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They believed the directors words so the girl had to be the chairman of the Shengning Organization, because the director would never bother to lie to them.

It was unnecessary after all.

However, when they read news about the girl, who was the chairman of the Shengning Organization, they were still amazed.

She was so young, but she was already the chairman of a large business group!

They held strong bias, and only believed what they knew.

If they thought it was impossible they would refuse to believe it was true and even think it was strange.

“Damn it, I didnt expect the girl to be so influential.

Im afraid were going to be fired this time,” said Policeman A, whose uncle was the director.

It was his fault, but he blamed Gu Ning.

“Right, what should we do now I have a feeling that well still be fired even if we find the human-trafficker,” said Policeman B.

Although he didnt dare to say it aloud, he actually blamed Policeman A for it.

If it hadnt been for him, he wouldnt have been dragged into trouble.

He agreed with him on letting the human-trafficker go because he thought he was the directors nephew so they would be fine.

Unfortunately, both of them were in trouble now.

This wasnt the first time that they had accepted a bribe, but this time was different.

“No need to be afraid.

My uncle is the director.

He wont seriously punish us.

If he dares to hurt me, my mother will argue with him.

As long as he doesnt fire me, you wont be fired either.

He doesnt want you to cause more trouble,” said Policeman A.

Although Policeman A said that, Policeman B was still worried because he felt that Policeman A would receive a serious punishment this time.

As for the human-trafficker, because they were policemen, they had the power to check the surveillance videos.

Therefore, it shouldnt be difficult for them to find him.

At the same time, the old man who watched everything didnt follow Gu Ning and the tree vine any longer, because he could see that Gu Ning wasnt a bad person.

Back in the siheyuan, the tree vine excitedly told Shangguan Yang what they had just been through.

“Stop talking, or you wont get more lamb kebabs.” Gu Ning reminded the tree vine to eat more when he was focused on sharing the story.

Otherwise he would be hungry later and ask her to go out once more.

Gu Ning was reluctant to do that again.

“Oh, only half is left! I should really stop talking.” The tree vine immediately stopped, because half of the lamb kebabs had already disappeared.

He needed to eat more, or Shangguan Yang would eat all of them!

“What happened afterwards” Leng Shaoting turned to ask Gu Ning.

If the man was really a recidivist, they had to punish him seriously.

“I called the director of the Public Security Bureau.

I think theyll deal with it seriously,” said Gu Ning.

She didnt pay much attention to it afterwards.

“Those human-traffickers should be sentenced to death.

Theyve ruined countless families,” said Shangguan Yang as he ate lamb kebabs.

He hated human-trafficking very much as well.

No one had a good impression of human-traffickers, especially parents who had lost their children.

“It happens everywhere.

Its nearly impossible to stop it from happening again.

But we can do our best to rescue the kids and prevent more families from suffering the same fate,” said Gu Ning.

The world was big and no one could manage the entire world.

“Alright, lets stop talking about these unpleasant things.

If we run into them, we can catch them.

Thats all we can do,” said Leng Shaoting.

He didnt want Gu Ning to be affected by that.

They werent going to sacrifice themselves to help other people, but they still felt sad when they witnessed tragedies.

After that, they dropped the topic and spent the day in the siheyuan.

In the afternoon, Jing Yunyao and Miao Jingjing came back.

They went to have dinner and chatted till late, then they stayed in the siheyuan for the night.

At about 6 pm, the two policemen finally found the human-trafficker in a house on an old street.

Because the human-trafficker bribed the police and got away with the crime, he didnt think the police would come find him again.

He didnt hide or run away, but stayed in his lair.

In addition, the two policemen saw three other human-traffickers as they were eating together.

There were four of them, but the two policemen couldnt catch them all at once.

Therefore, the two policemen called their colleagues for support.

Before their colleagues came, the two policemen learned from their conversation that they werent just recidivists; they had done a lot of things before and made a lot of money.

The two policemen secretly recorded their conversation in order to persuade the director to give them a lighter punishment.

When the four human-traffickers were arrested, the one who paid the two policemen money got furious.

He pointed at the two policemen and shouted, “You took my money.

Why did you still arrest me”

The two policemen were a little guilty.

Even though nearly everyone in the police station was aware of their deeds, he still argued to save his face.

“If I didnt do that, how could I find your accomplices”

“I…” The human-trafficker was struck dumb and didnt know what to say.

He didnt doubt it.

Only the policemans colleagues didnt believe it, but they wouldnt point it out.

Afterwards, the four human-traffickers were taken away.

Back in the police station, the two policemen went to see the director.

The director was supposed to get off work and go home, but he waited after he heard that they caught four human-traffickers.

“Uncle, we caught four human-traffickers and we have a recording as evidence to prove their crime.

So can you forgive us this time I promise we wont do it again,” said Policeman A.

He didnt think the director would fire him, but he still needed to gain the directors forgiveness.

However, it was impossible for him to change.

He would only be more careful in the future.

He had to make sure of the callers status before dealing with the situation.

If the caller didnt have any influence, he could ask for money then.


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