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 Ch.34 Part 1 – Cheeky Fox (I)

 August 27, 2020August 14, 2021By koffeam

Meng Qi calmly looked at Su Junmo.

since she couldn’t hide her name from this fox, might as well admit it blatantly: “We don’t seem to be familiar.”

“What do you mean” Su Junmo was lost.

“My name is Meng Qi.

But we are not familiar enough for you to call me… Xiao Qi” Meng Qi repeated.



So your name is Meng Qi! Meng Qi Wait! Meng Qi!!!” Su Junmo suddenly raised his voice and looked at Meng Qi in surprise: “Are you Meng Qi Eastern Realm, Qingfeng Valley, Meng Qi! Hmm… A cultivator at the Qi Condensation stage! It is really Qi Condensation!”

A little speechless, Meng Qi looked at Su Junmo and nodded: “Yes, that’s me.”

She didn’t know the countless thoughts that were rapidly turning in the man’s mind.

Su Junmo looked at Meng Qi silently, a Qi Condensation cultivator, why did the Lord ask him to find her In Three Thousand Worlds, that was simply an ant-like existence! And her small sect, Qingfeng Valley, was probably no different.

Among countless sects that existed in this realm, it was entirely out of rank.

Find Find her for what!

Su Junmo looked at Meng Qi carefully.

Everything was evident at one glance, what else did he need to see A cultivator at the peak Qi Condensation stage, even when she breakthrough, it was still a Foundation Establishment.

And…her medical cultivation actually better.

Second rank Or probably third But still not enough, ah.

Array…right, her array! The one carved on the silver medical knife in her hand!

Su Junmo didn’t specialize in the study of the array, but he had followed his Lord for a long time and saw a lot.

Coupled with the years he spent traveling all around the Three Thousand Worlds, he had seen plenty of arrays used by countless cultivators.

He could tell at a glance that the array used by Meng Qi was quite different from the typical arrays used by human cultivators in Three Thousand Worlds.

It seemed to be more similar to the ones used by Celestial Demon, especially the Celestial Demon’s White Tiger clan.


Su Junmo’s mind moved fast, and the expression on his face turned into unbelief.

Who is this girl

Lord, he has never paid attention to a member of the opposite gender!

Many demon cultivators coveted the Lord for his beauty, for his power.

Countless women took the initiative to throw themselves into his arms.

However, the Lord never spared a glance.

So who is this girl

Su Junmo looked at Meng Qi up and down.

Her appearance was good enough.

Although her expression was a bit cold, some people liked passionate and unrestrained types, while others liked the cold and aloof ones.

“They…” Meng Qi turned her head and looked at Su Junmo, who was blatantly staring at herself, “Are you going to let them like that”

Sikong Yan and the red fox women were lying on the ground, wrapped in green vines.

Fresh blood was mixed the fallen leaves and dirt on the ground, and all of them looked dirty in a sorry condition.

“Oh, I almost forgot.” Su Junmo turned around and raised his hand to use a spell.

The air seemed to be torn apart by him, revealing a dark, cold crack.

“Go back!” With a wave of Su Junmo’s sleeve, he rolled up Sikong Yan and the others and threw them into the crack.

“Huh-” Su Junmo exhaled a long breath, then turned to look at Meng Qi again, asking directly: “So, you are that Xiao Qi”

He met Meng Qi twice in Beyond The Heaven.

The first time was when she was with Xue Jinwen, who submitted the Beiming pill sent for auction that day.

Xue Jinwen didn’t tell him that Xiao Qi was the medical cultivator who refined the Beiming pill, and Su Junmo also didn’t ask.

But those Beiming pills were all the second realm.

Would a fifth or sixth rank medical cultivator refine a second realm, low-grade medicine However, if she was actually still in the Qi Condensation stage, it was natural for her to refine second realm Beiming pills!

So is it her Is it really her That Xiao Qi!

With a bottle of the second realm Beiming pill, she single-handedly shook the entire Profound Auction House, letting the people from big medical sects squat for days, all just to find this mysterious medical cultivator!

It’s her!

No wonder the Lord asked him to help raise the price on the auction day…huh Later, didn’t this girl also try to follow the Lord Then the Lord asked him to find Meng Qi of the Qingfeng Valley in the Eastern Realm… Su Junmo suddenly wanted to clasp! His brain made up a lot of conjecture, but he tried his best to hold his mouth shut.

Meng Qi, Chu Tianfeng, and Qin Xiumo all looked at him inexplicably.

Su Junmo stared at the silver medical knife that was still in Meng Qi’s hand, then at the circle of the arrays on the ground.

He got it! If this girl is the Xiao Qi who refined the Beiming Pill, then everything makes sense!



Remember the auction chapters Where people were clamoring about second grade Beiming pill The raw for those chapters obviously stated 品, which I translate as ‘grade,’ but in this chapter it changed to 境 or ‘realm’ instead.

Looking back, actually ‘second realm Beiming pill’ is the term that makes sense the most.

Skills and medicines are divided by grades and its strength determined by its user’s proficiency, or ‘realm.’ Meng Qi specializes in using low-grade spell and medicine but training them until a very high realm.

I’ve edited the previous chapters, so the mistaken ‘grade’ has been properly changed to ‘realm’!


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