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Leng Shaoting had observed the surroundings, so he knew where there were surveillance cameras.

If they didnt disguise themselves, they could be easily caught.

Once the news went out, they would be in serious trouble.

After disguising themselves, Shangguan Yang took Gu Ning, and Jing Yunyao took Leng Shaoting to the lab on their flying swords.

Even though they could damage the surveillance cameras with their magical energy, they still needed to be careful.

Before they found out more useful information, they were reluctant to be exposed, so they paid special attention to checking whether there were people around.

As soon as they reached the area with surveillance cameras, they stopped flying on the swords, and instead walked further.

Because there was an intruder who killed many mutants and ninjas, the organization was actually in a panic.

Their leader was also furious.

Unfortunately, no matter how many ninjas and mutants they sent to find the intruder, they never came back.

An accident happened in the lab today, so the senior management of the organization came to have a meeting.

At this moment, they were in a meeting room.

They could do nothing even if they came, but they were more worried about how to report it to their leader if they didnt come.

They were the senior management, but there was still a leader above all of them.

When they spoke about the solution, they had the idea of moving the mutants, but it wasnt realistic.

They were already exposed, and the intruder could easily kill so many ninjas and mutants, which proved that they were facing a strong enemy.

As a result, they were afraid the intruder might ambush them and cause even greater damage.

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If they stayed here, they might still save some!

This was their place, but they were afraid of an ambush, because there was a strong enemy outside.

After the leader of the organization learned about the news, he was suspicious of his familys political enemies.

And thought that the person who attacked his lab could also be a ninja or a mutant.

After all, he wasnt the only one who could make mutants.

It was true that there were more than one organization which was studying mutants in Country R and there were many other ninjas in other organizations too.

Leng Shaoting and the others were aware of that, but the other organizations hadnt hurt their countrys interests, so they didnt care much about them.

If other organizations didnt hurt their countrys interests, they had no reason or clues to conduct an investigation.

Even though the leader of the organization was suspicious of his familys political enemies, he couldnt investigate them right away, because it could easily cause trouble.

If he was wrong, his secrets would be exposed.

Therefore, he could only conduct an investigation after catching the intruder.

However, they had searched for two days, but still couldnt find the intruder, making him furious.

Once Leng Shaoting and the others arrived at the area with surveillance cameras, they used magical energy to destroy them.

Because someone was watching the surveillance videos all the time, he saw it once they were broken, but he couldnt see anyone, so he thought that the surveillance cameras broke on their own.

However, in the following moments, the surveillance cameras started breaking one after the other, which alerted the man who was watching them.

Without delay, he reported it to the senior management.

After the senior management heard that, they felt there might be a problem with the surveillance cameras, but didnt think it was likely.

It couldnt be a coincidence.

Therefore, they thought of the strange intruder, but they couldnt see anyone from the surveillance videos, which was strange and scary.

They were all ninjas and they made mutants which were beyond normal peoples knowledge, so they knew there had to be other people who had superpowers in this world.

For example, they heard that there were masters who could run on the walls in the east.

There might be people with other special skills too, but they knew barely anything about them.

Therefore, they werent sure which country the intruder came from.

Because their ninjas and mutants went to do tasks in many foreign countries recently, they could have attracted the attention of their enemies.

That was just their suspicion, since it could also be done by their leaders enemies from Country R.

Either way, they could be sure that the intruder wasnt a mutant, because a mutant could only take action under the control of other people.

A mutant or a ninja couldnt damage the surveillance cameras alone.

As the surveillance cameras broke quickly, the senior management immediately sent a group of people to look outside.

As a result, when Leng Shaoting and the others reached the entrance of the lab, they saw a dozen ninjas looking around.

There were also four ninjas and two mutants guarding at the door.

It didnt seem like much, but there was a team of ninjas, which was horrifying.

After all, ninjas werent ordinary people.

In an organization, if there were about thirty ninjas, it would be a very strong organization.

In fact, an organization with thirty ninjas could be as powerful as a killer organization made of over a hundred professional killers.

Moreover, there were also mutants in the same organization and there seemed to be many mutants.

Therefore, an organization like that could be stronger than any killer organizations.

Anyway, humans werent comparable to ninjas and mutants.

Precisely because of that, Leng Shaoting could still have ended up in danger even though he was a high level cultivator and had the flood dragons help.

Luckily, Shangguan Yang, Gu Ning, and Jing Yunyao came to help him, which made it much easier.

Gu Ning and the others didnt go closer, in case they were noticed.

Ninjas had acute senses and could sense other people from within twenty meters.

Gu Ning and the others immediately held their breath, so that they wouldnt be sensed until at least ten meters.

For their safety, they kept a bigger distance and stopped twenty meters away.

The next moment, Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to check what was happening under the lab.

After entering the door, there was an elevator and about ten meters underground, there was a lab.


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