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Chapter 828: Lets Be Friends!

It wasnt a big deal in Gu Nings eyes, so she shrugged and said airily, “I just did it.” She sounded very proud of herself, which was a little annoying, but Zi Beiying wasnt in the mood to be mad at it.

Gu Ning became her idol now.

“Lets be friends! You can teach me shooting.

Tell me, how did you manage to shoot so fast, steadily, and accurately” Zi Beiying caught Gu Nings arm all of a sudden, and said with excitement.

Zi Beiying, who grew up with guns, couldnt be more interested in them.

She didnt care about fighting, gambling skills, and horse racing, but shooting was something she could never ignore.

Seeing the about-face in Zi Beiyings attitude towards her, Gu Ning was surprised, but she was willing to accept it.

“Well, you still need to pay me the money even though were friends,” Gu Ning said.

“No problem.

Mengda will transfer it to your account,” Zi Beiying agreed with alacrity.

She didnt feel upset at all after losing money this time, but felt thrilled that Gu Ning was willing to be her friend.

Twenty million yuan was merely nothing in Zi Beiyings eyes after all.

The Zi family was not only involved in munitions but also in many other industries and had over a hundred billion yuan in assets.

Zi Beiying herself had savings of over a billion yuan as well.

When they had met each other for the first time, it wasnt a pleasant experience, so she was reluctant to give Gu Ning three million yuan, but this time was different.

Gu Ning then took out a piece of paper with her bank account on it and handed it to Zi Beiying.

Zi Beiying took it, then gave it to Mengda and told him to transfer the money.

Since Gu Ning took the money, she should do something for Zi Beiying.

“This is what Qi Tianlin bought from me yesterday.

You can try a pill, and feel the change in your body.” Gu Ning took out a porcelain bottle with 10 power crystals inside.

Hearing that, Zi Beiying was struck dumb for a second.

Qi Tianlin paid twenty million yuan for her pills Is the pill very effective The porcelain bottle is so small.

How many pills can it accommodate Why is it so expensive

Zi Beiying had doubts in her mind, but she chose to believe Gu Ning since Qi Tianlin had paid a lot of money for it.

“Is it really effective Why is Qi Tianlin willing to pay twenty million yuan for it” she asked with curiosity.

“Its an unusually effective magical medicine, and it can cure most diseases, including cancer,” Gu Ning said.

“Its easy to cure a common disease with it, but it takes more pills and a longer time to cure a serious one.

Even though it cant cure all diseases, it can improve your body condition and extend your life.”

Hearing that, Zi Beiyings group was shocked.

Although Zi Beiying trusted Gu Ning, she still couldnt help but doubt it.

Mengda and Nan also couldnt believe it.

They even thought that Gu Ning could be deceiving Zi Beiying.

Gu Ning added later, “This medicine has cured heart disease, permanently damaged legs, serious injuries after a car accident, and so on.

Ive used it to save many peoples lives when their doctors had already lost hope for them.”

Zi Beiying and the others were stunned now.

They had never heard of such an unbelievable thing before.

Zi Beiying opened the bottle, and was about to try a pill, but Mengda and Nan stopped her.

“Lady Beiying, please dont.” Zi Beiying was a noble lady born in a very influential family, so she couldnt try it randomly.

What if it hurt her

Gu Ning also understood their worries, so she asked them, “Do you have any scars on your bodies”

In fact, Gu Ning had used her Jade Eyes to scan Nans body beforehand to see whether she had scars on her body so that they could have a test.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya had already gotten rid of their scars with the pills, so Gu Ning could only do the test on another person.

She also couldnt choose Mengda because Mengda was a man.

After scanning her, Gu Ning found a scar left by a gunshot on Nans shoulder.

“I have.” Nan stood out.

“There is a scar left by a gunshot on my shoulder from half a year ago, and its still quite obvious now.”

“Are you willing to do the test” Gu Ning asked.

“Sure.” Nan was willing to do the test for Zi Beiyings safety.

After that, she showed her shoulder and the scar was exposed.

“Mengda, please help me get a glass of water,” Gu Ning said to Mengda.

Mengda was Zi Beiyings bodyguard, so they wouldnt have suspicion that he would do anything to the water.

“No problem.” Mengda understood Gu Nings intention, so he didnt feel displeased at all when she gave the order.

Before long, Mengda got a glass of water for Gu Ning.

Gu Ning took the glass, and told Zi Beiying to put a pill in it.

The power crystal melted the second it touched the water, then Gu Ning used a cotton swab to treat the scar on Nans shoulder with the water.

Once the magical power got into Nans scar, Nan felt the coolness, which was quite comfortable.

Within seconds, a third of the scar faded right in front of their eyes.

Zi Beiying and the others rounded their eyes in shock after seeing the scene.

“Can you believe its effect now” Gu Ning smiled.

“Wow, its so amazing!” Zi Beiying said.

Mengda and Nan were also persuaded.

“You can treat superficial wounds by applying it to your skin, and treat internal damage by taking it.

If you dont have any injuries, it can also help you improve your bodys condition,” Gu Ning said.

Zi Beiying didnt have superficial wounds, nor internal damage, so she could only use it to improve her health.

Without delay, she took a power crystal.

The pill melted the second she put it into her mouth.

A flow of coolness spread across her body like lightning, and Zi Beiying soon felt that the organs in her body were enhanced.

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