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Chapter 949: Pathfinder Xia Fei

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Pathfinder, the stormtrooper of the operation.

This was someone who would always venture ahead of the army, fording rivers and clearing out mountains!

Xia Fei had no clue that he was serving as the pathfinder for the Skywing Clan right now! He was making his way toward the Dark Lifeform territory, while three Superior Law Gods from the Skywing Clan were quietly assisting him in the dark!

Such a squad was fairly frightening.

Xia Fei was not a Law God, but he possessed the fighting strength of one.

Meanwhile, the three mysterious powerhouses behind him each possessed a speed that cracked the ten-million-meter-per-second barrier! They had the power to insta-kill a Law God whenever they desired!

Hawkeye, the back garden of the Dark lifeforms, was a dozen or so planets thriving with life, all in the formation of an eye.

The views afforded were wondrous, with bountiful lands.

The many previous kings of the Dark lifeforms normally visited this place for vacation, spending their leisure time there.

Law God Xex Sin had once found his way into this back garden of the Dark lifeforms, and now, Xia Fei was tracing this path that man had taken all those years back.

It was too bad that Xex Sin did not bump into any enemies here, while Xia Fei had been surrounded by an entire company of Dark warriors the moment he appeared here.


A Dark lifeform warship got destroyed by Furballs energy beam as even more warships began scattering in all directions.

Xia Fei was very unlucky, encountering a fleet of warships the moment he entered Hawkeye.

These warships were just about to leave this beautiful place.

Had Xia Fei arrived just five minutes later, his infiltration operation would have successfully been done without causing much confrontation.

“Weve been discovered! These warships mustve already sent a signal back.

Now, Im afraid that all the Dark lifeforms have gotten news of you sneaking into the Hawkeye.

I expect that even more enemies will arrive and surround Hawkeye in no time!” Radix said with a severe expression on his face.

Xia Fei gritted his teeth and heaved a sigh.

“It cant be helped that they found me.

Since thats the case, all I can do is slaughter them all! Lets finish off the enemies here first before we discuss things further!”


The killing began! Though there were quite a number of the warships around, their combat strength was not particularly high, so a good half of them were quickly dispatched by Xia Fei with Furball and Peacock Blue.

“Lets leave as soon as possible, the number of enemies were facing is increasing,” Radix anxiously suggested.

Xia Fei chuckled.

“Thats where youre right.

There are only two situations where we have the advantage: Secret infiltration and alerting the enemy through rash actions.

Since weve failed to infiltrate without raising any alarms, the only choice I have left is to get all the Dark Lifeforms feeling tense!”

Radix instantly understood what Xia Fei meant.

His mission was to test the Dark Lifeforms, snatching away the Immemorial Mystical Armaments that they had taken in their possession.

While secretly sneaking in would be very beneficial to his mission, he could similarly achieve some very good results if he alerted the enemy of his presence, too.

After all, the Dark lifeform territory was vast; it was impossible for them to defend it without enough manpower.

Xia Fei starting a calamitous fight nearby Hawkeye was bound to make the Dark Lifeform tense and vigilant!

Amassing force repeatedly would gradually wear the warriors down, so defending the territory as a whole was undesirable.

In just a handful of days, these Dark warriors would all feeling tired from it, and with how Xia Fei had his superspeed, no one would be able to guess where he might strike next.

The more strictly they guarded, the more flaws they would expose! It was essentially the logic behind how things would develop in the reverse in extreme cases!

Furball unleashed a shocking attack once more, and a small Dark lifeform warship got destroyed.

Xia Fei realized through his observation that these warships seemed to be protecting the largest ship in the middle, flying around it, not willing to retreat.

“Take out the largest warship!” Xia Fei pointed and gave his order.


Furball heeded the order and spat out an energy beam.

Just as the beam was right in front of that warship, a black shadow suddenly flew out from inside the warship.

Xia Fei saw as this individual quickly gathered the Law of Darkness force, instantly shooting out a black beam that was comparable to Furballs energy attack!


Furballs white energy beam collided with that Dark warriors black beam, and the ensuing explosion blanketed the sea of stars in a wash of black and white! This Dark warrior had actually matched the strength of Furball!

“There are six stars on his war armor; he must be a Tier 6 warrior, meaning that he has a Law God cultivation!” Radixs eyes shone as he shouted this.


Xia Fei accelerated, dashing over at four million meters per second!

According to the information on the Dark Night Diary, a Tier 6 Dark warrior was already an apex existence among the Dark lifeforms, so this warship having such a high tier warrior defending the ship just showed how special it was.

To Xia Fei who was in a hurry to create as much bedlam within the Dark lifeforms ranks as possible, this was a grand opportunity!

As long as he could slay some mighty existence among the Dark lifeforms, it would definitely create significant pandemonium, and this chaos among the enemies was the chance Xia Fei wanted!

His speed was so stunningly fast that, by the time this Tier 6 Dark warrior noticed him, it was already too late!

Furballs attack was a continuous beam, and to deal with Xia Fei, the Dark warrior must deflect it.

Unfortunately, Furball was not about to let him do that.

This caused the Dark warrior to be left between a rock and a hard place; he needed to defend against Furballs attacks, but Xia Feis assault could not be neglected, either!


The Dark warrior had thought of a compromise.

He used his left hand and got ready to attack Xia Fei from afar while he continued to use his right hand to block Furballs energy beam!

Unfortunately for him, this was a huge miscalculation! Just when he spread open his left hand, Furball increased the intensity of his attack! It turned out that he had not been using his full strength before!

The color on that Tier 6 Dark warriors face drained.

