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Chapter 894: Catch Three People

Since she found them, there was no reason for Gu Ning to let them go.

She should catch them and force them to tell her where He Siyang was.

“I think they must have noticed us when our yacht came close and hid themselves somewhere around here.

This is an ancient house, so there could be underground rooms or passages.

We can search around to see whether they are hiding here,” Gu Ning said.

Although she clearly knew where those people were hiding, she had to search for them in order to keep her Jade Eyes a secret.

She wasnt fully prepared yet to tell Leng Shaoting everything about her.

If it was possible, she hoped that no one else would know about her rebirth and Jade Eyes.

“No problem.” Leng Shaoting had the same idea, then started searching.

There werent many rooms in the house, so it didnt take them a long time.

Within 10 minutes, Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning found the room above the underground room.

“This room is obviously cleaner than others.

They must have stayed here before,” Leng Shaoting said with certainty.

Afterwards, they began to search for doors to the underground room.

Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes and found the access to the underground door at once, but she couldnt go and open it right away.

Instead, she pretended that she was searching for it before she uncovered it.

There was a slightly protruding brick at the right corner of the door to the underground room.

“Shaoting, look at this brick.

It looks different from the others, and I think it might be a switch or something,” Gu Ning said.

Leng Shaoting walked over, and saw that the brick was indeed different.

“Step backwards.

Let me try it.” He was afraid that it was a trap, so he told Gu Ning to step back.

Gu Ning knew that it was safe, but felt touched that he was willing to protect her.

She moved backwards, and Leng Shaoting walked forward to press on the brick.

With a loud sound, the wall opened like a door.

The noise alarmed everyone in the underground room.

They looked at each other, but didnt dare to say a word.

Since the person knew about the access to this underground room, they thought that the newcomer should be one of their party.

Even so, they still hid in a closet in case any accidents happened.

If the person who was walking inside was a stranger, they would kill him or her.

After the door was opened, there was a two meter high, half a meter wide, and six meter long passage.

It was completely dark inside, so Gu Ning took out her night-luminescent pearl to light the way before she walked in with Leng Shaoting.

With the help of her Jade Eyes, she noticed that the three of them were hiding in the closet.

After walking through the passage, they were in the middle of the underground room.

The three men in the closet saw Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting through some gaps, and they were stunned by the night-luminescent pearl in Gu Nings hand.

What is this Its so bright.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were obviously strangers, because He Hongyuan had told them that he would send people that they knew if he was going to send people to help them.

“Get out now.

I know that youre hiding in the closet.” Gu Ning looked at the closet.

Leng Shaoting also had the feeling that some people were hiding in the closet, so he wasnt surprised when Gu Ning said that.

Hearing that, the three men in the closet were shocked.

Since they were exposed, there was no need for them to hide any longer.

When they walked out, each of them held a short sword in hand, which was used to protect themselves from poisonous snakes and wild animals.

In addition, they could use it to catch food since they lived on seafood here.

“Who are you What are you doing here” one of the three men asked Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting.

“Where is He Siyang” Gu Ning moved a step closer, facing them.

The three of them were surprised when they heard that the people came here for He Siyang.

However, they had no intention to tell Gu Ning the truth.

“I dont understand what youre talking about.

I dont know He Siyang.”

“Oh, really” Gu Ning didnt believe a single word he said.

“I dont know him,” the man insisted.

However, their surprised faces already betrayed them when they heard He Siyangs name just then.

“Dont regret,” Gu Ning sneered, then gave Leng Shaoting a glance.

Without delay, Leng Shaoting attacked the three men.

Gu Ning also moved to catch them.

Although the three men werent weak, they were barely comparable to Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting, so they were soon beaten down on the ground.

After that, Gu Ning took out ropes, and tied them up.

The three men were astonished again by Gu Ning and Leng Shaotings high level of martial arts.

“Tell us, where He Siyang is” Gu Ning coldly questioned them.

“We dont know…” They still refused to tell Gu Ning where He Siyang was.

“If you dont know, what are you doing on this deserted island” Gu Ning asked with a sneer.

“W-Were gravediggers and we heard that there are real antiques on this island, so we came here to search for treasure,” one of them said.

“Gravediggers Dont you think that Ive seen a gravedigger before Dont lie to my face,” Gu Ning said.

The man was struck dumb.

“Are you going to tell us, or not If not, we can bury you right here.” Gu Ning threatened them.

“I-Its illegal to kill people!” They still tried to struggle.

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