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Chapter 975 He Isn“t Simple at All

“Sure.” Tang Zhiyu agreed with her mother on that.

“Hes in black, about 1.8m tall and stays with a group of teenagers.

I think hes the most handsome man today.

Oh, I saw him with Gu Ning just then.”

Saying that, Tang Zhiyu took out her phone.

Her mother hadnt heard of Gu Ning and asked, “Who is Gu Ning”

“Wait a second,” Tang Zhiyu said, and searched for Gu Nings photo on the Internet.

“See This is Gu Ning, and she has a close relationship with the Tang family.”

Tang Zhiyus mother thought that Gu Ning looked familiar when she saw Gu Nings photo, and then remembered Tang Yunfan.

Tang Zhiyus mother had met Tang Yunfan often when they were young, so she had an impression of the young Tang Yunfan.

However, she was also aware that Tang Yunfan had never married before, so she didnt connect Gu Ning with Tang Yunfan.

She thought that maybe they just looked a little familiar.

“Are they a couple” Tang Zhiyus mother asked all of a sudden, because Gu Ning was so beautiful.

Cao Wenxin wasnt much prettier than Tang Zhiyu, but there was a huge gap between Gu Ning and Tang Zhiyu according to their appearances.

“I dont think so.

Gu Ning is only 18, and shes still studying in high school,” Tang Zhiyu said.

In fact, Tang Zhiyu hadnt read all the news about Gu Ning, or she would know that Gu Ning already had a boyfriend.

A piece of news on the Internet had exposed Gu Nings romantic relationship with Leng Shaoting.

Tang Zhiyu obviously didnt want to think that Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were a couple.

She was reluctant to annoy Gu Ning now.

However, even though she was unwilling to mess with Gu Ning, she believed that Leng Shaoting would leave Gu Ning for her as long as she figured out a good way to seduce him.

She thought too highly of herself.

When Tang Zhiyus mother found out that Gu Ning was only an 18-year-old high school student, she also thought that it was impossible that Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were a couple.

“Great, Ill see what can I find out about the man,” Tang Zhiyus mother said, then walked away.

Tang Zhiyu hoped that her mother could find out some useful information about Leng Shaoting; it would be better if Leng Shaoting was still single.

Although the Tang familys house was very large, there were a lot of people today, so the living room was already occupied.

Gu Ning told Hao Ran and the others to wait outside for a short while, while she and Leng Shaoting walked in first.

People of the same ages were chatting and drinking tea together in groups in the living room.

At a corner of the living room, Tang Haifeng and his old friends were chatting casually, including Master Lei and Zhao Yiru.

They were Tang Haifengs best friends, so they came here earlier in the morning.

As for the other three masters, Gu Ning didnt know who they were, but one of them had heard of Gu Nings name.

He was Cao Wenxins grandfather, Master Cao.

Seeing Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting walking over, Tang Haifeng waved his hand at them.

“Ningning, Shaoting, come here!”

Others around Tang Haifeng looked over.

When their sight fell on Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting, they were all stunned by their outstanding appearances.

“Hi, grandpa!” Gu Ning said with a smile.

“This young girl looks so similar to Tang Yunfan when he was young.

Who is she” A master observed Gu Ning for a few seconds.

He was Tang Haifengs old friend, so he remembered what Tang Yunfan looked like when Tang Yunfan was young.

“I have the same feeling,” another master said.

They all heard Gu Ning calling Tang Haifeng her grandpa, but didnt think that she had a relationship with Tang Yunfan because they were all aware that Tang Yunfan had never married before.

After all, the girl looked very young, so it was normal for her to call Tang Haifeng grandpa.

It was a way for young people to show their respect towards an old man.

“Ha-ha, she is Yunfans daughter, biological daughter, so they closely resemble each other,” Tang Haifeng said with great pride.

“What” Tang Haifengs old friends were shocked.

“Shes Yunfans biological daughter Tang, are you lying to our faces”

“How come we have never heard of it before”

It was too shocking to be true in their eyes.

“Its not a lie,” Tang Haifeng said and sighed.

“It all happened 19 years ago when Yunfan was lost back then.

It was Ningnings mother who had saved his life, and they fell in love with each other afterwards.

Unfortunately, Yunfan was caught in another accident and left them.

We didnt know what had happened to Ningning and her mother until a few weeks ago.”

Speaking of that, Tang Haifeng felt lucky and excited.

Nobody would dislike a granddaughter that was as outstanding as Gu Ning.

In addition, she was also Tang Yunfans biological daughter.

Tang Haifeng didnt bother to keep it a secret from his old friends.

Moreover, Master Lei and Zhao Yiru were already aware of it.

Hearing that, Tang Haifengs other old friends were surprised.

“This young girl inherits a great gene! Shes so beautiful,” a master said.

“I agree!” another master said.

Master Lei, on the other hand, noticed Leng Shaoting and said, “This young man stands straight, and seems to be a good honest upright man.

If I guess it correctly, you must be a soldier, but not a common one, right”

Master Lei had served in the army before, so he knew a lot about the air of a soldier.

“Yes,” Leng Shaoting said.

“Ha-ha, this young man isnt simple at all, so I dont know whether its suitable to tell you who he is,” Tang Haifeng said.

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