daughter of the Lu family


Although she had never seen this young master of the Lu family before, but now that he was standing beside that girl, no one would believe that they were not related by blood.

“We also… didnt know that she was your daughter.”

Pei Anran walked over in her high heels and poked her shoulder with her finger, causing Mrs.

Liu to stagger back.

Both her eyes and actions were full of contempt.

Even if they were not strong, her actions were extremely insulting.

“Even if shes an ordinary girl, is it ok for you to act superior and chase her out Who gave you the right to do that Our country is already reformed, do you still think youre the Empress Dowager Who do you think you are!”


The woman trembled with anger.

The young girl, who had been arrogant because of her mother, was also terrified at this moment.

However, after being insulted like that, she felt her face burning.

“You cant blame us when shes dressed like that!”


As she spoke, she started crying aggrievedly, as if they were not the ones who had bullied Lu Xiaocha just now.

Lu Xiaocha stuck out her head from behind her father and pouted.

“Why do you care about what Im wearing Its none of your damn business!”


That last sentence was clearly coarse language, but it sounded strangely cute when she said it.

This was probably what people meant when they said that good-looking people would be beautified no matter what they did.



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