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Chapter 367 Gao Yi Wins Again

Boxer No.1 was named Da Peng.

He was 35, tall, muscular and extremely strong.

He was also better than Tie Jun.

Otherwise, he wouldnt challenge Gao Yi after Tie Jun lost.

However, he wasnt 100% confident that he would win, because Gao Yi really was an ace fighter.

However, it was exciting when ace fighters met each other.

Da Peng didnt want to miss this great chance just because Tie Jun lost the game.

Even if he failed, he could still afford the result.

“No problem, but Ill set the bet ratio.” Gao Yi accepted his challenge.

He hadnt enjoyed himself enough yet!

“Sure,” Da Peng replied.

After that, it was another round of betting.

However, before it began, the audience had to pay for the last round.

In the last round, Gao Yi received 12.652 million yuan from those who bet on Tie Jun and a hundred thousand yuan reward.

In other words, he made 12.752 million yuan in all.

All of the money was transferred into the bank card that Gu Ning had given him, instead of his own bank card, because it was more convenient for him to use the domestic bank card in this country.

Because he could only transfer money or swipe his Swiss Bank card in particular places, which was inconvenient.

In addition, he had no intention to take the money as his own.

On the contrary, he planned to use it to deal with business for Gu Ning when needed.

Before the second round began, everyone discussed with animation over who would be the winner.

Although Gao Yi beat Tie Jun, regular customers of Dihao Clubhouse all knew that Da Peng was better than Tie Jun.

Thus they didnt lose faith in Da Peng after Tie Juns failure.

“Who do you think will win”

“Hard to tell.

Gao Yi is awesome, but Da Peng isnt weak and is better than Tie Jun.”

“Who should I bet on then”

“Da Peng dared to challenge Gao Yi, so he must be confident to win.

Ill bet on Da Peng.”

“Ill bet on Gao Yi.”

“Ill bet on Da Peng.”

“I think that the man has to be strong if he dares to challenge Yi.

What do you think, boss” Hao Ran asked, not because he didnt believe in Gao Yi, but because he trusted Gu Ning more.

“Gao Yi will win,” Gu Ning said affirmatively.

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Gu Ning trusted Gao Yi and everyone believed in Gu Ning.

So since Gu Ning said that Gao Yi would win, they all bet on Gao Yi.

Yu Mixi did as well.

Before long, the second round began.

The amount of people who bet on Gao Yi was the same as the amount who bet on Da Peng.

The minute that the host announced that the match began, Da Peng slammed his fist towards Gao Yis chest.

His attack was swift and threatening.

Gao Yi avoided it at once, but Da Peng also reacted quickly.

He turned to the direction in which Gao Yi had ducked away.

It was a tense moment.

This time, Gao Yi didnt hide anymore, but hit Da Pengs fist directly.

When their fists met in the air, both of them were knocked backwards a few steps by the force.

Da Peng was really better and stronger than Tie Jun, but it wasnt stressful for Gao Yi at all.

Gao Yi was a professional killer, and had been trained cruelly.

Those boxers were hardly comparable to him.

In the following minutes, the two fought violently against each other with fists and kicks.

In the beginning, it seemed even, but Gao Yi soon took control.

Da Peng didnt realize that Gao Yi was a more powerful opponent than he had imagined until now.

He was unwilling to admit it, but he knew that he was doomed to fail.

Anyway, Da Peng enjoyed the competition with Gao Yi.

The second round only lasted one minute longer than the first one, and Da Peng failed in the end.

When Gao Yi punched Da Peng from the stage, those who bet on Gao Yi burst into acclamation and applause.

Some also regretted that they didnt bet on Gao Yi.

All of a sudden, Yu Mixi who had been so tight on budget now had two hundred thousand yuan in her pocket.

She had never seen so much money before, and her hands were trembling when she got her bank card back.

After the second round, Gao Yi received another 4.377 million yuan from those who bet on Da Peng and a hundred thousand yuan reward.

Till now, Gao Yi made almost twenty million yuan.

Boxer No.

3 was weaker than Boxer No.

1, so he didnt dare to challenge Gao Yi, because he knew that he couldnt win.

No one else challenged Gao Yi, so he went back to their private room afterwards.

“Yi, youre so awesome!”

“Exactly! Can you teach us some fighting skills”

Gao Yi didnt answer their questions, not because he didnt want to, but because it wasnt up to him.

“Alright, Ill let him teach you if hes free,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, they were all excited.

Since Gu Ning agreed, Gao Yi wouldnt reject.

It wasnt a problem after all.

They didnt stay in the clubhouse for too long and left before 12 am.

Because they all drank, designated drivers of Dihao Clubhouse would drive them home.

Yu Mixi and An Yi got in Chu Peihans car, and the other three boys shared with Hao Ran, while Gu Ning, Gao Yi along with Qiao Ya took a taxi heading straight to Fenghua Luxury Mansion.

“I bought you a new apartment where I live, and you can stay there,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure,” Gao Yi and Qiao Ya replied.

When they arrived at Fenghua Luxury Mansion, Gu Ning didnt guide them inside at once, but instead brought them to a nearby hotel.

“The apartment is well-decorated, but there are no daily necessities.

It hasnt been cleaned either.

You can stay in this hotel tonight and move in tomorrow.”

“No problem,” Gao Yi and Qiao Ya answered.

Gu Ning then gave them the keys.

“Your new apartment is No.

1201 in Zone F, and mine is No.

901 in Zone G.

We live right across from each other.

In half a year, well move to the capital, and stay there.

Go buy a car tomorrow for the convenience of transportation.

You can make the decision of what car you want to buy.

Thats all for today, and Ill call you if needed.”

“No problem,” Gao Yi and Qiao Ya answered.

After that, Gu Ning went back home.

It was very late, and Gu Man was already asleep.

Gu Ning tried her best to keep her movements quiet in order to not wake Gu Man up.

She took a bath and lay on her bed, but couldnt fall asleep.

Once it was quiet, she kept missing Leng Shaoting.

However, she wasnt able to contact him now.

Leng Shaoting also missed Gu Ning a lot, and he was eager to leave the military base.

The next day, Kamei Beauty Saloon was going to hold its annual event.

Gu Qing got up at 7 am to prepare breakfast for her family.

Seeing Gu Ning, Jiang Xinyue was more than happy.

She hadnt seen Gu Ning in a long time, so she kept talking to Gu Ning.

Nevertheless, Gu Ning wasnt impatient at all.

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