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Chapter 727 Tang Jiayang Is Back

However, no matter how much he denied it, he couldnt get rid of Tang Yunhangs suspicion.

In fact, Tang Yunhang was very sure that he was involved in it.

Tang Deming thought that they could do nothing about it as long as they didnt have solid proof, but he didnt know that he had actually already been exposed.

The Tang family didnt catch him right now in order to find the person behind him.

Even though Tang Deming lost touch with Zhang Yongjian, he thought that the Tang family didnt know about it because they hadnt taken any action yet.

“I agree, and I think that we should elect an acting chairman right now, or the staff and our business partners will leave us,” Fu Kaiyu said.

“I think so too.”

“Me too.

We need to prevent our enemies in business from attacking us when were in a crisis.”

Cheng Zhongsheng and Wu Boyan agreed with Tang Deming.

“If so, I think we better elect an acting chairman as soon as possible,” Tang Zhilin yield to the pressure.

Five among eight directors agreed, so the other three obviously couldnt reject it.

Tang Yunhang and Tang Yunrong could take part in the election, but they only had the right to vote.

They along with the ninth director voted for Tang Zhilin.

Fu Kaiyu, Cheng Zhongsheng and Wu Boyan voted for Tang Deming.

Seeing that, Tang Zhilin couldnt stay calm anymore.

He shouted at them, “Cheng Zhongsheng, Wu Boyan, what do you mean”

“Dont we have the freedom to vote” Cheng Zhongsheng asked.

“You…” Tang Zhilin was struck dumb.

Tang Yunhang had 10% shares, Tang Zhilin and Tang Yunrong had 5% shares, while the ninth director had 2% shares, which amounted to 22% shares.

Tang Deming had 8% shares, Cheng Zhongsheng had 6% shares, Fu Kaiyu had 5% shares, and Wu Boyan had 3% shares, which also amounted to 22% shares.

Tang Yunfan alone owned 51% shares, and nobody else could change that.

The other 5% shares were in the market.

Both Tang Zhilin and Tang Deming held 22% shares in total, so they failed to elect the acting chairman.

“Well, I guess we cant elect the acting chairman today,” Quan Mingkai said.

“Dont jump to the conclusion.

I also have another 1% share which I bought from the stock market,” Tang Deming said, and took out a document.

Tang Deming was well-prepared today, and he wouldnt give it up easily.

Hearing that, everyone was shocked.

“Tang Deming, youve schemed everything!” Tang Zhilin questioned him.

It seemed that he was angry because Tang Deming grabbed the position which belonged to him away.

“Dont put it so unpleasantly.

I just want to save the company,” Tang Deming said like he was the hero.

“You…” Tang Zhilin was mad, but didnt know what to say.

Right at this moment, they heard noises from outside.

“Whats going on outside” They were all confused.

“The reporters,” Quan Mingkai said after glancing at a new message he just received.

“The reporters Why did reporters come here right now Who told them to come here” Tang Zhilin frowned.

Tang Deming, however, stayed calm.

Without a doubt, it was he who told the reporters to come here.

As long as the reporters sent the news out, it was impossible for others to reverse the decision.

Before long, the door of the office was pushed open.

A young man in his early twenties walked inside.

He was handsome, energetic and resembled Tang Jiakai, but he had an air of maturity.

He was precisely Tang Jiakais older twin brother, Tang Jiayang.

Tang Jiayang was back from Country Y.

Seeing Tang Jiayang, Tang Yunhangs group wasnt surprised at all, because it was their arrangement.

Tang Demings group, on the other hand, rounded their eyes in shock.

Although they never cared about Tang Jiayang, who was too young and lacked experience, he was a stumbling block in their way after all.

To their astonishment, he came back from Country Y right now.

How is it possible Didnt Tang Weiyong send someone to spy on Tang Jiayang Why did we hear nothing about the news that hes coming home He showed up at this moment for nothing good! Tang Deming thought to himself, and he was right.

“I heard that there is a meeting among the board of directors today, and an acting chairman will be elected,” Tang Jiayang said with a calm face.

“I dont think its necessary, because Chairman Yunfan has signed an appointment letter.

If hes caught in any accidents, I will be the acting chairman.”

“What” Tang Deming couldnt believe his ears.

“Its true.” Yan Weilun who was standing behind Tang Jiayang took out a document.

“This is the appointment letter written by Chairman Yunfan a long while ago.”

“Let me have a look!” Tang Deming stepped ahead in a hurry.

He hoped that it was fake, but there indeed was Tang Yunfans handwriting on it, and it was set at August last year.

Since Tang Jiayang had the appointment letter, he would be the acting chairman without election.

Tang Deming was extremely unwilling to accept it, but he didnt dare to oppose it.

He wasnt a man of outstanding ability after all, and did everything according to Tang Weiyongs orders.

The situation was different right now, and he had no idea how to deal with it.

All he could do was tell Tang Weiyong the result later.

Those reporters soon spread the news out.

Many people didnt have positive opinions on the fact that the acting chairman of Tanghuang Group was a young man who was just 20 or so.

Other people, on the other hand, thought that there were many able people in Tanghuang Group, and even a young man would be able to run it well.

Although Tang Jiayang was already 22, he was merely a kid in those experienced managers eyes.

Actually, Tang Jiayang hadnt graduated from his college yet.

Even so, Tang Jiayang already had a masters degree of commercial management.

Apart from Tang Yunfan, Tang Jiayang was the most talented businessman in the Tang family.

Tang Yunfan didnt have any kids, so the Tang family raised Tang Jiayang as the heir of their family business.

Exactly because of that, Tang Weiyong sent someone to spy on Tang Jiayang, instead of Tang Jiakai.

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