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Two minutes later, Gao Yi and Qiao Ya joined them for the meal, and the dishes were all placed on the table as well.

Gu Ning tied her hair in a ponytail after removing her make-up, but didnt change her clothing.

Seeing Gu Nings original face, everyone thought that she looked better now.

“Wow, Gu Ning, your skin looks so good!” He Siyin was envious of how smooth and shiny Gu Nings skin was without any make-up.

Even though Gu Ning was just 18, and her skin wouldnt be bad as a young girl, it was rare to see such flawless skin.

“Ive been using Kouzi all the time,” Gu Ning said, and advertised her skincare brand.

“Really” He Siyin got excited.

“Kouzi I heard its a very popular skincare brand in the capital now,” Xu Jinlin said.

“My mother, my aunt and my cousins are all using it.

They told me that its even better than those famous international skincare brands.

To be honest with you, Im a fan of its founder.”

Xu Jinlin admired the founder of Kouzi very much.

What he didnt know was that its founder was right in front of his face.

Since Xu Jinlin wasnt aware of that, Gu Ning remained silent because she had no intention to show off.

“I think that Kouzi, given its unusually good effects, is qualified to be an international brand without doubt, but its prices are a little lower now.

Many consumers use money to measure the quality of goods nowadays, so the majority of noble ladies and celebrities might not choose Kouzi because of its low prices.” Xu Jinlin was interested in the skincare market.

He was a businessman after all.

“There is nothing which can be liked by everyone in this world, except money.

Rich people only account for a small amount of the population on this planet, so I think its prices are acceptable in most peoples eyes.”

“For example, lets say that there are 100 women, and celebrities along with noble ladies account for only 10% at most.

About 20% are poor females who cant afford it.

In that case, 70% are still potential customers.

Small cities are excluded, and the average salary of office workers is above seven or eight thousand yuan in big cities.

A set of skincare products is three or four thousand yuan, which can be used for three or four months.

Sometimes, it could be half a year.

All in all, it costs less than one thousand yuan every month for them to buy Kouzi.”

“Women are all willing to spend money on their appearances, but it isnt very likely that they will spend too much on skincare products.”

“Among the 70% potential female customers, around 20% might think that it isnt necessary to spend thousands of yuan on skincare products, so only 50% of them could be loyal customers of Kouzi once they try it,” Gu Ning said.

Gu Ning planned to set prices which were acceptable in most peoples eyes, because there was a huge gap between the rich and the common people after all.

“I think that people who value quality most wont pay much attention to the prices,” Gu Ning said at the end.

“Youre really good at running a business!” Xu Jinlin was greatly surprised.

Actually, both of them were right, but their target consumers were different.

“Lets enjoy the meal!” Leng Shaoting interrupted them.

He was jealous when Gu Ning talked too much with other men, and hated being ignored.

Gu Ning sensed Leng Shaotings dissatisfaction, so she began to eat instead of talking to the others.

Xu Jinlin also shut his mouth.

Since Zuo Jiangkui was caught and He Siyang was back, the next step for the He family was to pay He Hongyuan back.

He Hongjie had already sent people to watch He Hongyuan, but for He Siyangs safety, he didnt do anything to hurt him yet.

He Siyang was back now, so there was nothing he had to be worried about.

He Hongyuan, however, didnt know that He Siyang was back, so he was still searching for He Siyang on the island.

He believed that he could compete against He Hongjie as long as he held He Siyang hostage.

Therefore, he still stayed in his house.

In a villa in the suburb, He Yixi and He Hongyuan were watching TV in the living room.

All of a sudden, they heard noises of fighting from outside, and immediately walked out to have a look.

Seeing their bodyguards fighting against a bunch of strangers, they were terrified.

“Dad!” He Yixi hid behind He Hongyuan in fear.

Their maid also ran back to the kitchen and didnt dare to show up again.

“Stop it.

Stop it now!” He Hongyuan was furious, but none of them listened to him.

The group of strangers didnt stop until those bodyguards were all beaten down on the floor.

“Who are you What are you doing here” He Hongyuan questioned them.

At this moment, a door of the car that was parked by the gate of the villa opened, and He Hongjie got out of it.

The second He Hongjie appeared, both He Hongyuan and He Yixi realized what was going on.

Because they didnt know that He Hongjie had already found He Siyang, they were confused as to why He Hongjie dared to come.

He Hongyuan clearly knew that He Hongjie was aware that he was the mastermind behind the scheme, but He Hongjie didnt have any proof.

He still believed that he could use He Siyang to threaten He Hongjie.

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