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Chapter 1471 Insta-Kill

Ma Gaolong, with the nickname of Mad King Ma, had not expected that there would be someone who would dare raise a hand against him in such a place.

What he found even more unexpected was that the one attacking him possessed the most unreasonable special ability: Speed!

A speed of 500 m/s!

It only took a tenth of a second for Xia Fan to charge from where he was originally standing to Ma Gaolongs side.

In such a short span of time, even if Ma Gaolong was an extremely experienced warrior, regardless of how high-ranked he was, all he could do in that time was free his hands and block with his arms up, adopting a standard defensive posture.

Nevertheless, when faced with a speedster, a standard defensive posture was far from enough.

Borrowing the advantage of momentum, Xia Fans first punch landed squarely on Ma Gaolongs arm, the force from his blow making Ma Gaolongs arm go numb as his entire body shuddered from the impact, forcing him to take several steps back quickly.


Unfortunately, what was frightening about speedsters was not their first strike, but that someone like Xia Fan could pull off dozens of actions in a single second! The moment his attack began, it would not just be one, but a series of crazy combo punches!

Xia Fan lowered his hand and deftly grabbed Ma Gaolongs right arm, twisting it backward in the wrong direction.

Immediately, Ma Gaolong struck with his left arm at Xia Fans neck.

Tragically, the small machete in Ma Gaolongs hand was presently stabbed right through his own throat!

Ma Gaolong went flying unexpectedly.

At the same time, a huge amount of blood spurted from his neck.

By the time he collapsed to the floor, his eyes had already rolled up and blood was gushing freely from his severed arteries.

What did it mean to be unreasonable This was it!

It was said that Mad King Ma was a big name in the Outer Frontier, and definitely not someone who could be easily dealt with.

But Xia Fan and his speed was so great that Ma could not even demonstrate the special ability that had made him so notorious, Enrage!

The Enrage special ability allowed Ma Gaolong to transform from a human into a crazy but furious beast, but the unreasonable speed of his death meant that Ma Gaolong was not even given an opportunity to activate it!

His underlings instantly felt a chill that ran deep into their bones.

Their boss, the Mad King Ma who ranked among the top three pirates of the Outer Frontier, had actually been slaughtered in such direct fashion.

Like a wild dog whose throat had been cut, he did not even last a single exchange against Xia Fan.


No matter how powerful or how terrifying a name they had made for themselves, none of that mattered in front of Xia Fan!

The entire barracks had gone silent.

Everyone was afraid that they would be the next one killed.

None of Ma Gaolongs underlings even dared to touch their own boss corpse.

Xia Fan heard the sound of people outside the barracks rushing in.

Through the monitoring cameras, the people from Murder Shrine had already learned of how Xia Fan had moved to kill Ma Gaolong!

But Xia Fan was not in the least bit panicked.

He swept a cold gaze around him, and did not say a word.

“What are you all waiting for Apprehend him!” the furious Murder Shrine warriors yelled after they entered the barracks.

“What did you say! Someone actually killed Ma Gaolong!”

“How did he die Ma Gaolong was an Advanced Star Domain ranked ability user, with the Enrage ability.

Hes notorious throughout the region! Who actually managed to kill him!”

Anyo was instantly rocked by indescribable shock the moment he heard Griffins report.

He simply could not imagine that one of the three top pirate kings of the Outer Frontier would actually die like that.

Griffin chuckled bitterly, scratching his chin to say, “The person who killed Ma Gaolong is someone I brought in.

Hes a man from Deserted River, whose special ability is Speed.

Originally, I was still hoping to ask for some credit from you, but I did not expect that the moment I settled Yu Fan in, something like this would happen!”

“Enough with your glib words, get to the point!” Anyos expression was dark as his hooked nose flared.

Griffin showed the video footage of what had happened to Anyo.

The high-speed camera captured every aspect of the battle.

In the video, Xia Fan had slain Ma Gaolong and also grabbed that strange woman by her hair and dragged her back to his bed.

“This altercation was all because of a woman”

“That seems to be the case, but I cant decipher what Yu Fan was thinking.

After all, hes someone from Deserted River.”

Anyo sighed.

Everyone knew about the wild barbarians that came from Deserted River.

They were the sort that killed at the slightest disagreement, or even when there was no reason at all.

People from Deserted River thought that was normal; anyone who came from Deserted River could not be understood with common sense.

Anyo did not care about Xia Fan killing Ma Gaolong.

What he was even more startled by was Xia Fans astounding performance.

He had used his incredible speed to execute a series of assassination techniques! Ma Gaolong nust have died a very aggrieved death, since he had been unable to even use his special ability before his throat was already pierced through!

“Where is this Yu Fan right now” Anyo asked.

“We were afraid that he would continue to wreak havoc, so I had him locked up.”

“And that woman from the Sacred Federation”

“Shes also locked up.

I came here precisely because I wish to ask the elder if we ought to punish this Yu Fan person.”

Anyo shook his head and said in annoyance, “The pirates already dead, so why bother punishing him Keep that person called Yu Fan.

When its time, toss him directly into the dark hole.

With his combat capabilities, hell at least be of help to us.

“From here on out, you need to be more careful! Having such an incident happen once is enough.

Dont you ever dare cause any more problems for me!”

Griffin smiled cheekily, “Dont worry, this was purely an accident.

Yu Fans temper is seriously too problematic.

Not even I expected him to clash with the Mad King Ma.”

“But speaking of which, Yu Fan is a rare speedster, and he had managed to kill Mad King Ma, despite being just at the Advanced Star Base rank himself.

Should we throw a man of such talent into the dark hole Wouldnt it be better to keep him”

Anyo looked at Griffin, “Use your head and think! I admit that this Yu Fan from Deserted River is powerful, but what about his personality His temper

“Let him join us What sort of joke is that! We wouldnt want someone like him as arrogant and disobedient as him, no matter how capable he is!”

Griffin shrugged.

Though he felt that throwing Yu Fan into the dark hole to be cannon fodder was too much of a waste, the moment he thought about Yu Fans temper, and how impossible it would be for him to get along with others, he had to agree.

It was a real pity that a man of his talent would be wasted like that…

Traveling Buddha got permission to see Xia Fan twice after the latter was imprisoned in the confinement area.

Traveling Buddha only kept his temper contained after Griffin reassured him that Xia Fan was only temporarily being locked up, and that he would be released once the competition began.

The situation had become rather complicated, and at the same time, Traveling Buddha finally managed to get into contact with the other teams.

Leaving the barracks, Traveling Buddha arrived at the huge training grounds in the center of the encampment.

Every day there were newly arriving warriors reaching the encampment.

A conservative estimate of their numbers would mean over a hundred thousand Outer Frontier warriors had been gathered here in this encampment!

Traveling Buddha looked up, appearing to be looking up at the sun, when actually he was observing the surveillance drones above.

In addition to the guards posted outside the encampment, there were also hundreds of unmanned flying drones patrolling the skies.

These drones were all equipped with cameras and were monitoring the situation in the entire encampment.

Looking around at the training grounds, Traveling Buddha quickly located someone.

The person was using a heavy dumbbell, training his arm strength.

He must have trained for quite some time, since he was sweating quite a bit from the workout, making him glisten in the sun from all his sweat.

After confirming his target, Traveling Buddha stuck both his hands into his pants pockets and strolled over to the man.

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