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Gu Ning saw it and Leng Shaoting also noticed.

They exchanged a glance with a serious expression.

“Let me go!” said Gu Ning.

Since she noticed that Wei Lingfeng was in trouble, she must do something.

“Leave it to me!” said Leng Shaoting.

He wasnt worried about Gu Nings abilities at all, but he didnt want to burden Gu Ning.

“Its fine.

Its Grandpa Lengs birthday party.

As the eldest grandson, you shouldnt be absent.

Just let me deal with it.

It shouldnt be difficult,” said Gu Ning.

Most importantly, it was easy for her to solve the problem by herself.

“Well, you must be careful.

Call me if you need help.” Leng Shaoting was persuaded by Gu Ning, but still reminded her to be careful.

Even though he believed Gu Ning would be fine, he still needed to remind her to be careful.

“I know.

No need to worry about me.” Gu Ning nodded, then followed Wei Lingfeng out.

Because it was still early, the other guests didnt leave and there was no one outside except for Wei Lingfengs bodyguards.

After Gu Ning walked out, she called Wei Lingfeng, “President Wei, wait a second.”

Hearing her voice, Wei Lingfeng stopped.

He turned around and smiled at Gu Ning kindly.

“What can I do for you, Miss Gu”


President, can we talk privately” There were two bodyguards next to Wei Lingfeng, but Gu Ning couldnt let them hear their conversation, so she needed him to walk to the side with her.


“Sure.” Wei Lingfeng agreed.

Then he told his two bodyguards to wait for him, and he walked to the side with Gu Ning.

When there was no one around them, Gu Ning said in a low voice, “Mr.

President, I just saw your blackened forehead.

Im worried that you might encounter some trouble on your way back home.

If you dont mind, I can send you back.

Ill leave after I make sure youre safe.”

Although the two bodyguards by Wei Lingfengs side were top level and could defeat professional killers, Gu Ning was afraid that Wei Lingfeng might encounter strange creatures that werent human.

Wei Lingfeng was surprised.

However, because he knew Gu Ning had superpowers, he didnt doubt her words.

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“Of course, thank you so much, Miss Gu,” said Wei Lingfeng.

He didnt think Gu Ning would harm him.

After that, Gu Ning followed Wei Lingfeng and got in his car.

There were five seats in Wei Lingfengs car.

He came with three people, including two bodyguards and a chauffeur.

Even though it was a chauffeur, he was no weaker than the two bodyguards.

And he was extremely good at driving.

He was as good as a racecar driver.

Gu Ning sat at the back with Wei Lingfeng.

Wei Lingfeng sat in the middle, while Gu Ning and a bodyguard sat next to him.

Wei Lingfengs bodyguards didnt know why Gu Ning would go with Wei Lingfeng, but they didnt ask.

Wei Lingfeng had to be doing it for a reason.

There was a long distance between the Leng familys house and Zhonghai Garden, because one was in a suburb, while the other was in the city.

Once they were out of the Leng familys house, Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to observe the surroundings.

Wei Lingfeng also stayed alert.

Even though he knew he wouldnt be hurt with Gu Nings protection, he couldnt relax and leave everything to her.

From the Leng familys house to the urban area, there was a large piece of wild land without any buildings.

Right when they reached this part of the road, Gu Ning sensed two evil people who should be targeting Wei Lingfeng.

However, they werent evil cultivators, nor monsters or ghosts, instead they were ninjas.

Ninjas werent as aggressive as evil cultivators, monsters, or ghosts.

Gu Ning immediately turned to look at the two ninjas.

She saw two men in black clothes and black masks were squatting in the grass not far from them, looking in their direction.

It seemed that they would jump out as soon as Wei Lingfengs car approached.

“Please tell the chauffeur to stop,” Gu Ning said to Wei Lingfeng.

Gu Ning didnt directly ask the chauffeur to stop, but asked Wei Lingfeng to do it.

Because of Wei Lingfengs special status, if she directly asked the chauffeur to stop, the chauffeur wouldnt listen.

He only obeyed Wei Lingfengs orders.

“Stop the car.” Wei Lingfeng ordered the chauffeur at once, then he turned to ask Gu Ning, “What did you find”

“I noticed something wrong.

Just stay in the car.

Dont get out,” said Gu Ning.

“Sure.” Wei Lingfeng replied.

Then the chauffeur unlocked the car door and Gu Ning got out at once.

This time, the chauffeur didnt ask for Wei Lingfengs opinions, because Wei Lingfeng already agreed to let Gu Ning handle it.

He needed to be smart to work for Wei Lingfeng.

He should know what to ask and what he shouldnt ask about.

However, after hearing Wei Lingfengs conversation with Gu Ning, they knew that something bad might be happening, so they paid a lot of attention to their surroundings.

After Gu Ning left, the bodyguard sitting by Wei Lingfengs side asked, “President Wei, whats going on”

Although they shouldnt ask about everything, sometimes, it was necessary for them to know the situation.

For example, they seemed to be in a dangerous situation, but they had sensed nothing.

They werent doubting Gu Ning.

After all, Wei Lingfeng trusted her very much, if they doubted Gu Ning, it meant they didnt believe Wei Lingfeng.

“I dont know what it is either.

We just need to observe it for a while,” said Wei Lingfeng.

He trusted Gu Ning and there had to be something wrong, but it hadnt happened yet, so he had no idea.

Hearing that, the bodyguard stopped asking.

Anyway, the incident happened a few seconds later.

Although Wei Lingfengs car was parked at a distance of about twenty meters from the squatting ninjas, they had already recognized that it was Wei Lingfengs car.

They didnt know why Wei Lingfengs car stopped suddenly, but they didnt think Wei Lingfeng noticed them.

Even if he did, it wouldnt affect their actions.

Instead, since Wei Lingfengs car stopped, it was more convenient for them to take action.

As a result, right after Wei Lingfengs car stopped, the two ninjas appeared.

In the blink of an eye, two people flashed to the front of Wei Lingfengs car.


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