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Chapter 839: Law of Illumination

In the isolated Secluded Springs, no one had any clue about Xia Fei.

This was what he could use to his advantage!

Instakilling without any hesitation!


The Blood Crystals dark red blade flashed as Xia Fei used his speed of over four hundred thousand meters per second to close in on Secluded Mess and drive the Blood Crystal into the latters chest!

From throwing Secluded Well out as bait to that fatal blow, Xia Fei had executed everything in a breaths time; in fact, not even 0.5 seconds had passed! It was done at a lightning-fast speed!

From the sidelines, even Super Law Overlord Secluded Hunt and all his cultivation was helpless to stop this from happening.

His figure whizzed by and he thrust a single palm right at Xia Feis waist.

A layer of thin white luster, which was extremely sharp, covered Secluded Hunts palm.

It was a derivation of the Law of Space! Spatial Fracture!

The Law of Spatial Fracture was different from spatial tears.

The space where this law power was exerted cracked like a broken glass and rapidly spread, creating an irregular line on a radius of several dozen miles.

Anything that came into contact with this line of fracture got injured by it!

“What a tyrannical linear attack!” Xia Fei was slightly stunned, and he abruptly applied strength to his arm!

The Blood Crystals blade split into three, taking the shape of a trident.

The blood essence in Secluded Messs body had already been devoured by the dagger, turning very weak, so how could it withstand being dragged by Xia Fei forcefully! Xia Feis burst of strength had instantly cut Law Overlord Secluded Mess into half!

Law Overlord Secluded Mess was definitely dead now!


While Xia Feis left arm was finishing off Secluded Mess, his right arm had not stayed idle.

He caught hold of Secluded Well in mid-air and positioned the Wood Sprite before him, right in the path of that spatial fracture that Super Law Overlord Secluded Hunt had unleashed!

When experts clashed, they feared having reservations the most; since Clairvoyant Secluded Well happened to be what the two Law Overlords had misgivings over, there was no reason for Xia Fei not to exploit this further!


Xia Fei pushed forward, moving Secluded Well in the direction of that fatal spatial fracture, essentially pushing him toward deaths doors!

Super Law Overlord Secluded Hunt cursed at Xia Feis craftiness there and then, for having actually used his old friend Secluded Mess as a meatshield!

First, it was Secluded Mess whom Xia Fei had successfully solved, all because the former had underestimated him and exposed a moments hesitation, costing Secluded Mess his life.

Now, Xia Fei was attempting to use the same method to deal with him!

Detestable! Absolutely detestable!

Though he was seething with rage, Secluded Hunt truly did not wish to harm Secluded Well.

This was because the Lord Clairvoyant was not just a good friend of his but also a close confidant of Law Sage Secludeless! If Secludeless ever learned that he was the one who had harmed Secluded Well, given the Law Sages short-temper, hell would certainly await him.

With a twist of his wrist, Secluded Hunt forcibly took back the lethal Spatial Fracture!


The fracture line turned away just as it came into contact with Secluded Wells body, cutting a gap on the war armor of Secluded Well.

It was a really close shave! Just a millimeter more and the clairvoyant would have been killed off!

‘Thats what I thought! Youre all afraid of harming Secluded Well! Xia Fei cried in his mind, energized after learning this.

Taking ones life while they were handicapped!

Xia Fei could tell that Secluded Hunts fear of injuring Secluded Well could be further exploited, so with a forceful stomp of his feet, he did not retreat but raised Secluded Well like a shield and went pouncing on Secluded Hunt with the Blood Crystal, instead!

The tip of the blade coiled around Secluded Well like an artful snake, striking Secluded Hunts chest diagonally.

Meanwhile, Secluded Hunt was like a rocket that had lifted himself into the air!

In a series of dazzling motions, both Xia Fei and Secluded Hunt demonstrated their true strength amid all the dodging!

The attack from Xia Fei was amazing, but so was the skill Secluded Hunt possessed to dodge this blow!


