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Chapter 830: Did She Just Have Sex with Another Man

Although Shenghua Real Estate wasnt a threat to a real estate tycoon yet, its speed of growing was threatening enough.

Even so, some arrogant people in the industry still despised Shenghua Real Estate, because they thought that it grew too fast, and believed that it wasnt healthy for the company.

Therefore, many were waiting to see the failure of Shenghua Real Estate one day in the future.

Peers were competitors after all.

It was also true that a company was doomed to fail if it grew too fast without a steady base, but that only happened when its owner didnt have the ability to run it well.

In that case, those who wanted to see the failure of Shenghua Real Estate would be disappointed, because Gu Ning had the ability to manage her companies well.

She wouldnt allow her companies to fail, unless she was dead.

And obviously, it wasnt easy for her to die with the help of her magical power.

Many reporters also heard the news, so they went to interview An Guangyao.

An Guangyao didnt refuse, because Shenghua Real Estate needed to gain attention.

Reporter: Chairman An, have you done your homework before you acquired this land

An Guangyao: Of course I have, but I dont believe those rumors.

Its a universally acknowledged truth that demolition is very dangerous, and accidents happen, but it cant prove that this land is haunted.

Reporter: Accidents have frequently happened here.

Arent you worried about it

An Guangyao: Well, rumors are rumors.

If youre curious about it, you can keep paying attention to our construction, and well see whether its safe or not.

An Guangyao said that to keep them paying attention to the construction, so that they could have free publicity.

During the interview, the reporters all failed to hear what they wanted to hear, so they could only wait and see what was going to happen in the future.

Some who believed that the land was haunted thought that An Guangyao would soon be regretful.

While some who sensed An Guangyaos real intention started to think that it might just be a way to gain attention for the company.

However, was the construction site safe

Actually, most people didnt believe in ghosts, but they were scared of those terrifying rumors.

If it hadnt been for those rumors, the land would have been sold a long time ago.

So people were all watching it.

Zheng Wenmei didnt wake up until noon because she had been drunk and drugged.

When she finally woke up, she felt that her lower body was a little painful, but it wasnt severe.

She was drunk last night, and had a headache now, so she didnt think further.

She checked her phone afterwards, and found several missed calls from her boyfriend along with some messages.

She called her boyfriend back at once, then told him that she had drunk too much last night and had just woken up.

Her boyfriend understood and wasnt mad at all.

He asked Zheng Wenmei what she wanted to eat, and said that he could deliver it to her place.

Zheng Wenmei felt uncomfortable now, so she didnt want to leave her apartment.

She told her boyfriend what she wanted to eat and the address of her place.

Zheng Wenhao had also called her, so Zheng Wenmei called him back as well.

Zheng Wenhao asked Zheng Wenmei the same thing, but Zheng Wenmei told him that she was fine and that she would order some takeout herself.

She didnt mention her boyfriend, and Zheng Wenhao said nothing further.

Half an hour later, Zheng Wenmeis boyfriend arrived.

Zheng Wenmei didnt change her sleeping gown, but directly went to open the door for her boyfriend in it.

Once the door was open, her boyfriend was a little sexually excited at seeing her curvy body showing in the silk sleeping gown.

“Wenmei, arent you afraid that Ill press you down on the bed” her boyfriend joked, half seriously.

He did want to have sex with her, but he wouldnt force her to do so, because he really loved her.

Zheng Wenmei was struck dumb for a second, then realized that she was still in her sleeping gown and flushed red.

She had been in love several times before, and they were already boyfriend and girlfriend now, so she didnt mind his joke.

Since they were a couple, they would have sex sooner or later.

In fact, Zheng Wenmei was looking forward to it, but she wouldnt say it aloud.

Her boyfriend walked inside.

He put the food down on the coffee table, and Zheng Wenmei ate it in a hurry.

However, she felt quite uneasy being stared at by her boyfriend all the time.

“Why are you staring at me all the time”

“Because youre so attractive,” he said, and didnt bother to hide his affection towards her.

Zheng Wenmei was always arrogant and aggressive, but she was also kind and gentle in front of her family, friends and boyfriend.

She finally finished eating, and her boyfriend pressed her down on the sofa without hesitation.

“Wenmei, I cant stand it anymore.”

After that, he started to kiss, touch and rub her.

In the beginning, Zheng Wenmei refused, but then agreed.

However, the second her boyfriend penetrated her, he felt that something was wrong.

Hasnt Wenmei stayed single for almost half a year Why does it feel like she just had sex with another man

Men were all sensitive to sex.

Did she have sex with someone else last night

If it was true, how should he face it

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