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Chapter 2487 Do It in Your Way

Hearing that, Jing Yunyao turned to look at Du Zhenghan, then coldly said, “I know why you want to see me.

You just think an outsider shouldnt be involved.

Its not allowed according to the rules.

You want to punish me and Shaoting, right But cant you think about the situation”

“We had a strong enemy.

Shouldnt we focus on defeating it first Its not important who can solve the problem.

Its a special situation, so we had to deal with it differently.

We couldnt stick to the rules and not care about the situation.

They could easily have been killed without any help.

Soldiers need to listen to orders, but they must be smart too.

They shouldnt sacrifice in such a stupid way!”

“If the task was delivered to you, would any one of you stand out to deal with it You should know that the target was zombies, not humans.

Before we arrived, special forces were sent in, but they made no progress.”

“Im not saying that theyre useless.

After all, its really hard for ordinary people to deal with zombies.

Ive been through the same thing before, so I know how to handle it.

Nobodys willing to die for nothing.

There is nothing wrong with them turning to me for help.”

Jing Yunyao wasnt polite towards them at all.

She wasnt in awe of them just because of their status or because she had the support from the Leng family and Wei Lingfeng.

It was just her character.

Besides, they came for nothing good, so she didnt need to be polite to them.

Hearing Jing Yunyaos argument, they had no idea what to say.

It was true that the enemy was too strong this time.

They had to solve the problem first.

As long as the problem could be solved, it didnt matter who did it or whether it broke the rules.

The targets were zombies this time.

Zombies were incredibly scary.

None of them could imagine it and they were scared to death when they had only heard of it, let alone having to deal with it in person.

Although they had a high position, not all of them were skilled, because their work was different.

Du Zhenghan and the others spent most of their time in the office, and their subordinates would do everything for them.

They would only train once in a while.

Therefore, they were not very skilled.

They might be able to defeat ordinary people, but they would easily be beaten by a normal trained soldier.

As a result, it was impossible for them to deal with the zombies.

Although they still doubted whether zombies really existed because they had only heard of it, the people who called for help witnessed zombies.

Therefore, it was possible that zombies really existed.

Wei Lingfeng was already aware of the existence of monsters and ghosts, so he wasnt surprised when he heard the news.

Leng Shaoting had solved many problems related to monsters and ghosts before that anyway.

Since they were silent, Jing Yunyao said nothing further.

Instead, she turned to Wei Lingfeng and said, “President Wei, I should apologize for keeping it a secret that Im still alive.

Its my fault, but I didnt do it for an evil reason.

What I said is also the truth.

If you dont believe it, you can conduct an investigation to make it clear.

And I think its very reasonable that I joined the task this time.

If Ill be punished because of that, I can accept the punishment.

If it happens again, I wont be involved again, but if our country needs me, I still wont hesitate to stand out.”

Jing Yunyao was loyal to their country, or she wouldnt have joined the army and carried out many dangerous tasks with Leng Yuanhan.

She had done a lot for their country.

Now Leng Shaoting chose the same career and she couldnt see Leng Shaoting be in danger and do nothing.

She was more than willing to work for their country.

Besides, as a cultivator, it was also her responsibility to get rid of monsters and ghosts.

“Of course we need you.” Wei Lingfeng made it very clear.

If Jing Yunyao was willing to help, she was always welcomed.

After all, she had superpowers.

Recently, there was more and more news about monsters and ghosts.

They needed people with superpowers to deal with those horrible creatures.

“Well, Ill have a meeting with the military later.

If its possible, you can regain your position as a major.

Leng Shaoting will lead you,” said Wei Lingfeng.

In that case, no one else would control Jing Yunyao and she could spend more time with her son.

“President Wei, dont you think its not a good idea” Du Zhenghan immediately disagreed.

“President Wei, I dont want the position of major.

I dont want to join the army either.

Im unwilling to be restricted.

Would you please just allow me to join the Red Flame in carrying out tasks Or please allow me to help them if they need any help.

Ill do my best,” said Jing Yunyao.

Jing Yunyao didnt want to join the army again, because she was afraid it would be difficult for her to leave afterwards.

Hearing Jing Yunyaos words, Du Zhenghan and the others were surprised.

Why did she give up this good opportunity to empower the Leng family

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Anyway, they were relieved to hear that.

“If so, well do it your way.” Wei Lingfeng respected Jing Yunyaos decision.

In fact, if Jing Yunyao really got her rank back, the Leng family would reach a higher position, which might cause unnecessary trouble.

Although the Leng family could handle it, it was better for them to keep a low profile at this


“What do you think” Wei Lingfeng asked Du Zhenghan and the others.

Du Zhenghan and the others exchanged a glance.

They felt that they couldnt do anything about it now, but they were reluctant to give up right away.

“If you dont believe Yunyao, you can conduct an investigation.

I wont interfere.

If Yunyao did anything unacceptable, shell be punished.

I wont let her get away with it.

However, if Yunyao did nothing wrong, no one should bring it up again in the future,” said Wei Lingfeng.

He said that because he believed that they wouldnt start an investigation.

They would choose to trust Jing Yunyao.


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