Having to raise Secluded Well ultimately slowed Xia Feis movement.

He did not successfully in connecting this one blow, and Secluded Hunt deftly avoided it, but that was not the end of the assault! A single white light came hurtling at great speed like a bolt of lightning while cutting an oblique path from afar! It came streaking across the sky like a comet!

This was the opportunity Furball had been waiting for!

Secluded Hunt could not make out what was coming for him, so he of course did not neglect it.

Crossing his two arms over his chest, Secluded Hunt attempted to block this one fatal collision coming from Furball!


A loud explosion sounded as Furball and Secluded Hunt collided.

The two of them rebounded off each other, now flying in the reverse direction of their collision!


Secluded Hunt was indubitably someone with a Super Law Overlord cultivation, for he had actually managed to block the kamikaze collision that Furball had attempted! However, this accelerated impact from Furball was simply too brutal that Secluded Hunt found himself being pushed back by more than a hundred meters.

The battle was intense! Xia Fei and Secluded Hunt eyed each other as they stood more than a hundred meters apart.

This round ended in a tie!

Holy Beast Shatterstar stood erect on Xia Feis shoulder, while Secluded Hunt glared daggers at the human.

Immortal Mystical Armament Peacock Blue had slowly submerged itself underground once more, hiding deviously from plain sight.

There was also that vampiric dagger, the Blood Crystal, which was actually supremely wild and abnormal while looking unassuming!

Super Law Overlord Secluded Hunt furrowed his brows.

At this moment, he completely understood that this seemingly normal human standing before him was not some trashy fish rather a crazy superspeed expert with the strength to instakill Law Overlords and even force back a Super Law Overlord!

Xia Fei held with one hand Secluded Well, who was foaming in his mouth.

This elderly Wood Sprite, who had no martial arts prowess to speak of, was about to pass out from being used as a meatshield by Xia Fei.

Oro eyed the tragic sight of Secluded Well before looking at Xia Fei and yelling, “What are you going to do if Secluded Well gets injured This old sprite hasnt even told us about the Ark yet!”

“Shut up!” Xia Fei shouted with much savagery that Oro was left dumbfounded.

Xia Fei hated being backseated while in a fight, and he made no exception to this even for Oro, the emperor of the Lionhearts!

He should have considered the fact that Xia Fei had been surrounded by two Law Overlords moments ago.

How could he bother concerning himself with Secluded Wells wellbeing

At the moment, he had no choice but to be unscrupulous in order to ensure his survival!

“What speed! Are you a Skywing” Secluded Hunt wagged his finger as he furiously asked Xia Fei.

Xia Fei smiled.

“Its none of your business whether I am one or not.

Im looking for your clairvoyant merely to ask him a few words, so youd better not make any reckless move if you dont want him dead, or else… Hmph!”

Secluded Hunt froze.

It was apparent that Xia Fei was not boasting.

Given his actions and methods, he could most definitely make Secluded Well experience a fate worse than death, and this was not a situation Secluded Hunt wanted to see.

“Skywings are troublesome.

Secluded Well remains and Ill let you leave,” Secluded Hunt said with a frown.

Everyone would have a headache when mentioning the Demon-sealing Fiendish Blade of the God Race, and Super Law Overlord Secluded Hunt was no exception.

However, Xia Fei was surprised, for a flash of delight had appeared in his eyes when Secluded Hunt said these words.

Something was not right, not right at all!


Sans hesitating in the least bit, Xia Fei grabbed hold of Secluded Well and sprinted off with him!

However, just as his feet left the ground, a white flash, bright enough to light up an entire planet, suddenly shone.

At the same time, Secluded Hunt had used an instantaneous movement technique to leave the battlefield!

As if someone had turned on a flash, and the intense light swiftly passed through! Those strange plants in its path were all burned to crisp, the ground charred, and the river dried up!

It was a flash of blinding light that destroyed everything!

