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Jing Yaorong then told Jing Yunyan to visit the mortal world again.

He didnt need to look for Senior Mrs.

Jing, because he might not be able to find her.

He just needed to stay outside for a few days to see whether he could get in touch with her.

Afterwards, Jing Yunyan left the cultivation world again.

Jing Jining didnt know what was going on in Jing Yaorongs family, but he also sensed that something had to be wrong.

They hadnt seen Senior Mrs.

Jing for many days.

After all, they often ran into each other before.

Besides, Jing Yunyan hurriedly went out and came in, as if something bad had happened.

Anyway, Jing Jining didnt bother to ask about it.

He couldnt care less about Jing Yaorongs family right now.

Even if something bad really happened to them, he would only gloat over their misfortune.

Today was Monday, but Gu Ning didnt go to class.

She asked for a day off because Leng Shaoting was in a bad condition now.

She needed to stay in the siheyuan to take care of him.

Only Si Jin and Jiang Liluo went to work, while the others were looking after Leng Shaoting.

However, Leng Shaoting wasnt too weak to take care of himself.

Even if no one stayed to look after him, he could take care of himself, but Gu Ning wanted to stay with him.

After the attack Gu Ning was very scared, so she wanted to spend more time with Leng Shaoting.

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Jing Yunyao and Shangguan Yang had the same feeling, so they understood Gu Ning.

And they never interfered in her decisions.

The next day, Leng Shaoting had already recovered by half, but Gu Ning still didnt go to school.

She had asked for a weeks absence.

So if nothing happened, they could go to the cultivation world and take revenge after Leng Shaoting rested for two more days.

Gu Ning was always absent, but she still got good scores on exams, so her teachers allowed her to be absent.

She could come and go as she wanted.

Nobody would judge her.

Such a straight-A student and talented businesswoman was an honor to their school, so she had privileges.

At 2 pm, Gu Ning received a call, then hurriedly left.

It was Lu Zhan.

Lu Zhan told her that an actress in their crew was behaving very strangely these days.

She was normal during acting, but she did abnormal things when she was resting.

For example, she liked to eat salad with raw chicken blood recently.

Although it was many peoples favorite dish, the point was that this actress hated this dish before.

She even got sick when she saw it.

Now she loved it so much and ate it every meal.

Sometimes, she even ate two bowls of it.

After having salad with raw chicken blood, she looked very satisfied as if she had gotten enough blood.

Like a monster.

In addition, this actress used to be gentle, but these days she had totally changed.

She was always cold and easily lost her temper.

She seemed completely different now.

Even Lu Zhan was scared by her creepy eyes.

Therefore, Lu Zhan didnt think it was her real character.

He believed that she must be bewitched.

After hearing Lu Zhans explanation, Gu Ning agreed with him, so she rushed to the Hengdian World Studios.

The crew was divided into two groups during shooting.

One stayed at Qianling Mountain, while the other was at the Hengdian World Studios.

The actress was shooting at the Hengdian World Studios.

If she was at Qianling Mountain, such a strange thing wouldnt happen, because there were many cultivators.

Even if it happened, it could soon be discovered.

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After an hour and a half, Gu Ning arrived.

Lu Yichen was the director at the Hengdian World Studios.

Once he noticed the strange happenings, he told Lu Zhan.

Lu Zhan immediately exchanged workplaces with Lu Yichen.

After making sure of it, Lu Zhan called Gu Ning.

If it was the actresss personal behavior, Lu Zhan could deal with it, but it was really strange, so he could only talk to Gu Ning about it first.

When Gu Ning arrived, they were having a break, and Lu Zhan was teaching several actors how to act in the next scene.

As soon as Gu Ning walked inside, she saw the actress Lu Zhan told her about.

The actress was also having a break and sat at the side.

At their boot ceremony, Gu Ning had seen her, but she was very normal back then.

However, this time, Gu Ning sensed evil energy from her body which came out of her chest.

Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes and saw a black jade pendant on the actresss chest.

It was releasing strong evil energy.

After that, Gu Ning walked towards Lu Zhan first.

Lu Zhan immediately stood up to welcome her, and the other people also greeted her with a smile.

The actress who was sitting at the side also left the chair and said hi to Gu Ning, but she seemed a little cold.

Actually, at her first meeting with Gu Ning, she was very polite.

Gu Ning didnt care much about her attitude, but she noticed the difference.

“Miss Chen, can we have a private talk” asked Gu Ning.

“Sure!” The actress agreed.

She guessed that Gu Ning might want to talk with her about her strange behavior these days.

Although she didnt think it was a big deal, she knew many staff in the crew thought that she was being abnormal.

She even had arguments with the other actors about that, but she still didnt think she was wrong.

She didnt like their criticisms.

Other people also understood why Gu Ning wanted to have a private chat with the actress.

Although the actress behaved strangely suddenly, she didnt hurt them, but she looked extremely creepy every time they saw her, so they hoped that she could go back to normal.

Even though she used to be a little hypocritical and wasnt pleasant either, it was better than what she looked like now.

After the actress and Gu Ning were away from the crowd, Gu Ning didnt bother to beat around the bush.

She directly asked, “Miss Chen, why did you suddenly get interested in salad with raw chicken blood Didnt you hate it and even get sick when you saw it before”

“I just fell in love with it all of a sudden.

Its a very common dish, right Chairman Gu, do you have a bias against me just because of a dish” asked the actress.


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