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“Why do I somehow feel familiar with the way the truth came out”

“Tell us more details!”

“Im curious too.”

“The same thing has happened to Su Tongnuo and Xia Yichu before.

Both of them had been trapped before Goddess Gu helped them out by exposing solid proof.”

“Do you mean that Goddess Gu is also involved this time”

“I have that thought, but Im not sure.”

“Well, I do remember that Goddess Gu rescued Tang Xiaoxiao this morning.”

“Im certain that its Goddess Gu who helped Tang Xiaoxiao out this time.”

“Wow, if its real, then Goddess Gu is so awesome!”

“How did she manage to find the evidence within such a short time Is she going to sign Tang Xiaoxiao”

“I think that its a good idea.

With Goddess Gus support, no one would dare to set Tang Xiaoxiao up again.”

“Goddess Gu is so unbelievable and scary at the same time.

Nobody can bear the result if shes annoyed.”

“Bad people should be punished!”

“Yes, they deserve it.”

Tang Xiaoxiao and Lin Lu paid attention to the news on the Internet all the time, but they listened to Gu Ning and didnt respond to those comments at all, no matter how harsh they were.

Nevertheless, they were also surprised to see the reversal.

To their astonishment, Gu Ning was able to collect solid proof within a few hours!

“Xiaoxiao, were so lucky this time!” Lin Lu said.

“Gu Ning is my life-saver! I still cant believe what has happened during the past few hours,” Tang Xiaoxiao said with excitement.

“No matter what, were going to be more successful with her support!” Lin Lu said.

The company that Tang Xiaoxiao used to work for was shocked as well after seeing the latest news about her.

Gu Ning became Tang Xiaoxiaos new boss now.

In fact, the company was reluctant to end the contract with Tang Xiaoxiao, but they had to do so due to pressure from Lord Cen.

Tang Xiaoxiao had helped them make so much money after all, and it wasnt an easy decision to abandon her.

It seemed like Fenghua Entertainment was going to sign Tang Xiaoxiao, and Fenghua was now a well-known entertainment company in the industry.

With Fenghuas help, Tang Xiaoxiao could get more chances.

After the scandal, Tang Xiaoxiao had an even brighter future!

Fan Sixuan was at work when those photos were exposed, so she wasnt aware of the news reversal.

Although her assistant saw it, her assistant didnt dare to interrupt her, so could only tell her after she finished her work.

As Fan Sixuans assistant, she knew some of Fan Sixuans personal affairs, so it wasnt a surprise to her that Fan Sixuan was Cen Yanhengs mistress.

However, she had signed a confidentiality agreement with Fan Sixuan, so she couldnt say a word about it no matter how much she knew.

If she dared to expose it, she would be severely punished.

When Fan Sixuan finally found out about the news reversal, she was shocked and trembled in fear.

“How is it possible”

She couldnt believe it, because it would ruin both her career and her life.

“Sixuan, are you alright” Her assistant supported her at once.

Fan Sixuan, however, took out her phone without delay to call Cen Yanheng, but his phone was turned off.

At this moment, Fan Sixuan had no idea what she should do now.

“Sixuan, why dont we go back to your apartment now I think those entertainment reporters will come here soon,” her assistant said.

“Youre right.

We should go back now.” Fan Sixuan walked out along with her assistant.

On their way out, other staff members all looked at them with obvious disdain.

“It turns out that Fan Sixuan is Lord Cens mistress.

No wonder she has gained so much fame this year, she has Lord Cens support!”

“She isnt very beautiful, or good at acting after all.

What else can she do in order to be famous”

“Right, she just sold her body for fame.”

“Its so disgusting.”

“She even set Tang Xiaoxiao up.

Tang Xiaoxiao is my idol!”

“Shes so shameless.”

Fan Sixuan heard their discussion, but didnt dare to argue against them.

Unfortunately, many entertainment reporters were already waiting for her outside the building.

Once she showed up, she was surrounded by cameras.

“Miss Fan, is it true that youre Lord Cens mistress”

Although they already had the answer, they still had to ask that question as a part of their job.

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