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Chapter 734 Settle It out of Court Impossible

Before long, Lin Tianyous parents arrived at the police station.

At this moment, Lin Tianyou got his reason back, and realized that he had made a big mistake.

His parents didnt know that the victim was Yu Zi until they met him.

After hearing that, Lin Tianyous parents had a feeling that it would be harder for them to settle it out of court, because Lin Tianyou had cheated on Yu Zi before after all.

Afterwards, Mrs.

Lin thought that it could also be easy for them to solve this problem, because Lin Tianyou was Yu Zis ex-boyfriend anyway.

Since she was fine now, they could pay her some mental damage compensation to end this mess.


Lin was really very selfish and shameless.

In fact, if it hadnt been for Yang Ziqian, Lin Tianyou might have killed Yu Zi.

Although Lin Tianyous father disapproved of it, he also believed that they should have a nice talk with Yu Zi, and hoped that she could agree to settle it out of court.

Yu Zi went to the police station after getting the cut looked at in the hospital.

It was just a minor injury, so she would recover after a few days.

When Yu Zi met Lin Tianyous parents in the police station, she just gave them a glance, then moved her eyes away.


Lin, however, dashed forward and said to Yu Zis face, “Yu Zi, I know that Tianyou has made a mistake, but we can settle it out of court.

Were willing to pay the medical fee and mental damage compensation.” Mrs.

Lins attitude was as arrogant as usual.

“Settle it out of court” Yu Zi looked at Mrs.



He asked for it himself and he should bear the result of the mistake hes made.” Yu Zi wasnt a coward, and she would never forget those who hurt her.

“You…” Mrs.

Lin didnt expect that Yu Zi would be so tough.

Actually, it wasnt a surprise, because Yu Zi had shown her hatred towards Lin Tianyou many times before, but Mrs.

Lin refused to accept it.


Lin, Lin Tianyou broke the law and he should be put in jail.

If your life is under threat, will you forgive the person who threatens to kill you” Yang Ziqian questioned, and Mrs.

Lin felt quite stressed at this moment.

Since Yang Ziqian said that, Lin Tianyous father understood that it was hopeless that they could settle it out of court.

However, Lin Tianyou was his only child, so he had to do something.

“Yu Zi, please accept my apologies for Tianyous terrible behavior.” Saying that, Lin Tianyous father bowed to her.

He seemed very sincere, but Yu Zi wasnt touched at all.

“Tianyou is our only child, and we cant see him put in jail.

Could you forgive him this time” Lin Tianyous father said.


Lin, I think Ive already put it clearly,” Yang Ziqian said and frowned.

“Ive told you that he broke the law and should be put in jail.”

Hearing that, Lin Tianyous father closed his mouth.

In fact, there was a chance to settle it out of court as long as Yu Zi was willing to do so.


Lin, Im sorry.

I insist on dealing with this case according to the law,” Yu Zi said.

“I think we should go give the oral confession now.”

After that, Yu Zi walked inside, followed by Yang Ziqian.

“Yu Zi, how can you…” Mrs.

Lin was unwilling to accept it, but was stopped by her husband.

“Stop, she already put it clearly.” Lin Tianyous father was reluctant to accept the result as well, but there was nothing else he could do now.

“Do we have to see Tianyou put in jail Hes our only child!” Mrs.

Lin burst into tears.

Parents were all the same in this world, but everyone should pay for what they had done.

“Stop crying.” Lin Tianyous father snapped at her.

“Dont forget that you interfered in their relationship before.

Do you think that we can do anything we want to just because were a little rich We were born poor too, and weve worked hard to get what we have today.”

Lin Tianyous father was a good man, and he had never interfered in Lin Tianyous personal affairs.

He didnt have time to do that either.

However, both his wife and his son were snobbish.

Lin Tianyous father had built his career by working hard.

Yu Zi was doing the same thing.

She became a famous and successful designer from being a common white collar worker by working hard as well.

Charm was very popular and profitable now, and it had a close relationship with Jade Beauty Jewelry.

In that case, Yu Zi had a bright future ahead, and she could be much richer than the Lin family.

When Lin Tianyou heard that Yu Zi insisted on dealing with this case according to the law, he was in despair.

He knew that he ruined his own life.

After giving an oral confession, Yu Zi left with Yang Ziqian.

At the same time, Gu Ning came to the Earth Nightclub alone.

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