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Chapter 2511 Youve Tolerated It for So Long

At 3 pm, Jing Jining went back to the capital, then he contacted Jing Yunyao.

He wanted to see her again before returning to the cultivation world.

There was nothing for him to do in the cultivation world.

He just wanted to visit his parents.

Although he hated the Jing family, he mostly disliked Jing Yaorongs family.

He loved his parents very much.

His parents had never hurt Jing Yunyao.

They just didnt cut off their relationship with Jing Yaorong.

He had blamed them for it before, but he gradually understood why they did that.

They were members of the Jing family after all, and they were no match for Jing Yaorong.

The tragedy already happened.

Even if they went against Jing Yaorong for Jing Yunyao, Jing Yunyao wouldnt come back to life and they would have a hard life in the Jing family afterwards.

After all, cultivators could live for a long time, so they had to learn to accept it when they clearly knew that they were no match for Jing Yaorong

Jing Jining went to see Jing Yunyao at the siheyuan once he learned that she was there.

When Jing Jining arrived at the siheyuan and met Jiang Liluo and Si Jin for the first time, he was surprised to know that they were cultivators from the Kunlun Sects place.

He didnt know that there were still other cultivators at the Kunlun Sects place, and they were at high levels too.

Although Jing Yunyao looked older than them, they had lived longer than her.

Therefore, Jing Jining was actually junior to Jiang Liluo and Si Jin.

From Leng Shaotings perspective, Jiang Liluo and Si Jin were the same generation as him, while Jing Jining was his uncle.

Accordingly, Jiang Liluo and Si Jin called Jing Jining Uncle Jing, just like they called Jing Yunyao Aunt Jing.

Jing Jining directly called their names.

After that, Jing Yunyao asked Jing Jining to have a walk together with her in the yard.

She wanted to have a private talk with him.

Jing Yunyao told Jing Jining that she had encountered Liu and Jing Bingjie.

In fact, she didnt know their names, but Jing Jining immediately figured it out after hearing Jing Yunyaos description.

“Theyre Jing Yunfeis wife, Liu, and daughter, Jing Bingjie,” said Jing Jining.

Jing Yunyao gave a light response.

She had no interest in them.

“Oh, there is good news.

Shaoting just reached the primary stage of the Yuan Ying Period two days ago,” Jing Yunyao said to Jing Jining.

When she talked about that, she was obviously excited.

“What” Hearing that, Jing Jining was greatly surprised.

“Really Shaoting is extremely talented.”

Although he was aware that Leng Shaoting was talented and would get to the Yuan Ying Period sooner or later, he was still astonished when he heard that Leng Shaoting had already achieved it.

Anyway, it was good news, because they no longer needed to be afraid of the Jing family.

Jing Jining also made some progress.

He used to be in the middle stage of the Golden Core Stage, but now he was at the peak of the Golden Core Stage.

During this time, he was busy dealing with other things, but he never spent less time on cultivation.

With the help of Shangguan Yangs magical pills and Gu Nings power crystals, he made rapid progress.

Jing Jining was also talented in the cultivation world, but he wasnt comparable to Leng Shaoting.

After all, Leng Shaoting was extremely talented among cultivators.

“So even if we run into the Jing family right now, there is nothing to be afraid of,” said Jing Yunyao.

Every time she talked about the Jing family, she looked very upset.

“Right, but its time to see the Jing family now.

Youve tolerated it for so long,” said Jing Jining.

There was nothing for him to be worried about now, since he didnt think the two elders would help Jing Yaorong.

If they were smart, they should turn to support Jing Yunyao.

Jing Yunyao wasnt only the greatest cultivator in the Jing family, she also had Leng Shaoting and Shangguan Yangs help.

Thinking of that, Jing Jining was full of excitement.

He really wanted to see Jing Yaorongs reaction when he learned that Jing Yunyao wasnt dead and that she had even gotten much stronger.

Jing Yaorong would also see his grandson, Leng Shaoting.

It was going to be super exciting.

“We wont wait too long.

After the New Year festival, Shaoting will have enough time so well visit the cultivation world together,” said Jing Yunyao.

She couldnt wait for it either.

“Alright, Ill go back to the cultivation world first.

See you later,” said Jing Jining.

He didnt know that Jing Yunyao was going to visit the Leng family, but he thought that he should go back earlier since he had decided to return to the cultivation world today.

“Sure.” Jing Yunyao nodded.

Because she needed to visit the Leng family, she didnt tell Jing Jining to stay.

Instead, she watched him leave.

Jing Yaorongs people failed to find Jing Yunyao, but they saw Jing Jining when he showed up at Qianling Mountain.

However, they didnt have time to report it to Jing Yaorong, because Jing Jining directly returned to the cultivation world after getting out of a car at Qianling Mountain.

Therefore, Jing Yaorongs people just followed Jing Jining to the cultivation world.

In case Jing Jining found out something was wrong, that person pretended that he ran into Jing Jining by accident.

Because cultivators from the cultivation world often visited Qianling Mountain, Jing Jining wasnt surprised to see the person.

Jing Yanhua didnt arrange for anyone to wait for Jing Jining at Qianling Mountain, because Jing Yaorong would notice his behavior and he didnt want the situation to be even more complicated.

Jing Yaorong arranged for people to watch Jing Yanhua closely to see whether Jing Yanhua would send people to tell Jing Jining that they had already found out that Jing Yunyao wasnt dead.

If Jing Yanhua did that, Jing Yaorong would suspect that he had been aware that Jing Yunyao was still alive.

Jing Yaorong trusted Jing Yanhua for the time being, but he was always suspicious of other people.

Therefore, if Jing Yanhuas behavior wasnt right, he would no longer trust him.

When Gu Ning was back at the siheyuan, it was almost 5 pm.

About ten minutes later, Leng Shaoting got back.

Because it wasnt early, they didnt stay in the siheyuan for long.

Instead, without delay, they went to the Leng familys house.

It was nearly 6 pm, so they would eat right away.

They should have come earlier, but Leng Shaoting was busy, so they could only rush to have dinner.

Anyway, they would stay in the Leng familys house tonight, so it was fine even though they were a little late.

Seeing that Jing Yunyao had come, Leng Shaoming called her Aunt Yunyao sincerely.

This was the first time that he had actually taken Jing Yunyao as his family.


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