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In fact, if they wanted to find out the truth, they could check the surveillance cameras of the restaurant.

However, it was obvious that none of those reporters cared about the truth.

All they wanted was a piece of exciting news to gain attention.

“If not, why was the leading actress of Palace replaced all of a sudden” a reporter asked.

“Its said that Lord Cen demanded to cast Tang Xiaoxiao,” another reporter said.

“We had no idea that the leading actress in Palace was already settled.

Xiaoxiao just went to join the audition, and she got the role through it.” Tang Xiaoxiaos agent explained.

Although she was losing patience, she had to be careful.

Right when those reporters were about to ask more questions, an accident happened.

“Go to hell.

You mistress!” All of a sudden, an angry female voice sounded, and a bottle of liquid was thrown at Tang Xiaoxiao.

Gu Ning was surprised the second she saw the liquid, because it was sulfuric acid.

Although she hated mistresses as well, she didnt think that Tang Xiaoxiao should be punished before the truth came out.

True and fake news mixed together in the entertainment industry.

Therefore, Gu Ning dashed forward at once, but Tang Xiaoxiao was surrounded by reporters, so she was a step too late.

Before everyone could figure out what had happened, Tang Xiaoxiao shouted in pain.

There was white smoke rising from Tang Xiaoxiaos body and her clothing was already corroded by the acid.

Some parts of her damaged skin were exposed.

People were all shocked and moved backwards in fear, but they pointed their cameras at Tang Xiaoxiao at the same time.

They were a bunch of entertainment reporters who relied on celebrities pain.

Their behavior annoyed Gu Ning.

“Xiaoxiao!” Tang Xiaoxiaos agent supported her at once.

However, the second her hand accidentally touched the sulfuric acid on Tang Xiaoxiaos body, she was burned and loosened her hand.

Once she loosened her hand, Tang Xiaoxiao lost her balance and fell to the ground.

Gu Ning got to her at this time.

Gu Ning squeezed a power crystal into Tang Xiaoxiaos mouth when she ran over.

Tang Xiaoxiaos agent subconsciously wanted to stop Gu Ning from doing that, but she thought that Gu Ning might not harm Tang Xiaoxiao in a public place, so she stood aside.

After that, Gu Ning took out a bottle of water mixed with power crystal.

“Help her apply it to her injuries,” she said to the agent.

The agent didnt have time to think about it, and applied the water to the injuries on Tang Xiaoxiaos body without delay.

The burned area was relatively large on Tang Xiaoxiaos body, but she couldnt take off her clothing right now, so her agent wasnt able to apply the medicine to all of her injuries.

Luckily, Gu Ning had already helped her take a power crystal and put some magical power into her body to relieve the pain.

The residual sulfuric acid couldnt cause any harm to her now.

“Qiao Ya, catch that woman!” Gu Ning said to Qiao Ya, and Qiao Ya caught the woman who had poured sulfuric acid on Tang Xiaoxiao without hesitation.

Gu Ning then carried Tang Xiaoxiao in her arms, walking into the hotel.

She had to apply the medicine to her injuries in a room.

Those reporters were all amazed by Gu Nings physical strength.

When they moved forward a little trying to ask Gu Ning questions, Leng Shaoting and Gao Yi stood in their way.

Both Leng Shaoting and Gao Yi were tall and strong, so nobody dared to move a step forward again.

Tang Xiaoxiaos agent chased Gu Ning at once.

“Miss, Xiaoxiao must go to the hospital right now.”

“Have a look at your palm,” Gu Ning said to her.

“Dont worry, I can cure her injuries.”

The agent looked at her palm the next second, and she was surprised to find that her palm was back to normal! She couldnt believe her eyes.

Although she chose to trust Gu Ning at this key moment, she still had many questions in her mind.

“Lady Ning, let me do it.” Gao Yi walked in front of Gu Ning, and reached out his arms to carry Tang Xiaoxiao.

As Gu Nings bodyguard, he should do that.

“Thanks.” Gu Ning didnt reject.

Leng Shaoting didnt do it because he was unwilling to touch a strange woman when it wasnt absolutely necessary.

In the beginning, the receptionist was reluctant to let Gu Ning check in with Tang Xiaoxiao because she was afraid that the hotel would have to take responsibility for the accident, but Leng Shaoting showed her Gu Nings Black Card, so she welcomed them in at once.

Tang Xiaoxiao had booked a room in the hotel, so the agent guided them straight to her room.

Tang Xiaoxiao was a famous actress, so she stayed in a presidential suite.

After entering the suite, Leng Shaoting and Gao Yi waited in the living room, while the others stepped into the bedroom.

They helped Tang Xiaoxiao remove her clothing once they were in the bedroom.

Tang Xiaoxiao didnt calm down until now.

Even though Tang Xiaoxiao had already taken the power crystal and gotten some of Gu Nings magical power, she was seriously injured after all, so it took time for her to recover.

The palm of Tang Xiaoxiaos agent was already fine now, even though there was still a scare.

When Tang Xiaoxiao saw Gu Nings face after she calmed down, she was surprised.

“Miss Gu”

Gu Ning was struck dumb for a second, because she didnt expect that Tang Xiaoxiao would know her.

However, she soon figured out that Tang Xiaoxiao must have read news about her on the Internet before.

“Yeah, I am.” Gu Ning kindly smiled at her.

Tang Xiaoxiaos agent was also slightly surprised when Tang Xiaoxiao recognized Gu Ning.

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