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At this time, the boy finally came back to his senses and realized what had happened.

In horror, he abruptly stood up from the ground.

Even though he understood that he was saved, he was still scared, especially when he remembered that someone tightly covered his nose the moment he walked out of the washroom.

He could barely breathe back then.

He even thought that he was going to die and was filled with horror.

Afterwards, he lost consciousness and he found himself here when he opened his eyes again.

“I-I-I…” The boy wanted to say something, but his voice was trembling.

He couldnt finish a sentence.

Seeing that, the policeman comforted him.

“Dont worry, youre fine now.

Lets call your family first.”

They just caught the criminals, but the boy still needed to give an oral confession back in the police station.

The police needed to know the cause.

“Sure,” said the boy.

He immediately reached his hand to his pocket, but his phone was gone.

“Tell the police your parents numbers.

They can do it for you,” said Gu Ning.

“Yeah, tell me your parents numbers.

Ill call them.” A policeman noticed the boys behavior and understood that his phone disappeared.

“Great.” The boy nodded, then gave the policeman a number.

He told the policeman that it was his bodyguards number and that his bodyguard should be nearby.

In addition, his bodyguard was supposed to be looking for him right now.

If they gave his bodyguard a call, his bodyguard would rush over right away.

The boy gave the police his bodyguards number instead of his parents numbers.

It wasnt right, because it was better for his parents to come.

However, since his bodyguard was nearby, they could call his bodyguard first, and could contact the boys parents later.

When other people heard that the boy had his own bodyguard, they were all surprised.

In that case, the boy must be either rich or important.

It seemed that the two men aimed to abduct him and ask his parents for money.

It was the onlookers opinion.

Right after the boy finished, the policeman got through to his bodyguard.

The policeman told his bodyguard what had happened, so his bodyguard immediately came over.

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Because his bodyguard wasnt far away, he ran rapidly over and even knocked over several people on his way.

He didnt even have time to make an apology.

He wasnt trying to be rude, but he needed to see the boy as soon as possible.

Before long, he saw the boy.

Although the policeman told him that the boy was fine on the phone, he was still worried before he saw the boy with his own eyes.

“Mingxuan, Im sorry.

I didnt protect you well.” The bodyguard apologized to the boy at once.

“Brother Mu Chen, its not your fault,” said Lin Mingxuan.

Actually, it was his fault.

If he hadnt walked out of the washroom earlier, he wouldnt have been caught by the two men.

“Oh, Brother Mu Chen, this miss helped me out by going to the police for help!” Lin Mingxuan suddenly remembered Gu Nings conversation with the police earlier.

Afterwards, he turned to give Gu Ning a deep bow and thanked her.

“Thank you so much, miss.”

He was too scared to thank Gu Ning earlier, but now he was feeling much better.

If Gu Ning hadnt saved him, terrible things could have happened to him.

“Miss, thank you so much for rescuing Mingxuan and me.” Mu Chen bowed to Gu Ning too.

If anything bad happened to Lin Mingxuan, he might have to kill himself to pay for it.


Although the Lin family wouldnt bother to do it, he owed the Lin family too much.

He had stayed by Lin Mingxuans side for years.

Although they were master and servant, he had built a deep relationship with Lin Mingxuan.

If Lin Mingxuan was in trouble, he would really kill himself to pay for it.

“My pleasure.

Be more careful in the future,” said Gu Ning.

“Of course!” said Mu Chen and Lin Mingxuan.

After that, Gu Ning walked away and left it to them.

She just reported it to the police, so there was no need for her to give an oral confession back at the police station.

From the beginning to the end, it was only about ten minutes, so Gu Nings friends didnt think that she had been gone for that long.

When Gu Ning walked into the bubble tea shop, Tang Jiakai was absent, so Gu Ning asked, “Where is Jiakai”

“Oh, he remembered that there is a delicious steamed cake shop nearby, so he went to buy it,” said Tang Jiayang.

Because the steamed cake shop wasnt far away and Tang Jiakai wasnt a kid, he would be safe even though he went out alone.

Gu Ning also believed that Tang Jiakai would be safe, so she didnt go out to find him.

Instead, she sat down and waited for him to come back.

It wasnt early now and was about 11 pm, so they should go home after Tang Jiakai got back.

However, after waiting ten minutes, Tang Jiakai still wasnt back yet.

There were many visitors today, so it was very normal that it took longer to buy stuff, but Gu Ning somehow had a premonition, so she told the others to wait for her in the shop while she went to see Tang Jiakai.

Without surprise, Tang Jiakai really encountered trouble, but he wasnt the target.

When Tang Jiakai stood in line to buy the steamed cake, he met Zhuang Zixuan, the girl he had chased, who had rejected him.

After rejecting Tang Jiakai, Zhuang Zixuan got together with another rich and handsome young man, but her current boyfriend wasnt comparable to Tang Jiakai.

However, given Zhuang Zixuans vanity, her boyfriend must be a rich handsome young man.

She actually cared little about love.

This time, Tang Jiakai ran into Zhuang Zixuan and her boyfriend.

Zhuang Zixuan still kept a place for Tang Jiakai in her heart.

After all, Tang Jiakai wasnt just a rich and handsome young man of high social standing, he was also her true love.

She had only rejected him because she didnt know his family background.

After finding out about Tang Jiakais real family background, Zhuang Zixuan had dreamed countless times that he would come back to her again, but unfortunately, he didnt.

Even if they met in their school, Tang Jiakai wouldnt pay attention to her.

She seemed to be nothing in his eyes.

It broke her heart, and she was unwilling to accept the result, but she could do nothing about it.

Moreover, she soon had a new boyfriend.

However, although Zhuang Zixuan had a new boyfriend now, she subconsciously let go of her boyfriends arm the moment she saw Tang Jiakai.

It seemed that she was afraid that Tang Jiakai would see them and she would lose him.

However, whether Tang Jiakai saw it or not, she didnt have any chance to win his heart again.


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