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Chapter 710 I Dont Care Who You Are

They all noticed that there was a very real chemistry between them, but neither of them confessed their affection to each other, so they needed a little help.

Therefore, nobody else in the private room went ahead to help Cao Wenxin up, except for Xin Bei.

Although Xin Bei was unwilling to let Cao Wenxin leave his arms, they werent a couple after all, so it wasnt appropriate.

After being supported by Xin Bei, Cao Wenxin flushed red, and didnt dare to meet Xin Beis eyes.

Xin Bei felt uneasy as well.

“Xin Bei, why dont you send Wenxin home” Xu Jinchen said.

It was obvious that he was giving them a chance to spend some alone time together.

“No, thanks, I…” Cao Wenxin declined subconsciously, not because she didnt want Xin Bei to send her home, but because she felt too embarrassed to face Xin Bei now.

“Are you sure Its very late now, and it isnt safe if you take a taxi home,” Xu Jinchen interrupted Cao Wenxin before she could finish her sentence.

“Xin Bei is the only one who hasnt drunk too much, so he is the only one who can drive you home.”

After that, Xu Jinchen walked out at once.

He had drunk a lot, and felt like sleeping now.

The others all left without delay, and only Cao Wenxin and Xin Bei stayed in the room.

Cao Wenxin opened her mouth, but didnt know what to say.

In addition, there was no one who wanted to hear it, so she could only close her mouth.

“Do you really hate me” Xin Bei asked all of a sudden, feeling hurt and sad.

“Of course not.” Cao Wenxin denied it at once.

She didnt hate him.

Instead, she liked him now, which was the reason why she felt so shy.

However, she couldnt say it aloud.

“Well, then lets go!” Cao Wenxin stood up walking out.

Seeing Cao Wenxin almost escaping, Xin Bei wore an evil smile, but didnt say anything.

However, before Xin Bei caught up with Cao Wenxin, a man stopped her.

“Wenxin, what a coincidence! Come on, come have some fun in my private room!”

The man seemed kind, but Cao Wenxin frowned with hatred.

“Get out of my way!”

“Dont be so aggressive.


“She told you to get out of her way.” Xin Bei strode to Cao Wenxins side and coldly looked at the man.

“Who are you Its none of your business!” The man was very arrogant.

Xin Bei ignored him, and pulled Cao Wenxin, walking ahead.

The man, however, wasnt willing to give up.

He grabbed Cao Wenxins other hand.

Cao Wenxin tried in vain to get rid of his hand, her face covered with an expression of strong dislike.

The next second, Xin Bei caught the mans wrist and squeezed it with great force.

The man felt great pain and let go of Cao Wenxins hand.

He stared at Xin Bei with an angry face.

“How dare you hurt me Do you know who I am I was born in the Xie family!”

The man was named Xie Dongyan.

He was the son of a relatively super-rich family in City B, and only a few people dared to annoy him.

Cao Wenxin was an exception.

Not only did she dare to annoy him, but she also dared to punch him.

Even so, he admired Cao Wenxin, and would approach her every time he saw her.

Xie Dongyan knew some fighting skills, so he was able to protect himself to some extent, although he couldnt win a fight with Cao Wenxin.

“I dont care who you are, but Ill beat you if you dare to harass Wenxin!” Xin Bei said.

He didnt seem scared at all, but was quite protective of Cao Wenxin now.

At this moment, Cao Wenxin enjoyed the feeling of being protected by a strong man, and her hatred towards Xie Dongyan was soon replaced by happiness.

She hoped that this feeling could last forever.

Most men cared about saving face very much.

So after being caught and hurt by Xin Bei, Xie Dongyan was in a rage, because he thought that it damaged his dignity as a man.

When he saw Cao Wenxin showing happiness because of the strong and handsome man in front of him, he was even angrier and lost control of himself.

At short notice, he clenched his fist and tried to punch Xin Bei.

Xin Bei was a well-trained soldier in the special forces, so it was impossible that Xie Dongyan could hurt him.

Xie Dongyan caught Xie Dongyans fist within a second, then turned to ask Cao Wenxin, “Can I beat him”

Xin Bei ached to punch him, but he was afraid that it might cause Cao Wenxin trouble.

“Of course!” Cao Wenxin said with obvious hatred in her eyes.

The second Cao Wenxin finished her sentence, Xin Bei dislocated Xie Dongyans arm with a clear sound.

Xie Dongyan shouted in pain and his face turned pale at once.

Although his arm could easily be placed back to its normal position in the joint, it was still super painful when it was dislocated.

Besides, it wasnt something that everyone could do, so they would have to turn to an orthopedist for help.

It would be really painful for him before he found a good doctor.

Therefore, Xin Bei left with Cao Wenxin after just dislocating his arm.

Before they left, Cao Wenxin stared straight at Xie Dongyan saying coldly, “Xie Dongyan, if you dare to harass me again, Ill beat you down to the floor!”

“Lord Xie, A-are you alright” A waiter walked over when Cao Wenxin and Xin Bei were gone.

“Do you think that Im alright now Go find my brothers in private room V08, and tell them to come here right now!” Xie Dongyan roared in anger.

Couldnt the waiter see that he was in great pain right now

“S-sure.” The waiter was frightened, then ran to private room V08 to tell Xie Dongyans friends.

Before long, three men walked over, and they were all surprised when they saw Xie Dongyans arm.

“Lord Xie, what happened”

“Someone dislocated my arm!” Xie Dongyan said in a cold tone with an angry face.

“What Who dared to hurt you Well kill him for you!” a man said.

“Exactly!” the other two men agreed.

“Take me to the hospital first!” Xie Dongyan said.

He felt like he was dying.

Hearing that, they realized that it was the most important thing to do now, so they helped Xie Dongyan walk out.

They werent doctors, so they had to go to the hospital.

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