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Chapter 494 B-List Actors II

Most importantly, Bai Lin had failed to become famous after all these years, so her agent was a little reluctant to work with her now.

Since someone gave her a job all of a sudden, her agent couldnt be more willing to let Bai Lin accept it.

After picking Bai Lin up, Lu Zhan guided her to have a rest in the large bus.

The people in the large bus all knew Gu Nings real identity and Gu Ning agreed to tell Bai Lin that she was the real boss when Lu Zhan asked her.

“Bai Lin, this is Gu Ning.

Shes the sole investor of this film and shes also my boss,” Lu Zhan introduced Gu Ning to Bai Lin when they got in the car.

Bai Lin was quite surprised when she heard it.

Jesus! This girl must be younger than 20-years-old! However, Bai Lin thought that Gu Nings family must be super-rich and she was a horror film lover so she told her family to invest in this film.

Even so, Bai Lin didnt show any disdain towards Gu Ning because Gu Ning was the one who offered her a job.

If she annoyed Gu Ning, she could lose her job.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Gu!” Bai Lin reached out her hand to Gu Ning.

Gu Ning shook hands with her and replied politely, “Nice to meet you too, Miss Bai! Welcome to join us!”

“Please read the contract and script first, and then you along with Su Tongnuo can have an audition to decide your roles before you sign the contract,” Gu Ning said.

Bai Lin had only received a short introduction of the two leading female roles and she didnt know the details of the script.

They had already printed the contract and script out, and Lu Zhan had agreed as to Bai Lins payment with her agent when he had called her.

“No problem,” Bai Lin said and took the contract and script from Lu Zhans hands.

She then walked to a vacant seat at the back rows in the large bus.

She kindly greeted Su Tongnuo, then both of them began to mind their own business.

Half an hour later, Zhao Qigang and Han Lengxuan arrived too.

They also came with their assistants.

Zhao Qigang wasnt a big star, so he did most of the things himself.

Han Lengxuan was in the same situation as Bai Lin.

He was half-abandoned by his agent as well, so his agent didnt bother to come with him either.

Han Lengxuan was young and handsome, but there were plenty of that type in the market now, so it was still very hard for him to gain fame.

Most importantly, he lacked good work.

Gu Ning got out of the large bus too, not to welcome Zhao Qigang and Han Lengxuan, but to tell the driver to leave a car for her.

She was going to deal with something in the city, so she needed a car, and it wasnt convenient to drive the large bus there.

Jiang Bowen had told the driver to follow Gu Nings lead on any requests so the driver didnt hesitate to leave a car for Gu Ning.

After that, Lu Zhan introduced Gu Ning to Zhao Qigang and Han Lengxuan.

They were both astonished to find out that Gu Ning was the sole investor of this film, and they also had the same idea as Bai Lin that Gu Ning must come from a super-rich family.

They didnt show any disdain either, because they just came here to fulfill their task.

Therefore, they kindly greeted Gu Ning, then got into the large bus to read the script.

It was the first time that Duan Lixin had met so many actors at a time, so she was very nervous.

When Zhao Qigang and Han Lengxuan saw Bai Lin and Su Tongnuo, they greeted one another politely.

The bus was large with only a few people inside, so they all had enough room.

When they had all gathered together in the large bus, it was around two hours away from daybreak.

Luckily, they had slept on the plane, so they were able to focus on the script now.

When daybreak came, Mo Chenyi along another two soldiers went to buy breakfast for them.

They got steamed buns, breads, eggs and milk for breakfast, which wasnt bad.

Gu Ning wasnt mean so she shared the breakfast with all of the miners.

After breakfast, Gu Ning drove to the antique street to buy some fake antiques and ancient acting suits for the film.

While Gu Ning was gone, the rest of the people started to set the stage for the boot ceremony.

At the same time, Bai Lin and Su Tongnuo had their auditions.

And the result was that Bai Lin would act the part of the woman, while Su Tongnuo acted as the female ghost.

The woman was named Ding Tong in the show.

After settling the roles, Su Tongnuo needed to wear special make-up and an ancient acting suit.

According to the story, only the man, Tao Muxuan, and the woman, Ding Tong, were able to see the female ghost.

As for the zombie, a random worker in the crew would play it.

Zhao Qigang would act as the archaeologist, Professor Fei, while Chu Peihan, Hao Ran and Zhang Tianping would act as his students.

There couldnt just be four people in an archaeological team, so they hired seven miners to join them.

As long as they could make some money, those miners were more than willing to do it.

Gu Ning arrived at the antique street very early, so she went to shop for a red, ancient acting suit first.

Gu Ning had great taste and the suit was quite beautiful.

After that, Gu Ning went to buy some tools for the archaeological team before she went back to the antique street.

Gu Ning planned to buy some fake antiques as well as several real ones for close-ups.

In addition, she would also mention Xiangyun Antique-store as the antique sponsor to publicize it.

Gu Ning was very efficient, and she finished shopping when it was just past 10 am.

After she went back to Changyang Mountain, Su Tongnuo put on the red ancient acting suit before the boot ceremony began.

They also took pictures of the leading roles to make posters for promotion.

Gu Ning called K later and asked whether he knew how to make posters.

K said, “Boss, do you think that Im only a hacker To tell you the truth, there is nothing I cant do when it comes to a computer.

I promise that Ill give you the best posters youve ever seen!”

Gu Ning then sent K the photos of the three leading roles along with the name, introduction and the cast of the film.

The post about the zombie gained more and more attention on the Internet, and many reporters went to the government building early in the morning trying to interview some officials.

Jiang Bowen was also attacked by many colleagues in politics, because he was responsible for dealing with the problem.

If he couldnt handle it well, they all would be in big trouble.

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