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Chapter 648 Open Wider

Seeing that Leng Shaojias belief was shaken, Smith was very proud of himself.

“I heard that youre still single.

Since you dont have a boyfriend, you dont need to worry about it at all.

It has nothing to do with betrayal.”

Leng Shaojia thought that it made sense and she also wanted to get revenge on Jiang Ruiqin.

In addition, she was seduced too, so she agreed, “Sure!”

Smith was happy hearing Leng Shaojias answer.

In fact, although Smith liked Leng Shaojia, he was only interested in having sex with her, and had no intention to be in a serious relationship with her.

His ex-wife left him precisely because he had cheated on her.

In Smiths eyes, he had to live his life while he was still young, because he wouldnt have enough energy to play around again once he was old.

Moreover, he was rich, and he could afford it.

He also understood that Leng Shaojia didnt like him, but instead liked his skills in bed, which was acceptable for him, because there was no need for him to take responsibility for it.

Shi Yanyan soon left with a handsome young man.

Qin Beixin was totally drunk and was sent back by Du.

In the end, only Leng Shaojia and Smith were left there.

“Have more drinks with me! I havent had enough.” Leng Shaojia wasnt in a good mood, so she wanted to relieve her pain by drinking

“Why not, but I think you better not drink too much, or you wont feel the excitement later,” Smith said.

He didnt want to have sex with a drunk woman, he wanted a sensual woman.

Saying that, he covered her leg with his palm, then moved his palm upwards to the V of her legs.

Leng Shaojia refused, but Smith said at once, “Dont you think its very exciting Nobody will notice.”

Leng Shaojia stopped for a second, and started feeling excited.

They sat in the deepest corner with tassels separating them from the others.

The light was dim, and there was a table in front of them, so it was impossible that anyone would notice them.

Therefore, Leng Shaojia didnt stop him anymore.

However, her legs were tightly closed.

“Open your legs wider, so I can move in,” Smith said.

After a while of flirting and touching, both of them felt aroused, but it wasnt the right place to have sex here, so they stayed calm and drank

“Look, theyre being really bold.” Smith gave a glance at the next table, and Leng Shaojia looked over.

A woman lowered her head between a mans legs.

Although she couldnt see it clearly, she understood what they were doing at first glance.

It seemed the man was enjoying it, and there were other people around them joking loudly.

From their talk, Leng Shaojia got to know that they were playing truth or dare, and the woman lost a round.

It was too much in Leng Shaojias eyes; she couldnt do that.

After a short time, Leng Shaojia left along with Smith.

Smith had already booked a room in a nearby hotel, so they soon arrived.

With a loud sound, Smith knocked the door open and threw Leng Shaojia onto the bed.

It wasnt painful, because the bed was super soft.

Without hesitation, Smith pressed her body against the bed.

The next day, Jiang Ruiqin got up to run in the morning as usual, but Gu Ning was still absent.

It had been three days.

Was she avoiding him He had dined with Gu Ning yesterday, but it was just a coincidence.

Running in the morning, however, was different because Gu Ning had told him that it was her regular exercise, and he had told her the same thing.

Nevertheless, Gu Ning had been absent for three days.

Maybe she was very busy, but it was also possible that she stopped running to avoid meeting him.

Cao Wenxin called Xin Bei once she got up, and asked him what he wanted to eat.

It was still morning, so Xin Bei wanted to have some congee.

Cao Wenxin then brought congee to visit him in the hospital before Xin Bei went to do the CT scan.

When it was 10 am, the results were out and Xin Bei was fine, so he could leave the hospital now.

Cao Wenxin and Xin Bei went to the parking lot together.

Not far away, Yu Wenkang was carrying a lunchbox that contained some dishes prepared by Yu Wenjing for Xin Bei.

Yu Wenkang felt a little embarrassed seeing Xin Bei, and Xin Bei just nodded to him politely before he got in the car.

Cao Wenxin drove a Maserati which was worth over a million yuan.

It was an exclusive car for the senior management of the Tanghuang Group.

Therefore, when Yu Wenkang saw the logo of the car, he was shocked.

If this woman in front of his eyes was able to drive such a luxurious car, she must have been born in a super-rich family.

He now really hoped that Yu Wenjing would listen to him and stopped harassing this woman.

When they arrived at the hotel, Cao Wenxin called Gu Ning.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting had just left, so she told Cao Wenxin to order first.

Not long after they left the house area, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting noticed that someone was stalking them.

Gu Ning was very displeased, because she had been stalked many times these days, but she didnt know whether she or Leng Shaoting was the target this time.

She turned around and used her Jade Eyes.

There were two men in the car behind them, and both of them had guns, which made Gu Ning think of bounty hunters.

Gu Ning was worried, but she couldnt tell Leng Shaoting right away, in case that would arouse his suspicion.

“I think we better drive to a remote place and deal with them first,” Gu Ning said.

If they were just normal stalkers, they would let them go, but it was obvious that those two men were killers.

Leng Shaoting had the same idea, so he drove the car towards a remote place.

The two men in the car behind them had no idea that they were already exposed, and even felt that it was a great chance for them to kill them at a remote place.

Although Gu Ning couldnt tell Leng Shaoting directly that they had guns, she could suggest it.

“I wonder whether they aim to hurt me or you, but either way, we must be careful.

They probably have knives or guns.”

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