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Chapter 379 A Woman Who Admires Leng Shaoting

“And,” Tang Haifeng continued, “she has no interest in the Tang familys properties because she alone unseated an influential family in City Teng and established a big jade provider with billions of yuan in assets.

And thats just the beginning!”

Although there was no news that Gu Ning had unseated the Wang family, Tang Haifeng believed that she had to have been involved.

Ever since Gu Ning had gotten the raw material exploitation right, the biggest raw material supplier and the Colorful Jade Provider were managed by the same person, which was enough to show that Gu Ning was the boss.

Apart from that, Tang Haifeng believed that Gu Ning would be even more successful in the future.

Hearing about what Gu Ning had achieved at such a young age, Tang Haifengs family was too amazed to say a word.

Tang Haifeng continued to tell the story about Gu Ning, “When I left City Teng, she also gave me several pieces of natural red coral which are worth millions of yuan! Although millions of yuan are nothing, its rare to see natural red coral!”

Tang Haifengs family now had mixed emotions and felt a little ashamed of their suspicion towards Gu Ning.

However, it wasnt their fault.

After all, they had no idea what Gu Ning had achieved until now.

Moreover, there were many money hunters nowadays, and they needed to be careful.

“Wow, Im really curious about her.

Grandpa, when will she come to City B” Tang Jiakai asked.

Tang Yunhang and Yan Xiuyu also had a great impression of Gu Ning.

Both of them wanted to meet her as soon as possible too.

They werent selfish and arrogant people, so they now appreciated Gu Ning, not because she was rich but because of her outstanding ability.

No matter how rich Gu Ning was, she couldnt compare with the Tang family anyway.

“Well, she will come here after the entrance examination to college,” Tang Haifeng said.

He also looked forward to seeing Gu Ning again.

“Itll be a long time!” Tang Jiakai was slightly disappointed.

After chatting with Master Tang on the phone, Gu Ning called Master Bai, Master Yan, and Master Fu too.

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The capital, in the Leng familys house…

Guests were visiting the Leng family in the morning.

They were a middle-aged couple along with a young woman, who was around 23-years-old.

“Happy New Year, everyone!” the middle-aged couple smiled politely and said with pleasure the moment they walked inside.

“Happy New Year, Grandpa Leng, Uncle Leng, and Aunt Leng!” the young woman also greeted everyone with great respect.

The middle-aged man was called Shen Yanfeng.

He was the cousin of Master Lengs deceased wife.

The middle-aged woman was his wife, Chen Qiuyin, and the young woman was his daughter, Shen Zhilin.

The Shen family wasnt an influential family in the capital but was super-rich, and famous to some extent, mainly because of their relationship with the Leng family.

Master Leng loved his deceased wife deeply, so he was naturally willing to take good care of the Shen family.

Master Leng smiled, “Happy New Year! You didnt need to bring so many gifts.”

Shen Yanfeng shook his head lightly and said with sincerity, “Of course we should bring some gifts to visit you! We cant come here with empty hands.”

Master Leng smiled but didnt say anything further.

Leng Yuanqian opened his mouth instead, “Please, everyone be seated.”

After that, Yu Yin told the servants to help Shen Yanfeng and Chen Qiuyin with all the gifts in their hands and to pour cups of tea for them.

Shen Yanfeng glanced around after he sat down.

“Where are the children”

“Shaoming is in his room, Shaojia is busy with her design, and Shaoxun, Shaoxi, and Shaoting are in the backyard,” Leng Yuanzhen said.

Hearing that Leng Shaoting was here too, Shen Zhilins eyes lit up with excitement.

Although she tried her best to hide her affection towards Leng Shaoting, it was quite obvious from her face.

In fact, everyone knew that Shen Zhilin admired Leng Shaoting.

In the beginning, Master Leng had intentionally introduced her to Leng Shaoting.

The Shen family was a close relative to the Leng family after all, and Shen Zhilin was a pretty good girl too, but unfortunately, Leng Shaoting didnt like her at all, so Master Leng gave up in the end.

However, the Shen family wasnt willing to miss any chance that they could build a closer connection with the Leng family, so Chen Qiuyin said, “Zhilin, why dont you go and have fun with the younger generation It would be boring if you stayed here with us.” However, it was just an excuse.

The Shen family wanted to marry Shen Zhilin into the Leng family, not only because Shen Zhilin admired Leng Shaoting, but because they wanted to stick together with the Leng family.

In that case, a marriage alliance would be the best way to achieve their goal.

Leng Shaoming was a better choice than Leng Shaoting when it came to marriage, because Leng Shaoming was more easy-going, while Leng Shaoting was always cold and aloof, but Shen Zhilin only admired Leng Shaoting, so her parents had to follow her desires.

Anyway, as long as the man was from the Leng Family, they would be satisfied.

“Um, if youll excuse me, Ill go to visit with Shaoxi now,” Shen Zhilin said politely to the elderly.

“Enjoy yourself!” Although Master Leng understood what was on their minds, he couldnt stop them, because they used Leng Shaoxi as the excuse.

However, no matter what, the result would be the same as usual.

Leng Shaoting wouldnt care about Shen Zhilin.

In addition, Leng Shaoting already had a girlfriend now, so Master Leng wasnt worried at


Shen Zhilin went to the backyard and noticed Leng Shaoxun, Leng Shaoxi, and Leng Shaoting.

Leng Shaoting was teaching Leng Shaoxun kung fu, while Leng Shaoxi was watching them from the swing.

Seeing the extraordinarily handsome Leng Shaoting, Shen Zhilins heart was pounding fast, and her eyes were full of admiration now.

She knew that Leng Shaoting was always cold and remained aloof from others.

He had never cared about her, but it wouldnt stop her from loving him.

“Zhilin! Come here and have a seat!” Leng Shaoxi was excited to see Shen Zhilin.

Among the young generation, Leng Shaoxi was the only one who had a close relationship with Shen Zhilin.

Leng Shaojia was too proud to be friendly to Shen Zhilin and Shen Zhilin didnt like her either.

Hearing Leng Shaoxis voice, Shen Zhilin drew her gaze back from Leng Shaoting and smiled towards Leng Shaoxi, walking ahead, “Shaoxi, Happy New Year!”

“Happy New Year to you!” Leng Shaoxi said.

Leng Shaoxi moved aside a little so that there was enough space for Shen Zhilin to sit.

“Shaoxi, when did Shaoting come back” Shen Zhilin asked and pretended that she was just chatting casually.

“Yesterday afternoon,” Leng Shaoxi said.

“Then when will he leave” Shen Zhilin asked again.

“No idea,” Leng Shaoxi replied.

She didnt know that Shen Zhilin admired Leng Shaoting, so she didnt think further about why Shen Zhilin would ask those questions.

Leng Shaoting was teaching Leng Shaoxun kung fu, thus Shen Zhilin didnt bother him, in case it would seem rude.

After a while, Leng Shaoting finished his lesson.

Shen Zhilin immediately walked over.

“Happy New Year, Shaoting!”

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