He could no longer defend against Furballs attacks, and Xia Fei had already reached him at this time, too!



The energy beam and Xia Feis Nirvana struck that Dark warrior at the same time.

The next second, this warrior who was around the same strength of a Law God exploded! It had been turned into viscera from the combined attack from Xia Fei and Furball!

“Stop!” Xia Fei threw his arm out and halted Furball from his second attack.

With two clenched fists, Xia Fei approached that largest warship, and with his punches, he delivered a blow right onto its hull, cracking open a huge hole on it before diving right in!

The interior of the warship had warriors of other tier aside from that Tier 6 Dark warrior outside.

Unfortunately, none of them was a match to Xia Fei, Peacock Blue, and Nirvana, the three decimating the denizens everywhere.

Xia Fei used his superspeed to purge every lifeform on this warship rapidly!


A thick and heavy metal door got torn open by Peacock Blue.

This room was evidently a lot more lavishly furnished than the others.

A fat-headed, big-eared elder received a fright, abruptly hugging the women around him tightly as he trembled vigorously.

From his features and his figure, this person did not look any different from the average sapient lifeform.

The only difference was he had completely black eyes and more slender fingers, with his digits almost twenty centimeters long.

“Ha! Looks like weve caught ourselves a whale.

See how exquisitely dressed and well-fed he looks, the very epitome of being pampered.” Radix laughed when he saw this scene.

Xia Fei did a slight nod and said, “Since hes a whale, lets capture him first!”


Xia Fei picked up that fatty in one unbelievable motion before he proceeded to toss him in a life support pod, which he put in his spatial ring.

A swing of his blade and those servants and warriors accompanying the fatty were slaughtered by Xia Fei!

“Dragged blade style!”

Xia Fei used his Immemorial Mystical Armament like a blade and dragged it along the ships interior as he zoomed out!


That huge warship burst from within in one massive explosion.

Even those smaller warships around were caught in the blast, colliding with one another.

Standing amid the stars, Xia Fei gave one last look at the messy battlefield and said gruffly, “Lets leave!”

Appearing and leaving without a trace, Xia Fei had lain waste to the back garden of the Dark lifeforms and quickly ridden away on The Gemini.

The three Superior Law Gods of Skywings had naturally witnessed this scene of destruction.

In truth, the three of them had already arrived at the periphery of the battlefield, around the tail end of the fight, and had just refrained from join in.

The three Law Gods, Xia Jing, Xia Hong, and Xia Helin, stood in a row, watching The Geminis thruster blasting off.

“Well done, Xia Fei! Failing to sneak in, you instead chose to force the Dark lifeforms to take a strong defensive stance.

This way, wherever they reinforce their defense the strongest will also be the most critical locations.

Theres no need for Xia Fei to do it himself; the enemies will automatically reveal their own weak points to him this way!” The left-handed Xia Jing mused loudly.

Xia Helin thought otherwise.

“As the pathfinder that our grand ancestor handpicked for this mission, its only natural for him to have his ways.

Still, at this rate, the mission that the three of us are on will become greater.

After all, the founders have a relationship with the Dark lifeforms, and Xia Fei stirring up trouble will surely have not just the Dark lifeforms but also the lackeys of the founders seeking him.”

Xia Jing was unfazed.

“Whats there to be afraid of! Weve been demonstrating forbearance for so many years; havent we been waiting for a day like this to come Someone among the thirteen founders of the Law Realm is surely our enemy! As long as Xia Fei can draw the enemy out, then who cares what method he uses We just have to stick to him!”

Xia Fei had no idea that his pathfinding mission was not solely to locate the Immemorial Mystical Armaments in the Dark lifeform territory.

The Skywing Clan had long since had their weapons pointed at the founders, and Xia Fei was the vanguard to lure them out!

Given how the thirteen founders had shared in the creation of the Law Realm, it was Skywing Patriarch Xia Guchengs belief that at least one among the thirteen was secretly targeting the Skywings! Right now, the strength of the Demon-sealing Fiendish Blade, which they had been accumulating for a very long time, would be unleashed.

As long as Xia Fei could draw out this foe of theirs, who had been working in the shadows, what would be guaranteed was an absolutely brutal counterattack!

It was around this time when Xia Hong, who had been observing the White Flamingo from the side, rumbled, “The Dark lifeforms have already received news; that being Xia Fei has just captured is nephew of the Dark King Wendar, Wensar.”

Xia Jing and Xia Helin were somewhat surprised, but Xia Jing soon laughed.

“Wel well well… Looks like the Dark lifeforms have to react even if they dont wish to do so.

Wensar isnt just a nephew of Wendar; hes even one of the army advisors from behind the scenes, with an extraordinary status.”

Xia Hong nodded.

“The bigger a mess this matter becomes, the better.

Xia Feis method might be somewhat extreme, but its most beneficial to us.

Hes a Godwing of our clan, who already sprouted a Fiendish Wing while still a level 1 Law Sage.

Theres no way those people hell-bent on restricting us will let Xia Fei remain alive any longer.”

Xia Jing chuckled.

“Hes not just alive and well; Xia Fei is even stirring up nonsense! The greater this disarray, the more likely this perpetrator will personally show up.

When that time comes, we can conclusively find out just which of the founders wants to make an enemy out of the Skywings!”

The three Law Gods were getting more excited as they spoke, eagerness shining in their eyes!

Using Xia Feis unique ability of causing trouble to lure the founder out before they annihilated this person! No doubt that this was a crazy plan! The fiendish blade was most likely the only one in the entire Law Realm that dared to point their weapons at one of the Thirteen Founders despite their unfathomable cultivation!

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