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Chapter 715 Dont Forget Your Manners

After being through a hard time, Gu Qinxiang became much more friendly.

When he met Gu Man again, he wasnt so arrogant as usual at all, and even seemed a little submissive.

Gu Qinxiang had aged a lot during this hard time, and he was busy dealing with the crisis of his company.

However, it seemed that his company was doomed to bankruptcy.

He felt too embarrassed to ask Gu Man for money now, because he didnt know whether Gu Man was willing to help him.

Besides, even if he got the money, it would soon be consumed if he failed to strike a business deal.

Gu Man, at the same time, didnt bother to ask how everything was going in Gu Qinxiangs life.

When Gu Qinxiang saw Lin Lijuan, he frowned, but didnt show any disdain.

“Lijuan,” Gu Qinxiang called her, but Lin Lijuan didnt have any reactions, because she had already forgotten her name.

“She doesnt know anyone, nor who she is right now.

Lets go buy some new clothing for her before we take her to eat some food!” Gu Man said.

“Sure,” Gu Qinxiang said, and went to support Lin Lijuan with his hands, but Lin Lijuan was scared and hid behind Gu Mans back at once.

Gu Qinxiang didnt know what to do, so he turned around and walked out, followed by them.

They got in the car, and left for a shopping mall.

On the way, Gu Man didnt talk with Gu Qinxiang.

What had happened to Lin Lijuan was something Gu Qinxiang should figure out himself.

They soon arrived at the shopping mall, and took Lin Lijuan to buy some new clothes for her.

Gu Qinxiang lacked money now, so they went to a normal clothing shop.

If Gu Qinxiang wasnt here, Gu Man would pay for Lin Lijuan, but since he was here now, he would pay the bill himself.

However, Gu Man didnt mind paying the bill when they went to share a meal together later.

“Oh, isnt this Mrs.

Gu Didnt you hate such a normal clothing shop before Why did you suddenly come here to buy clothes”

The moment Lin Lijuan walked out from a changing room, a woman said in an unkind tone.

Lin Lijuan, however, had no reaction at all, because she didnt know that the woman was laughing at her.

Gu Man and Qiao Ya turned to look at the woman.

She was around 40 years old and was dressed in normal clothing and had the same mean expression as Lin Lijuan did in the old days.

There was another woman of the same age as her by her side.

When she didnt hear a response from Lin Lijuan, the woman was displeased and added, “Lin Lijuan, I feel so sorry for you now.

Your daughter is in jail, and your husband has cheated on you.

Even his company is about to go bankrupt! I dont think youre qualified to make fun of me from now on!”

The woman sounded quite satisfied.

She had known Lin Lijuan for many years, and Lin Lijuan had shown off in front of her many times, so she never forgot her hatred towards Lin Lijuan.

If it hadnt been for the fact that she needed Lin Lijuans help, she would have argued with Lin Lijuan a long time ago.

In fact, this woman was also very ungrateful.

Although Lin Lijuan had despised her, Lin Lijuan had helped her a lot after all.

However, Lin Lijuan was in a bad condition now, so she came to humiliate Lin Lijuan in a public place.

Jealousy could easily distort a persons mindset, and made a person ungrateful at the same time.

Hearing the womans loud voice, many people in the shop looked at Lin Lijuan with sympathy or disdain.

Gu Qinxiang, who was sitting on a sofa, felt ashamed and annoyed, but didnt know what to say, because he had cheated on Lin Lijuan.

Gu Qinxiang was reading a magazine, so the two women didnt notice him.

They didnt know Gu Man or Qiao Ya either, otherwise they wouldnt have been so arrogant.

However, Lin Lijuan still stood there with an expressionless face.

Gu Man, on the other hand, couldnt stand it anymore.

“This lady, please mind your personal image and dont forget your manners!”

The woman felt a little embarrassed, but retorted at once, “Its none of your business! Im not talking about you.”

“You dont have the right to judge another person either!” Gu Man said.

“You…” The woman was mad, but didnt know what to say.

The other woman didnt want to cause a scene, so she pulled her and walked away.

After the two women were gone, Gu Mans group also left.

Gu Man took them to a restaurant and booked a private room before they started to order dishes.

Gu Qinxiang called Lin Dechang after ordering, trying to figure out what had happened to Lin Lijuan.

“What” Lin Dechang sounded very aggressive.

They had a bad relationship ever since Lin Dechang found out that Gu Qinxiang had cheated on Lin Lijuan.

“Didnt Lijuan stay at your place Why didnt you tell me that she left your house Do you know that shes in a really terrible condition right now” Gu Qinxiang questioned in annoyance.

“What” Lin Dechang was surprised, then remembered that he hadnt seen Lin Lijuan for a couple of days.

“What has happened to Lijuan”

“She has wandered on the street like a beggar, and was being beaten by a man after stealing several steamed buns.

She also has a mental problem now.

If Gu Man hadnt found her by accident, I probably wouldnt find out until she died!” Gu Qinxiang was angry.

“What” Lin Dechang was shocked now and explained it at once.

“She left my house a few days ago without bringing her phone.

I thought that she went to find her friends!”

Since Lin Dechang said so, Gu Qinxiang couldnt blame him for everything.

Lin Lijuan was an adult after all, and it was nobodys duty to take care of her like she was a baby.

“Was she in a normal mental condition when she left your house” Gu Qinxiang asked.

“Of course, or we wouldnt allow her to leave!” Lin Dechang argued.

It sounded like Gu Qinxiang was blaming him because he didnt care about Lin Lijuans life.

He did havent taken good care of Lin Lijuan, but he wouldnt let Lin Lijuan leave the house if he knew that she had a mental problem.

In addition, he had told Lin Yuehao to find her that night when Lin Lijuan hadnt come back.

Although Lin Dechang was also displeased, he still wouldnt stand aside and do nothing since Lin Lijuan was in trouble now.

“I think she must have been through something before she got the mental problem.

Why dont we call the police and check the surveillance cameras to see what happened to her”

“Sure,” Gu Qinxiang said, then hung up.

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