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If they couldnt win today, she would lose her identity as the lady of the He family.

If so, Hong Yuefei would dump her without doubt, and she would lose her title of Mrs.

Hong as well.

If she was able to marry into another rich or powerful family, she would do that, but she clearly knew that it was impossible.

She had been left no choice before, so she had chosen Hong Yuefei.

Although she was born in the He family, she was always overshadowed by He Siyin who was her older cousin.

That was the reason why she was so jealous of He Siyin.

“We will.

We will!” He Hongyuan repeatedly said to comfort himself.


Fan, you have to win the nine hundred million yuan back in the second form of gambling.” He Hongyuan ordered.

Fan Zhihao was displeased hearing that, but didnt say a word.

He was also eager to win, or he would lose his own money.

However, he was still confused why “Tang Aining” was able to be right every time in Sic Bo, which was so strange.

It was as if she could see the dice in the dice cup, but he wasnt willing to believe that.

“I dont believe that shes so skilled at every form of gambling!” Fan Zhihao said in a cold voice.

Half an hour later, the two parties went back to the hall.

He Hongyuan looked much better after the rest, but he was still in a bad mood.

“Well, now you can choose what form of gambling you want to play next.

Lets roll the dice to see who will choose first,” He Yishao said.

“No problem.”

Gu Ning and Fan Zhihao agreed.

They went to the sides of the gambling table, and rolled the dice on it.

It didnt matter to Gu Ning who got to choose first, so she casually threw the dice, and the number was 1, while Fan Zhihaos was 5, so Fan Zhihao chose first.

“I choose 5 card stud,” Fan Zhihao said.

Play began with each player being dealt one card with its face down, followed by one card with its face up (beginning, as usual, with the player to the dealers left).

If played with a bring-in, the player with the lowest-ranking up-card must pay the bring-in, and betting proceeded after that.

After the first betting round was complete, another face-up card was dealt to each player.

Betting now began with the player whose up-cards make the best poker hand.

On this and subsequent betting rounds, the player to act first might check or bet up to the games limit.

The second betting round was followed by a third up-card to each player and a third betting round, again starting with the player with the best poker hand showing (thus, the first player to act on each round may change).

A fourth face-up card and fourth betting round was followed by a showdown, if necessary (it usually wouldnt be – most deals of five-card stud ended early when a player bet and got no calls).

Gu Ning had learned the rules on the Internet before, but she had never played it herself in real life.

Luckily, she had Jade Eyes, so she could make decisions after seeing the other persons cards.

She was confident that she wouldnt lose much.

“Who will win this time”

“I heard that Fan Zhihao is quite good at 5 card stud.”

“Um, Im curious whether Miss Tang is also excellent at 5 card stud.”

“I think Fan Zhihao is more likely to win.”

Although Gu Ning had won in Sic Bo, it didnt mean that people all believed that she could win again.

Most people thought that she couldnt be so good at every form of gambling.

Before the game began, Fan Zhihao needed to exchanged more chips with his own money.

He only had 10 chips in his hands now, which were obviously not enough.

Therefore, Fan Zhihao exchanged more chips with another five hundred million yuan.

Such a sky-high bet had never appeared before in HK.

Even though Fan Zhihao had around two billion yuan in wealth, he could barely afford his failure today.

In fact, he used to think that he was going to win, but had encountered an abject failure.

With enough chips in their pockets, the game began.

Both Gu Ning and Fan Zhihao placed a chip of ten million yuan on the table.

The dealer began to deal cards.

He dealt one card with its face down first, then one card with its face up.

Fan Zhihaos face-up card was hearts K.

Gu Nings face-up card was spades 2.

Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes and saw that Fan Zhihaos face-down card was hearts Q, while hers was spades 6.

Her next card would be hearts 7, and it was impossible for her to get “straight”.

She wasnt lucky this time!

Fan Zhihao was in at first, and threw two chips to the table, but Gu Ning gave up, so she lost ten million yuan.

Although Fan Zhihao only won ten million yuan after the first round, it was a good beginning anyway.

Gu Ning lost after the first round, but He Hongjie and the others werent worried about her.

She had nine hundred million yuan in her pocket now after all, and ten million yuan was merely nothing.

The second round began soon.

Gu Ning lost again, and didnt bother to lay her bet.

Fan Zhihao won once more, but he wasnt happy about it, because he couldnt win a lot if Gu Ning refused to be in every time.

However, he couldnt force her to do so.

Gu Ning was in the third round, but Fan Zhihao gave up.

In the following fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh round, both Gu Ning and Fan Zhihao won two rounds, and Gu Ning lost fifty million yuan in all after seven rounds.

She didnt care about it at all, neither did the He family, because Gu Ning still had many chips.

The eighth round started.

Fan Zhihaos face-up card was diamonds 8 and his face-down card was hearts 8.

Gu Nings face-up card was spades Q, and her face-down card was spades 10.

This time, Gu Ning was in first, and threw out two chips.

The dealer dealt her the next card, which was spades 9.

Fan Zhihao was in later, and laid two chips too.

The dealer also dealt him the next card, which was spades 8.

With three cards of 8 in hands, Fan Zhihao got excited.

If he could get another two cards of 8, it would be a royal flush! If he could get a card of 8 and a random card, it would be four of a kind, which was a good result.

Nevertheless, it was very difficult to get the cards he wanted.

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