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Chapter 415 Kick the Man Three Meters Away

“When will you go back home If youre not in a hurry, I can take you to visit some fun places in City B,” Pan Zirui said.

“I wont be staying here for very long, and I still need to deal with something else too,” Gu Ning said.

“Fine.” Pan Zirui was disappointed.

Before the horse racing started, there was a ceremony for the appearance of the riders and horses.

The horse racing fans could observe the horses from a close distance and make judgments over the horses competitive state by the horses coat color, pace, eyes and amount of sweat.

According to the information they collected, senior horse racing fans would then place a bet.

At the end of the debut, riders would mount their horses and ride to the gate.

That would be the best time to observe the state of the horse.

By observing their jogging, people could understand whether the horse was in good condition and whether the horse was satisfied with the condition of the track today.

Therefore, when they walked into the field, they didnt immediately go to the VIP room, but instead went to observe the horses.

However, they encountered trouble halfway.

“Oh, isnt this Lord Pan What Youre bringing your girlfriend and the other woman together here today Wow, you all get along so well!” a man said sarcastically from one side, and they all stopped to look at the man.

The man was coming towards them along with seven other people.

There were four men and four women.

The leading man was walking in the front with a cigarette dangling from his mouth.

He seemed very proud and rude.

What he had said made Pan Zirui furious.

“Zhao Kanglin, shut your mouth! And dont humiliate my boss.”

“Boss” They were stunned and laughed loudly as if they had just heard a hilarious joke.

“Ha-ha, ha-ha, Pan Zirui, do you mean that this girl is your boss” Zhao Kanglin leered at Gu Ning.

“Shes pretty! I bet that shes your boss in bed, right If shes so good, why dont you lend her to me for a couple of days”

Hearing that, they laughed loudly again.

Even Guan Bin and the others who disliked Gu Ning were gloating

Gu Ning was displeased, and she definitely wouldnt tolerate such a humiliation.

However, before Gu Ning could move, Pan Zirui ran forward in anger.

“Zhao Kanglin, f*ck you!”

People around them took out their phones to take a video when they saw that there could be a fierce fight.

Facing Pan Zirui who was furious, Zhao Kanglin didnt care at all.

“Pan Zirui, since when can you beat me in a fight” Saying that, he grabbed Pan Ziruis fist and kicked at Pan Ziruis stomach.

Pan Zirui wasnt weak, and turned his body to avoid Zhao Kanglins foot.

He then caught Zhao Kanglins palm before attacking Zhao Kanglin again, but Zhao Kanglin escaped away.

Security guards heard the noise and ran over.

However, before they could stop the two men, Pan Zirui and Zhao Kanglin interrupted.

“Stay away!”

There were rules at the horse racing field.

If the parties refused security guards getting involved, they wouldnt.

However, if anyone was hurt or killed, the horse racing field wouldnt bear any responsibility.

After Pan Zirui and Zhao Kanglin had fought against each other for a few minutes, Zhao Kanglin hit Pan Zirui right on his chest, and Pan Zirui was knocked backwards a few steps.

Pan Zirui was good at fighting because he fought a lot.

However, Zhao Kanglin had served in the army for three years and had been trained professionally.

That being the case, Pan Zirui was barely an opponent for Zhao Kanglin.

“Lord Pan, are you alright Do you need us to call the ambulance” a security guard walked forward and asked Pan Zirui.

“Zirui, are you alright” Zhou Guangrui and those who cared about Pan Zirui came to him too.

“Im fine.” Although he felt great pain from his chest, it was tolerable.

In addition, he was already used to it.

Gu Ning took out a porcelain bottle at once and gave it to Pan Zirui.

“Here, take it.” Although the power crystal was quite valuable, Gu Ning was willing to give it to her friend.

“What is this” Pan Zirui asked.

“Medicine,” Gu Ning replied.

Hearing that, Pan Zirui took the porcelain bottle, opened it, and directly poured the pills into his mouth.

The moment the pills went into his mouth, they melted, and a flow of coldness spread like lightning through his body.

It was unusually comfortable.

Before long, the pain in his chest was greatly relieved, and Pan Zirui was astonished.

Right when he was about to ask Gu Ning what kind of medicine this was, Gu Ning had already walked to Zhao Kanglin.

“Oh, beauty, what Do you want to follow me after witnessing how weak your man is”

“F*ck you!” Gu Ning swore at him before she kicked at Zhao Kanglin.

Gu Ning moved so fast and Zhao Kanglin didnt expect that she dared to attack him, so he was heavily hit without being prepared.

“Ah!” Zhao Kanglin was kicked into the air and fell down three meters away.

His body even slid a few more meters when he fell, and didnt stop until it knocked into the stairs.

Everyone was shocked seeing the scene.

What This young girl just kicked Zhao Kanglin into the air None of them could believe their eyes, because it was so unbelievable.

“Wow, boss, youre so awesome!” Pan Zirui ran to Gu Ning and shouted in excitement.

Pan Zirui knew that Gu Ning was a kung fu master, so he wasnt very shocked, although he was impressed.

Hearing Pan Ziruis voice, the others finally got their mind back.

Gu Ning truly had kicked Zhao Kanglin into the air right in front of their eyes.

Although it was incredible, they all saw it with their own eyes.

Jesus! She is so strong! Everyone had the same thought.

And they also believed that Gu Ning had to be a kung fu master.

Zhao Kanglins friends and security guards all ran to his side.

Seeing that his face was pale from the pain and that he could barely move, they all asked, “Lord Zhao, are you alright”

Hearing the question, Zhao Kanglin was furious.

His body was in great pain, and he almost lost his breath, but these people were still asking whether he was alright If Zhao Kanglin could utter a word now, he would definitely swear at them.

Damn it! This damn girl is so powerful! Zhao Kanglin thought to himself, and set himself to get revenge.

Luckily, Zhao Kanglin was physically strong too.

Otherwise, he would have passed out.

Seeing that Zhao Kanglin was badly injured, a security guard called the ambulance at once.

Although what happened to Zhao Kanglin had nothing to do with the horse racing field, they couldnt let him die.

This time, Guan Bin and the others who had disliked Gu Ning were totally shocked.

They now understood why Pan Zirui regarded her as his boss.

And none of them dared despise Gu Ning anymore, let alone annoy her.

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