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860 A Male Ghost in Military Uniform

“Why dont we go there after were done here Im very curious,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure!” Shen Zhaoxuan said.

The ancient buildings there were indeed interesting.

The yacht stopped and Shen Zhaoxuan said, “Its right here, but Im not sure about its accurate position.

We can only dive to search for it.”

“No problem,” Gu Ning said.

After that, Shen Zhaoxuan took out wetsuits and oxygen tanks.

Although Gu Ning could swim casually under the sea without them, she still had to put them on in order to not be disturbed by the seawater.

Anyway, they would stay under for a long time.

Even if she couldnt get close to the shipwreck, or there was nothing in it, it took no less than an hour for them to swim down and back.

If there was something on the boat, they had to take it, and it would take a lot more time.

Without oxygen, a man could only stay under the sea for a few minutes.

They only prepared four sets of wetsuits, because it was enough for four people to dive into the sea.

The others would stay above on the yacht holding ropes.

If anything went wrong, they could pull them back.

Every person who was going to dive was equipped with a camera so that the others who stayed on the yacht would know what was going on down there and their conditions.

It was decided that Gu Ning, Shen Zhaoxuan, Zhao Jiangquan and Gao Yi would dive into the sea.

Li Maosong and Sun Chao were aged.

And although they were still physically strong, it was still difficult for them to dive with weight.

One of Shen Zhaoxuans two friends had to take control of the rope tied to his body, while the other was the captain of the yacht, so Shen Zhaoxuan would dive.

Qiao Ya was in charge of Gu Nings rope, and Guo Yiyang was responsible for Gao Yis.

Gu Ning and the other three people dove into the sea and sank downwards at a relatively fast speed, but it still took them around 10 minutes to get to the bottom of the sea.

At the bottom of the sea, it was completely dark with various reefs, coral algae, and a variety of fish, so the visibility was only a few meters.

However, it wasnt a problem for Gu Ning.

With her pair of Jade Eyes, she could see dozens of meters ahead clearly.

Although Shen Zhaoxuan had seen the ship before, he wasnt certain about its specific location, so they began to search around.

Gu Ning had Jade Eyes, so it was very easy for her to find the ship, which was 10 meters to their right.

The sunken ship was very large, but it had already been severely damaged.

The two-story cabin now had only one left, and it was tattered.

In the cabin, there were around a dozen mahogany boxes.

Some of which had been destroyed with some porcelain scattered all over the place.

Gu Ning then used her Jade Eyes to scan through the other boxes.

There were clothes in two, cloth in one, soaked books and scrolls in one, guns in one, gold bars in one, jade objects and various jewelry in one, all kinds of porcelain in one, and antiques in the other two boxes.

Those antiques dated back to many dynasties.

It seemed that Commander Hu was also a collector!

They couldnt talk to each other under the sea, so Gu Ning made some hand gestures to tell them to go right.

They were searching in darkness, so the others didnt think that Gu Ning had already found it, but they had to move together in a group.

After swimming right for 10 meters, the sunken ship appeared in their sight.

They were surprised, but didnt think further.

They stopped five meters away from it, and looked at Gu Ning with one accord.

Li Maosong and Gao Yi believed that Gu Ning had to be able to figure a way out, while Shen Zhaoxuan was curious about how Gu Ning was going to deal with it.

Gu Ning made a gesture towards Gao Yi to tell him to have a try.

Gao Yi understood, then swam ahead.

However, he only moved forward about three meters, and was soon pushed back by a mysterious force.

When Gao Yi was pushed back, Gu Ning was a little scared because she noticed a young man in a military uniform, with a pale, expressionless face on the ship.

She knew that he had to be a ghost, instead of a human with a simple glance.

Since it was a ghost, Gao Yi and the others couldnt see it.

The others werent surprised at seeing Gao Yi being pushed back, and they didnt have much hope.

At this time, Gu Ning told them to stay away unless she allowed them to come.

They nodded in agreement.

Afterwards, Gu Ning swam ahead, fixing her eyes at the male ghost.

It was surprised looking at Gu Ning, frowning.

It wondered whether she really saw it, and couldnt believe that a normal human being could see it.

When Gu Ning moved near, the male ghost reached out its hands trying to push her away, but Gu Ning caught it first.

The male ghost was shocked.

“How is it possible that you can see me and even catch me”

Even though it was already the truth, the male ghost found it unbelievable.

Gu Ning couldnt talk, so she just nodded at it.

The male ghost understood that Gu Nings group came here for nothing good, so it started to fight back.

Gu Ning wasnt agile under the sea with weights on, but it was still easy for her to get control of the male ghost.

It just took a while longer.

Shen Zhaoxuan and the others, however, were confused watching Gu Ning punching the sea water.

They didnt know what she was doing now.

The male ghost was forced to step backwards, and Gu Ning moved onto the sunken ship along the way.

Seeing that, Shen Zhaoxuan and the others were excited.

Shen Zhaoxuan moved and wanted to follow, but was stopped by Gao Yi.

Without Gu Nings order, they had to stay away from it for now.

Shen Zhaoxuan wasnt annoyed at all.

He realized that he was indeed a little impulsive, so he calmed himself down.

After Gu Ning forced the male ghost to move into the cabin, she had already gotten control of it.

Nevertheless, it was a ghost, and it wouldnt be injured or killed.

Gu Ning had to make it give in, or eliminate it.

And there was only one way Gu Ning knew to eliminate a ghost.

She could burn it, but she was under the sea now, so it wouldnt work.

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