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At the end, Gu Man compromised, “Then you must be cautious, and call me once you feel uncomfortable.”

“I will,” Gu Ning answered, then went outside.

When Gu Ning was out on the street, she looked at her phone in her hand with intense dislike.

It was a cheap old phone.

To be honest, Gu Ning was used to smartphones, and she disliked the old one with buttons on it.

Im going to make money and buy my mom and myself a smartphone. Gu Ning thought to herself.

There was no direct bus from where Gu Ning lived to the antique market, so she decided to transfer from the downtown.

Luckily, it wasnt the rush hour, and it only took Gu Ning 20 minutes to arrive at the downtown.

Gu Ning stepped off the bus, and walked ahead for another 300 meters to get on the next bus to the antique market.

There were many jewelry stores of well-known brands around the downtown.

Gu Ning was attracted by the jade shown in a window of a nearby jewelry store.

She wanted to walk inside and take a look.

Although she knew how to absorb the power, she hadnt practiced yet, and was curious about the feeling.

But when she just entered the store, she heard an acid female voice, “Wow! Isnt this Gu Ning What You dare to walk in a jewelry store when you have no money to feed yourself”

Yes, when Gu Ning was at school, she was known for her poverty.

Though Gu Man gave her allowance every day, which was enough for her meals, she was used to saving as much money as she could, and normally ate a steamed bun as her dinner.

That was how she had managed to save 500 yuan.

The girl who had verbally abused Gu Ning named Shao Feifei.

She was Gu Nings classmate.

Back in the classroom, Shao Feifei had always laughed at Gu Ning.

She would hurl abuse at Gu Ning, throw garbage into her desk and even ruin her textbooks.

The reason why Shao Feifei hated Gu Ning so much, not because Gu Ning was from a poor family, but because Gu Ning was more beautiful than her.

Shao Feifei, who was so-called “the Prettiest Girl” among the students was super jealous of Gu Ning.

Gu Ning was merely a poor girl from a poor family.

How could she be more beautiful than Shao Feifei!

And there was another girl of the same age stood beside Shao Feifei, but Gu Ning had no idea who she was.

Everyone in the store turned with one accord, looking at Gu Ning.

Those well-educated ones stayed calm, while those who were arrogant wore a face with dislike.

Especially when Gu Ning showed up in her worn-out clothes, it was a humiliation for the rich people to be in the same place with the poor.

But Gu Ning ignored all of them except Shao Feifei, “This isnt your home.

Why couldnt I be here” she argued.

“Well, can you afford anything here” Shao Feifei laughed at Gu Ning, then wore an exaggerated face with surprise, “Gee, do you plan to steal something”

At that time, everyones look on Gu Ning changed, especially the workers who were alert.

They obviously believed what Shao Feifei had just said.

Gu Ning was annoyed, “Shao Feifei, you dont have any proof for that, and I can sue you for libel.” Her eyes were full of coldness.


Shao Feifei was scared by Gu Nings look at first, then was even more astonished Gu Ning had argued back.

In the past, no matter how Shao Feifei had laughed at Gu Ning, Gu Ning had always stayed quiet.

“Sister, lets go now,” The girl who was with Shao Feifei felt threatened.

She wanted to leave right away.

“Why Ill stay and see what can she afford,” Shao Feifei raised her voice.

She didnt want to run away in front of Gu Ning.

In her eyes, Gu Ning was merely a poor student without any power, wealth or support.

Then she looked at Gu Ning with aggression.

“I dont think I have to buy something just because Ive walked in,” Gu Ning argued again.

“If you arent going to buy anything, then you shouldnt have walked in,” Shao Feifei insisted.

“I want to have a look first, and its none of your business,” Gu Ning said.

“You…” Suddenly, Shao Feifei had no idea how to fight back.

Gu Ning then ignored her, walking by directly.

Though those rich people disliked the poor, nobody stopped Gu Ning.

Just like what she had said, you didnt have to buy something just because you had walked in.

But all the workers in the jewelry store kept their eyes on Gu Ning, like she were a real thief.

Actually, there were many monitors in the store, and all the jewelry were locked in thick and heavy glasses.

It wasnt easy to steal a piece of them.

Gu Ning felt uncomfortable under the suspicion, but she didnt say a word.

She went to the area of jade, and focused on them.

Seconds later, there was a layer of light white fog appeared above those jade, and the fog was exactly the power Gu Ning needed.

However, the fog was thin, which meant the jade wasnt good enough.

Gu Ning didnt care at all, but the glasses blocked her out from those jade.

She could only absorb the power without anything in the middle.

Thus Gu Ning had to give up.

She sighed slightly.

But her sigh drew attention again.

“The poor cant afford a piece of jade, and all they can do is sigh.

Poor little thing,” a woman said.

“Exactly, the poor can never afford a piece of jade throughout their whole life!” another woman agreed.

Gu Ning was speechless.

Whatever the poor had done, it was wrong.

But how could they be so sure that she wasnt able to buy it throughout her whole life She was poor for now, but it didnt mean she couldnt afford an expensive commodity in the future.

Gu Ning looked to those two women.

They were around 40 years with good appearance.

Both were in luxury dresses, a little over though.

Especially the right one, there were three diamond, gold and jade rings around both of her two fingers.

And a gold bracelet around one of her wrist while a jade bracelet around another one.


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