“Thats the Law of Illumination! Law Sage Secludeless has arrived! Time to flee!” Oro bellowed at the top of his lungs.

It turned out that the Law Sage Secludeless was nearby!

Because he was afraid of injuring Secluded Well, he had not made his move.

It was also unknown just what reason caused Secludeless to change his mind suddenly, informing Secluded Hunt to back off while also dealing a lethal attack on Xia Fei!

Though Xia Fei had beaten a hasty retreat at high speed after sensing danger ahead of time, his speed was still incomparable to that of the speed of light.

As such, if he failed to get away in time, he would be enveloped in that ruinous light in a matter of seconds! Meanwhile, the Law of Illumination exuded burning heat that even the elite war armor, Monohorn Ogre, had problems resisting!


Furball went crashing to the left, blowing up a huge side passage, while Peacock Blue subsequently began spinning wildly, trying to dig a path out to the side as if it were an excavation drill.

Xia Fei darted right into this newly dug passage.

The unique characteristic of light was its linear attack.

While Xia Fei could not compete with it in terms of raw speed, he could take evasive movement to the side.


However, when Xia Fei entered the newly passageway, that scary light followed him inside!

Secluded Springs originally had many long channels filled with strange plants, their height and width over a hundred meters both ways, but Secludelesss Law of Illumination passed through them all, increasing the size of the channel one time over!

It was an insane attack!

The Law of Illumination sounded very holy, but it was anything but in reality.

Every law power existed solely for the sake of taking lives, and the Law of Illumination was not any different!

To make matters worse, it was as if Law Sage Secludeless had abruptly gone insane.

He no longer cared about Secluded Well dying to such large AoE attacks and seemed to think that killing Xia Fei trumped preserving Secluded Wells life!

It must be mentioned that the Law of Illumination contained the power to manipulate light, and Xia Feis speed was undoubtedly slower than light.

Xia Fei was really in big trouble this time since Secludeless seemed to have steeled his heart and wanted Xia Fei dead more than anything else!

“Break for me!”

Xia Fei had no time to think about this.

The situation was dire, and the only thing he could do now was to get as far away from this Law Sage and his Law of Illumination as possible! There was no way he could deal with an enemy at the Law Sage stage!


Peacock Blue and Furball were both very busy, doing their utmost to dig out passage after passage.

They had to dig in an oblique path, or else the Law of Illuminations linear attack would make it impossible for them to outrun the light attacks from Secludeless no matter how long these passages ended up being!

“SKYWINGS! D*MN SKYWINGS!” Xia Fei heard this extortion behind him as it was as loud as a thunderclap.

Xia Fei had not seen this Law Sage Secludeless, but he could already hear his voice, and the rage contained in his voice.

Oro paled as he told Xia Fei, “Oh, no! Secludeless holds a grudge against your clan!”

Xia Fei was unfazed.

As a member of the God Races Demon-sealing Fiendish Blade, the Skywings had garnered plenty of enemies and animosity from others with every achievement they attained in battle.

In the past, the Skywings reputation had helped Xia Fei aplenty, but this time, it had done the exact opposite.

After learning that Xia Fei was a Skywing, Secludeless no longer held any scruples, wanting Xia Fei dead even at the cost of killing his close friend.

This went to show just how deep the hatred he harbored against the Skywing Clan.


The front burst into fragments, as Peacock Blue dug out another passage for Xia Fei to dive into.


Xia Fei accelerated once more! He was now moving at a speed close to five hundred thousand meters per second!

Peacock Blue was trailing behind Xia Fei, the thousand-meter-long grass blades dancing wildly, sealing up the path behind Xia Fei! It caused a great collapse in the passage behind them!

Xia Fei knew very well that sealing the passageway was only enough to stall for time a little.

He needed to find a solution to get out of danger completely.

After all, this was a Law Sage he was going up against! The difference in their levels was simply too great!

This was when a puzzled voice belonging to the old demon lord echoed in his ears.

“Thats strange… Why is this a one-way passage”

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