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Chapter 291: Raw Material Exploitation Right

Leng Shaoting didnt expect that Gu Ning would push him away all of a sudden, so he failed to catch her.

Gu Nings beautiful, sexy body appeared in his sight, which turned him on again, but right at this moment, Leng Shaotings phone rang and interrupted him.

He still had to fulfill his task and couldnt ignore it.

The call was from Xu Jinchen.

He told Leng Shaoting that they had already gotten the drug dealers address.

It was time for them to take action, thus Leng Shaoting had to be apart from Gu Ning temporarily.

Although Gu Ning knew that Leng Shaoting was an outstanding military officer, she still reminded him to be careful.

Gu Ning really wanted to help him if it wasnt for his teams special identity.

This night, Gu Ning slept alone and somehow felt as if she was not used to it.

Precisely because she was free now, she suddenly thought of their WeChat group.

There were thousands of messages in the chat history, and many of them mentioned her.

Gu Ning called Gu Man on alternate days, but she totally forgot their Wechat group, and now felt a little guilty.

The moment that Gu Ning appeared, an animated discussion started.

Gu Ning: How are you doing recently

Hao Ran: Wow! Boss, we thought you were lost! We even wanted to call the police!

Mu Ke: Exactly! Where have you been

Chu Peihan: I think boss is busy dating.

Qin Zixun: I agree.

An Yi, Zhang Tianping and Yu Mixi were absent, so Gu Ning chatted with Chu Peihan and the others for a while longer before she went to bed.

The next day around 8:30 am, Gu Ning left for the street of stone gambling.

She told Zheng Peng that she had already gotten the raw material exploitation right document.

Zheng Peng was shocked by his bosss efficiency and network in the government.

Gu Ning didnt explain further.

She intentionally impressed Zheng Peng so that he would be loyal to her and be willing to follow her lead.

Because although Gu Ning trusted Zheng Peng, it was necessary to make him scared of her to some extent.

Gu Ning understood that it would impress him more if she told him that she had unseated the Wang Family, but she had no intention to tell him that.

Afterwards, they planned to hold a press conference to spread the news abroad.

The news of the Wang Family and the Colorful Jade Provider was extremely popular recently so many reporters came to Zheng Pengs store once he called them.

Zheng Peng, of course, would host the press conference.

When the Colorful Jade Provider took over and absorbed the Wang Familys raw material supplier, people were all shocked.

The Wang Family was unseated and its properties naturally would be dealt with.

Its raw material exploitation right especially aroused the interest of countless businessmen.

However, before the others could react, the boss of Colorful Jade Provider had already gotten it, which astonished all of them.

In other words, the boss of Colorful Jade Provider had to be an important figure with a strong network.

Therefore, many people were in awe of its boss.

Colorful Jade Provider had been established for just a few days, but it was already able to make long-term deals with many famous jewelry businessmen.

And now it even got the Wang Familys raw material exploitation right before anyone else.

Its boss must be a person of great power.

In fact, it wasnt difficult for those who had the ability, to find out who the boss of Colorful Jade Provider was, but in ordinary peoples eyes, its boss was mysterious.

Many who went to investigate the boss of Colorful Jade Provider were just curious.

However, when they found out that its boss was just an 18-year-old girl, they were all stunned.

Although they didnt believe that a teenage girl was able to run the company alone, they couldnt ignore her ability and the powerful support behind her.

Thus, no one dared to spread the news that the boss of Colorful Jade Provider was Gu Ning in case they annoyed her.

However, no one was more shocked than Zhang Decheng, because he had met Gu Ning before, and he believed that Gu Ning had the ability to run the company.

Zhang Decheng suddenly thought of a piece of news that he had read on the Internet before the Wang Familys scandal was exposed.

It was said that the Wang Family had sent people to break into Colorful Jade Providers warehouse at night.

An idea dawned on Zhang Decheng at this time.

He sensed that the Wang Family had a grudge against Gu Ning and that its decline had something to do with Gu Ning too.

Zhang Decheng was amazed by his own guess.

If Gu Ning was really involved in the Wang Familys mess, she had to be much more powerful than he could ever know.

No matter what, Zhang Decheng would always believe that Gu Ning was an able young girl, and wanted to maintain a good relationship with her.

In that case, even though he now knew that Gu Ning was the boss of both Colorful Jade Provider and Colorful Raw Material Provider, he didnt point it out.

In the following days, Gu Ning told Zheng Peng to arrange for the workers who had worked for the Wang Familys company to exploit raw materials as soon as possible.

Gu Ning had no intention to take the rest of the raw materials in the Wang Familys warehouse, because she had already gotten all the raw materials with high quality jade inside earlier.

Gu Ning also didnt fire the workers who had worked for the Wang Family, because they were merely employees hired by the Wang Family.

None of them thought that it was a bad thing that their boss changed.

The Wang Familys illegal behavior annoyed everyone in City Teng and nobody had sympathy for them.

Instead, the workers felt lucky to stay, because they could keep their jobs.

Thus they thanked and respected Zheng Peng and his boss.

Later, Gu Ning and Zheng Peng went to the jade mountains and mines together with a chauffeur.

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