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Chapter 705 Black Cat

Since the man could recognize them, he must have the same occupation as them.

If he came to them right now, he must have been assigned a task to kill them.

“Are you here to kill us” Gao Yi asked, although he already had the answer.

Even though their names werent on the wanted list now, it was possible that the leader of the killer organization they had served wanted them killed.

“Not really.” To Gao Yi and Qiao Yas astonishment, the man denied it.

“Then why” Gao Yi asked with a doubtful look.

“Well,” the man said in a self-mocking tone.

“Im on the wanted list now the same as you were, but Im not as able as you are to be able to wipe my name away, so Im being chased now.”

Hearing that, Gao Yi and Qiao Ya frowned, and were curious about the reason why his name was listed on the wanted list.

Normally, the killers whose names were put on the wanted list had betrayed their organizations.

One killer wouldnt put another killers name on the wanted list, because they preferred to solve the problem on their own.

Although they were curious, they didnt ask for the reason, because curiosity killed the cat.

“How did you find us and why” Gao Yi asked again.

“I encountered you just now, and of course I want you to help me wipe my name from the wanted list.

Ill owe you a favor, and Ill do everything for you to the best of my ability,” the man said.

“Sorry, we dont have the ability to wipe our names away; someone helped us,” Gao Yi said.

“Who” the man asked.

“Shouldnt you tell me whether youre telling me the truth first I cant tell you the persons name right now,” Gao Yi said.

The man was struck dumb for a second.

He thought that Gao Yis words made sense, so he took off his cap and mask.

A young face with a knife scar appeared.

“Black Cat!”

Seeing the mans face, Gao Yi and Qiao Ya were surprised to meet a familiar person.

Their names had been on the wanted list, so it was normal that other killers knew their faces and code names, but they were still astonished to see a familiar face.

In the killers world, their identities had to be kept a secret, so one wouldnt know many familiar people, unless they served the same organization, or had met each other at the same training place, or had fought against one another while fulfilling the same task.

They met Black Cat in a conflict when they had been assigned the same task.

Although they had almost killed each other, they had fulfilled the task with one anothers help, so they had shared the reward at the end.

“If you dont believe it, you can check the wanted list.

I can wait,” Black Cat said.

“Well, its not up to me whether to help you or not, and I think that you will have to satisfy the conditions she set,” Gao Yi said, because he knew that Gu Ning wouldnt agree without any conditions.

“What conditions” Black Cat asked.

He didnt think that it was a big deal, because there was no free lunch in this world.

“You will probably have to work for her for the rest of your life ,” Gao Yi said.

Hearing that, Black Cat frowned.

What was the difference between that and his previous life in the killer organization

“Well, were willing to work for her for the rest of our lives, but it still depends on her whether she wants to use you.

I can only say that shes a very successful businesswoman whos never done illegal things,” Gao Yi said.

He understood that Black Cat was reluctant to live a life which was full of blood and killing anymore.

He wasnt sure whether Gu Ning would help Black Cat, but he had to know Black Cats willingness before he told Gu Ning.

Gao Yi was willing to give Black Cat a helping hand because he thought that Black Cat was a great killer, and Gu Ning probably needed him.

As for Black Cats character, Gao Yi didnt know much about it, and it was up to Gu Ning whether to keep him or not.

“If it is possible, I hope that I can discuss it with her in person,” Black Cat said.

“I can help you mention it on the phone, but shes the decision-maker,” Gao Yi said, and Black Cat understood.

Afterwards, Gao Yi walked aside, and called Gu Ning.

When Gu Ning received Gao Yis call, she had just finished the meal with her friends, and they were talking about where to have fun next.

“Boss, I have something to talk to you in private,” Gao Yi heard other peoples voices from the phone and said.

Hearing that, Gu Ning cocked her eyebrow, because she knew that it must be serious.

“Wait a second,” Gu Ning said standing up, then walked to an interior room.“Alright, you can say it now,” Gu Ning said.

After that, Gao Yi told her what had happened to Black Cat.

Hearing that, Gu Nings eyes lit up.

She needed people with great skills in fighting or kung fu right now, and a killer couldnt be a better choice! As for the persons character, she needed time to see it.

Therefore, she didnt mind.

In addition, she was also willing to meet Black Cat in person, and told them to meet her at the Huangdeng Hotel.

When Gu Ning walked out, they already made a decision on where to have fun next, but Gu Ning had to leave.

“Im sorry.

I have to go deal with something important right now, so I wont join you.”

They were all disappointed that Gu Ning would be absent, but they understood that Gu Ning was very busy.

Since Gu Ning wouldnt go with them, Leng Shaoting wouldnt either.

They went to a tea room after their friends were gone.

Leng Shaoting didnt ask what Gu Ning was going to deal with, but clasped her in his arms the second the waiter was out.

He lowered his head to her neck, and rubbed her collarbone with the top of his nose.

“Stop now.

Theyll be here soon.” Gu Ning pushed Leng Shaoting away.

They were in a public place!

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